Saturday, July 19, 2008


Not to be confused with V.G. IMPACT.

This past Thursday IMPACT made use of the park behind Moanalua Middle, my old stomping grounds. I got there early to take some shots of the Gardens and surrounding areas for the Big D, but that’s a different entry.

I helped shuttle the KUC kids to the park. By the time we got there, it looked like Lisa and crew had registration covered. Most of the nets for volleyball were set up and the band arrived for sound check. Moving along….

First up, a very chewy Choose Your Champion. Kendal passed out gum to the contestants. There were two prizes, one for the biggest bubble and another for the sculpting prize. For the sculpting, the players had to use their gum to make something that represented Jesus.

Next up, Volleyball, but I don’t need to explain the game, do I? All total, we had 8 nets set up, 3 for the junior high teams and 5 for the high school teams.

Canefield Hero provided some music during the games and stayed for a few songs when play was over. Then we all sat down to the message by Allen Cardines Jr. The overall message could be summed up by “U da bomb!” He spoke about the Hawaiian concepts of aloha and ‘ohana, tying them into a message about our worth. God doesn’t “make junk.” No matter where we are in life, no matter who we are, what we look like, where we come from, God made each of us unique, specially different from anybody else. God also made every single one of us worthy of His love if we would only accept His love.

Next Thursday, IMPACT is back on the KUC campus. It will be the last night of IMPACT. We will be having the closing ceremonies and awards will be given out for the various games. The message will be given by the Game Master himself, Mr. James Kwong, Pastor of Administration at FCF.



Set up: Byron, Tad, Mr. Kamimura [Crosscurrent]; Joel, Kendal, Tim, Jared, Zac, Cory [KUC].

Registration: Lisa, Steph, Anne [FCF]

Clean up: Set up crew.

Security: Geoff [NH Farrington]

Referee, team coach support, scorekeepers: adult leaders of all churches represented.