Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Squid on the Roof: A Very Messy IMPACT

[I apologize for the delay in posting this week. Apparently I wrote it out and didn’t actually post.]

Mahalo to God above for blessing KUC with a campus that can take a lot of IMPACT. Last week, it was just that! Last Thursday was Fear Factor/ Messy Games night.

I didn’t really wanna work that night. Tony and Shayna guys were there to lead worship, so I finally got to have Baby Zeke time! I was torn! I figured for Baby Zeke’s future, and the students’ present, I’d do my part to help IMPACT continue. For you Baby Zeke, I stayed my position at the registration table!

Many many many students asked me what the games were. Many many many students wouldn’t believe me when I answered that I didn’t know what the games were. I’m just a grunt; I have no rank!
It’s never a good sign to see a tarp laid out on the gym floor. We started off with the Choose Your Chamion game. After quick introductions of the representatives of each church, the reps were blindfolded before given instructions; another sketchy sign. The game: Wet Pants Musical Chairs. As the reps circled the chairs with the music playing, GM James placed a soaking wet sponge on one of the chairs. You get the picture.

On to the messy games. Mr. Locky [HBA] explained the games but I think the pictures say enough. The students rotated between Ultimate Octopus, Spam Toss, Puff Blow, Iced Marbles, and Raisin Hunt. I don’t know if that’s what they were actually called. I remember hearing something about giant pixie sticks and I saw the kids with them, but I must’ve missed what that was about.

We’ll get to the pictures shortly but I’ll just say that the air smelled like fresh squid and we could’ve fed a lot of hungry people. I won’t be eating lunch at any church for a while. Good thing KUC lunch crew’s on summer break!

And when I stepped outside for a drink of water after the games, I saw James directing Jared on a ladder. James looked at me and said, "Squid on the roof." 'Nough said.
Worship was led by the CrossCurrent worship team. The students were really getting into it. After that, the message was given by Arjay Gruspe. He talked about what he was like before becoming a Christian and what he was like after. There is a distinct difference in the way one lives and views life, our actions, our thoughts, when we come to know the Lord. For the Bible tells us, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” [2 Cor 5:17]. Arjay explained that the Greek word for “new creation” described something that had never existed before, ever.
This week [tomorrow] is VOLLEYBALL! We will be at Moanalua Community Park, located behind Moanalua Middle School. Come join us for some fun and a message from Pastor Allen Cardines Jr. of Hope Chapel Nanakuli. We will also have the pleasure of good music from Canefield Hero!

I’m just gonna move right on to the pictures now. Mahalo to Henry for letting me use the Canon! I’m still tryna get used to the settings and stuff. Enjoy!