Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Rich Inner [Fluff] Life

Just in case anyone has missed the fact that I’m a little loopy in the head, this entry’s for you!

On FB, one of my favorite apps is the [fluff] friends, through which I’ve adopted a virtual Megamouth. Megamouth is a female tyger [fluff spelling].

Anyways, I’ve had [fluff] Mega for about a month. By now, she’s got things all set up with a habitat, some decorations, and mini friends. [F]F also has effects for the habitats like rain, snow, instant night, etc. One can buy foods to feed the fluff, pet the fluff, and race other fluffs for munny. Feeding the fluff raises its speed in fph [flufflongs per hour]. The more a fluff gets pet, the better mood it’s in.

[F]Mega loves eating choco-mango delight, cheesecake, aromatic socks, old boots, corn, and cotton candy. She washes all that down with pomegranate juice or sparkling grape juice. Coffee, eggnog latte and strawberry milk are delicious also. I just find it amusing because the real Mega won't eat anything but Whiskas. She won't eat any treats, which is probably how she keeps that girlish figure. If I leave my plate near her for a second, she tries to "bury" my food. I haven't figured out what she's tryna say with that.

I’m having more fun with [f] Mega than a grown woman should but I don’t care. With all the decorations and stuff Mega’s won or bought, this was Mega's scene:

That was for the 4th of July. I've recently changed it to this:

Each mini has a name also. They are [in no particular order]:

Hero Turtle [female]
Mozart Mouseu [f]
Professor Toadal Froggu [male]
Chunky Froggu [f]
Emmaus Road Snow Leopyrd [m]
Maximus Decimus Meridius “MDM” Roostee [m]
J.L.F. “Scout” Panda [f]
Moanalua Daulphin [m]
Hot Rocks Happy Crab [m]

Mainly I wanted to be more creative with the names. [F]F helps ‘cuz ain’t no way all those animals would fit in my house in real space! Unless they were fish, which I wanna have again but hafta rig something so the fish will be safe from the cats.

Anyways, one of the days, as other friends and their fluffs were added, I guess I was a little tired of seeing cutesy or unimaginative names. Among Mega’s friends are two giraffes, one named Raffie, the other is Kilape [I’m guessing it’s Hawaiian for “giraffe” which isn’t so bad]. Then there’s another tyger named Popoki which is Hawaiian for “cat.” Well, I had thought of doing the Hawaiian thing too. Then there are names like Cupcake, Munkapoo [a monkee], and Freckles for a poley bear that has freckles. One person used their middle name for their fluff- eh- so’kay.

Among the more interesting names are Mabo [tofu], Mooshoo [cow], and Pandamonium [panda]. My favorite is Genghis Turthis [turtle]! Genghis is owned by my friend’s wife, Teigen.

Sorry if I ragged on your fluff’s name. I realize they’re not real pets, but I’m guessing this is how people would really go about naming their pets.

I haven’t thought as far as what my fluffs’ professions are, except for Prof. Toadal. He’s a chemical engineer who also majored in Psychology with a focus on “adolescent angst,” as he puts it. On the side, he plays the drums in his nephew’s rock band and is an amazing juggler for children’s birthday parties. Chunky’s a housewife who keeps the Pad organized for all of Toadal’s activities.

Mega’s a renaissance cat. She sings, plays the clarinet, drums, and harmonica, paints [watercolor is her favorite medium], loves to discuss philosophy, cooks, etc. She designed MDM’s barn and built it with Hot Rocks and Scout’s help.

I said LOOPY.

I already wrote about how the real Mega got her name. If you’re looking for something to pass the time at work or something, how about figuring out where the minis’ names came from? MDM and Mozart should be the easy ones. Big RESPECT points with me if you can tell me why Hero is a female and where that comes from, or what J.L.F. stands for! And do you know why a dolphin named Moanalua is a little off?

Sorry, no cash prizes, just my friendship. That’s all I can offer at the moment.

Mahalo for reading in!

The real Mega
[Jules asked for a pic of Mega, here she is!]