Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Photo IMPACTing #7

IMPACT Closing Ceremonies
Photo Entry 1 of 3
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Getting set up.
L: Junior [KUC Youth] "Test one, two..."
R: Cherie and Ata [KUC Youth] setting out the prize table.

Registration. Why won't anyone look at the camara?
L: Rachel, Junior, Emina [KUC Youth] and Chenju [church]
R: Lisa [FCF], [names please]

Dinner provided by CCA and Craig
L: Aya [FCF] and Robyn take time from serving to smile!
R: The Pali View Baptist Crew, Matt, Lisa, Luke [?] and Arthur

L: Kim in the green, Locky in the orange [HBA]
R: Kaleo, have you seen Cherie? Where is that girl?!!

Cherie and Ata. Cherie tried to avoid the camara. I was very patient. Then it came out like this. :(

Me trying to figure out what setting the camara should be on for inside.
R: Kirk [LCC] gives a big smile! :)

R: Kendal [KUC] bagging the students.

Blinding Tag. This is how crazy it got!
R: Look, the spirit of KUC Gym has blessed us!

L: Now there are two spirits!
R: The bagged students. [name] [FCF], Michael [HBA] and Scott [FCF]

Time to represent!
L: Kalihi Union Church
R: Faith Christian Fellowship

Eh, I apologize, the photo of Pali View was very bad, but you saw them in the earlier photo!
L: University Avenue
R: Korean Christian Church

L: Leeward Community Church
R: Christ's Church of Aiea


I had more photos to share than I thought I did, so photo entries will continue on tomorrow. UP NEXT: Blind Dart Hunt, Pictionary Relay, and a few of the awards!