Saturday, July 19, 2008

Photo IMPACTing #6

Volleyball Night of IMPACT
Location: Moanalua Community Park

[HPA enacted for this entry, Home-Photographer Advantage. Therefore, majority of pics of KUC Youth :D ]

[Click on any image for a larger view]

Left: registration
Right: the nets

Choose Your Champion: How Big is your Bubble?
Right: KUC's rep Meeka in the white hoodie, frustrated by the elusive winning bubble.

Left: There it is! Meeka wins for the Biggest Bubble!
Right: On to the sculpting...

Left: Meeka's beautiful cross
Right: KUC Youth in the green, looking volleyball hungry

Left: Coordinating Gary [church] giving directions.
Right: I believe that's John Sherrard, in the middle by the net, explaining some rules.

KUC Youth getting ready to volley [Kesha, Oko, Jr., Brandon, Sean, and Emina]
Right: Don't they look ready?

Left: "I got!"
Right: little blurry, Brandon with his eye on the ball

Pali View vs. Christ Church Aiea
Right: Matthew [PVB] going for it with the Irvin Brothers on stand-by

Left: KUC's Cherie with the serve
Right: Play over, gathering for Canefield Hero

Right: KUC's Jr., Kesha, and Oko showing off their Aloha Cards
Left: Canefield Hero with frontman David of FCF [and he's a MOANALUA grad!]

Left: Allen Cardines Jr. holding up an Aloha Card [I apologize for the dark pic!]
Right: youth paying attention