Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Photo IMPACTing #5

IMPACT Fear Factor/Messy Games Night.
[Click on any picture for a bigger view]

Left: KUC represented by Oko, being introduced.
Right: I believe this is one of the Hubbard Brothers [church].

Left: James DeBlur [FCF] signaling maestro. Notice the sponge on the chair.
Right: View of sponge obstructed by player.

Left: The Arm pointing to the winner in white.
Right: Locky describing the different games.

Left: Getting ready for Ultimate Octopus. [Like Ultimate Frisbee, only with a squid]
Right: Squid-tossing demonstration by KUC crew.

Left: Christs Church Aiea team [I think].
Right: Their challengers.

Left: Look, up in the sky! It''s...not a bird.
Right: It's...not a plane either.

Onlookers saying, "We're gonna do what?!!"

Left: Raisin Hunt. Raisins are hiding at the bottom of the pudding. Players had to find them by holding a toothpick in their mouth. Joining in on the left was one of the leaders, Arthur.
Right: Matthew [Pali View] in white saying, "We have a winner!"

Starting to get dark in Kalihi.

Left: Iced Marble Hunt. Players had to pick them up with their toes.
Right: "Man, that's cold!"

Counting up the marbles.

Left: Ready, set...
Right: Go! Look at that, TWO feet in!

Left: KUC kids looking for those raisins.
Right: Puff Blow. They're not picking their noses. They're trying to blow a puff into those buckets, using snot-power.

Spam Toss.
Right: Going air-born for spam.

This guy got all the way to the fence!

CrossCurrent Worship Team.

KUC kids.

Arjay Gruspe with the night's message.

Baby Zeke.