Monday, July 21, 2008

Call Me ‘Lady Jaye’

[My kind of playground!]
I see a G.I. Joe movie is in the works; I’m intrigued. Mr. Ecko from “Lost,” Brendan Frasier, Joseph Gordon-Levitt are scheduled to be in it. And Dennis Quaid- nice. I hope they do it justice. I donwanna see the Baroness licking Duke’s face and junk like that.

I grew up with my brother and his friends; does that answer your question? I’d consider naming my kids ‘Dusty’ and ‘Flint.’ My girly toys growing up were My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake, but G.I. Joe and He-Man probably got an equal share of my attention. I especially loved Transformers! [They’re robots in disguise…]. And Blank the other week reminded me about Thundercats [HO!].

So, I wrote about how I am such a girl [I Enjoy Being a Girl]; this is how I am not so much the girl-stereotype. Getting on with it…

1. No question traps
You’ll never hear me ask “does this make me look fat?” If I think I look fat in something, I’d rather not know if you think so too. I don’t need that kind of affirmation. I was on IM with my roommate years ago and we got on the topic. This was all him:

“Do these jeans make me look fat?”
“No, the cellulite on your thighs do.”

I thought that was funny. Is that cruel? I also won’t say something like “He doesn’t even know I exist!” Or how about, “She’s pretty, what do you think?” unless I actually wanna know what you think. Along the same lines, when I say “We can still be friends,” what I really mean is, “We can still be friends.” If I say, “I don’t need a present,” what I really mean is, “I don’t need a present.”

However, if I say, “I want a present,” what I really mean is, “You’d better get me a present!” ;) Nah!

2. Aesthetic maintenance: minimal
I don’t remember the name of the lady who manicured my nails 5 years ago; that was the one and only time. I’d rather work with my hands than have the luxury of nice nails, and the plastic ones won’t do.

If I have to, I can be ready in 15 minutes. It takes me at least a year to use up lipstick. I do like the times when I get to dress up and do the works, but I couldn’t do that everyday. As long as I look decent. I don’t have any hang ups about my hair as long as it’s brushed and cut evenly. I cut my hair short one time and the girls at work admired my bravery for doing so. I thought that was strange; it grows back.

I think this is the reason why I’m also not particularly observant of other women’s things. A good friend had gotten her braces taken off. Then she got contacts. I missed noticing either. I felt bad. I’m filled with trepidation when someone asks, “Notice anything different?”

3. Not fashion savvy by any means
I dress myself; that’s enough. I think I look decent, in general. I wouldn’t know Prada from Gucci, nor would I know Prada from Prado. As I write this entry, I’m wearing hole-y shorts [gimme a break, I’m in my own room with the door closed]. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to the mall except to have lunch with a friend back in March. [by the time this is posted, the last time at the mall was last week with Apple]

I’m slowly growing an appreciation for beautiful well-made shoes but am nowhere near a fetish. I still can’t imagine spending $100 on one pair of shoes. I have guy friends who have more footwear than I do, and that’s including 3 pairs of slippers for me. I’ve watched one episode of “Sex in the City” and don’t plan on seeing the movie [sorry Apple!].

4. Not a phone person
I can have a long phone conversation with only a handful of people. It’s rare that I’m on more than 10 minutes. Every so often, I think about getting rid of my cell phone. The main reasons for having one in the first place has always been for my safety and my parents’ peace of mind. It came in handy the time I got a flat on the freeway. Lately, I’ve been riding TheBus by myself and so it helps to be able to let my dad know about when to expect me.

And so, I constantly need reminders that it’s my phone ringing because I’m so not tuned into it. I generally think it’s someone else’s phone. I will return calls, especially when someone leaves a voicemail, just in case anyone wanted to know that.

5. Hardware store hazard
I daydream about living in a hardware store and building myself a fortress after everyone else goes home, be like ‘The Menehune of City Mill’ or something. Kind of like in ‘Mannequin’ when Kim Catrall would come to life at night and help Andrew McCarthy create amazing window displays. Thankfully, scoping the scroll saw at HomeDepot is tempered by my non-desire to shop and my need to be aware of my finances. I left a ring of drool in the flooring department of Lowe’s when we went fridge shopping last month. *daydream interlude* Anyways….

6. Sports movies, action flicks
And oddball comedies now and then. I’m starting to get into old war movies with Dad. Some favorites: Brian’s Song; Hoosiers; Rudy; 61*; Big Trouble in Little China; Star Wars; The Last Castle; The Rookie; Spaceballs; Usual Suspects…. I’ve also seen all 3 Godfathers, Scarface, and when I was younger, I watched Aliens while the boys went off somewhere ‘cuz they were scared.

7. Protective of family and friends
In reality, I haven’t come to a face-to-face confrontation needing physical violence in order to protect a loved one, but I imagine that I would react more aggressively than one might expect me to, in theory. I don’t know what I would actually do. I hope I never have to find out.

This is one example of where I’m getting the thought from: that time I had the flat on the freeway. It was late at night. It was just me and The Don. When that car pulled over and 5 guys came out, the first thing I told TD was to stay in the car with the doors locked and phone in hand, just in case. I was a little upset but tried to remain calm when I got out of the car to talk to the guys… and she got out also. Thing is, I had already started to take the nuts off; thinking back, I don’t know why that made me think I should get out of the car. At least I knew Brother was on the way. Nothing bad happened; the guys did change the flat for us and nothing else, but my instinct was to protect The Don; I felt responsible for her.

Now, that backs down if I’m [or we’re] with a guy, ‘cuz I still expect the guy to be the primary protector. I still like being the lady when I can. I also back down if Shay’s with me ‘cuz, let’s face it, somewhere she’s more tita than me.

[Hiking Manoa Falls with the guys and gals]
8. Hanging with the guys
Of course, this has gotten trickier since puberty.

I think a lot of hangin’ widda boys is due to where, how, and with whom I grew up. I did like to follow my brother and ‘brothers’ around. I climbed trees and hunted geckos. It’s been hard to break this sense of being more comfortable around guys, but I’m trying. Besides a few close female friends like Apple and Als, I’m not very comfortable around other women, but that’s a different story.

There are limits. I don’t wanna be treated like one of the guys when it comes to things like burping contests.

But all things being casual, if at the beach, I’d rather swim to the rocks with the boys than tan on the sand. I don’t need a towel under me to lay out on the sand. On hikes, I hafta remind myself not to go at the boys’ pace [nor Shay’s] but my own or I’ll probably pass out ‘cuz I’ll wanna keep up. I would’ve liked to be more athletic than I am.

So in [Girl], I only went up to 9 reasons. For how I’m un-girly, I’m gonna stay at 8. There’s probably more I could say on both subjects. Keep in mind that I am, at my very core, female. God makes no mistakes. Even in my most tomboy of phases, I have never felt like I was ‘in the wrong body.’ I’ve never questioned being a girl by any means. As I grow into being a woman more and more, I am so very appreciative of the differences between men and women.

A good episode to listen to is Gary Smalley’s talk “The Incredible Worth of a Woman.” It is part of a series he did called “Love is a Decision.” I don’t know if there’s a video of it, but one can get “Worth” by visiting the Focus on the Family website [link can be found to the left]. He goes through the differences and it’s informative for both men and women.

Mahalo for reading in!

[Me after a day of playing!]