Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The 7 Year Range

In recent conversations and having watched the DeAnna Bachlorette, I’m reevaluating a few things regarding relationships. I’m still not actively looking, but I’m always observing.

My ideal partner age range has been any guy who’d been in h.s. when I was in h.s., so +/- 3yrs. I realized recently that back then, my options were many so it was okay to limit them. As I get older, my options are not so numerous. Hence, the reevaluation.

I still can’t imagine going outside the +/- 3 and probably won’t be able to until a specific person presents himself. I wasn’t one of those girls who grew up planning her wedding. I won’t do that until I’m actually engaged because I wouldn’t want all that planning to be in vain should I never marry. It’s that thing called logic, and the fact that I’d rather use my creative energy on other things, like this journal.

Back to the topic, I wanna know what people think about age ranges. Please comment on this one, or if you prefer, email me your thoughts.

My grandfather was about 7 yrs older than my grandmother but back then, a 25yr old wasn’t much different than an 18yr old. The difference seems to be greater these days.

And now it’s becoming more common for the woman to be older than the man. I’m thinking of my friend’s brother who married several yrs older and they are doing well.

Regarding the +/- 3, basically, I’m not looking for a father figure. I have a good relationship with my father, thank you. Neither am I looking to be a mother figure to someone. I don’t want a husband I hafta dress/feed/clean/discipline.

I guess what I want is to partner a good friend. So the +/- 3 is now not so much a literal range but a metaphorical representation of that.

What it all comes down to is opening myself up for whomever God has chosen for me, regardless of what age he might be. I’m trusting that God’s “Chosen One” [for me] is already of legal alcohol drinking age.

But seriously, how much older is too old? How much younger is too young? ;)

Mahalo early for your thoughts!