Thursday, July 31, 2008

Photo IMPACTing #7-C

IMPACT Closing Ceremonies
Photo Entry 3 of 3
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Seriously had a difficult time cutting down the number of photos, but you'll see...

Paper Gladiators Instructions

And the teams get started on their own...

L: Where did Ivy go? [KUC]

L: Matt [PVBC
R: All lined up

R: Jared passes out the weapons. Paper weapons for paper gladiators.

The destruction...

R: Don't make Ivy mad!

The aftermath.

Choosing their rewards.
L: Ivy [KUC]
R: Matt [PVBC]

R: and swipes all he can grab!

R: On to more prizes...

L: Ultimate Octopus Bronze, CLC. They win cleaner.
R: UO Silver, tie-breaker between KUC and KCC.

L: "Spit or sink?" Oko picks up the sunflower seeds.
R: KCC wins shrimp chips, shrimp chips, and more shrimp chips!

Kayla [FCF Youth] and David [FCF Leader] receiving prizes for...a bunch of stuff.

This must be for volleyball.
L: [name, church]
R: Junior [KUC]

Worship time! Provided by Uncle Wayne and his CCA crew.

James gives the night's message.

More worship.

L: Getting into groups for last comments and prayer.
R: The sound crew from... some church... Brandon, Joel, Tad, and Byron [KUC/CrossCurrent]


Thus concludes the first season of the [IMPACT] Hawai'i Youth Summer Olympics! Hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we've enjoyed seeing all the students come out and join us.

Mahalo all for helping out every week! Mahalo to all the students for showing up and going along with the crazy games! Mahalo all for reading!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Photo IMPACTing #7-B

IMPACT Closing Ceremonies
Photo Entry 2 of 3
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Choose Your Champion: Blind Dart Hunt
L: Talk about the force, it's with Locky [HBA] "Down!"
R: The "inmates."

L: The battle ring.
R: "Where are they?!!"

Kirk [LCC], he couldn't hear a thing, it was so loud!

Showdown: Kirk [LCC] versus Keawe [KCC]
[not the community colleges]

L: Kirk "Where is he...?"
R: Keawe, like a tiger

L: The takedown.
R: Keawe wins.

Pictionary Relay
L: HBA ready to go
R: Locky giving the secret password

L: Left-handed Meeka shows KUC the way
R: LCC waiting for their artist




R: Winnahs, CCA!

Awards Presentation [Correct me if I get any of the names wrong, and I will!]
R: Advanced Table-Tennis Gold, Keke

L: Beginners Table-Tennis Bronze, Cherie [KUC]
R: Dodgeball Silver, KCC

L: [?]
R: Halo 3 Silver, Joseph [KUC]

Halo 3 Gold, Andrew [FCF] [I think?]


Come back again tomorrow! More photos, more photos! UP NEXT: Paper Gladiators, more Awards, Worship, and A Very James Kwong Message!