Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Photo Impacting #2


Instructions from James [FCF]. The KUC girls, in the orange shirts, always in front!

Getting ready for Ping-Pong! The tables are waiting.

The beginners' tables and the advanced tables.

The advanced tables. James getting in on the action during down times. Where's his arm?

KUC's own Cherie on the right, getting ready for the W...and she takes off! Cherie took the bronze for the beginners' division. Go Cherie!

Dodgeball. It came down to these guys against KUC's Ata. There she is, in the orange, making her move!

Pong-Master Fong [KUC] preparing them for Choose Your Champion. Yes, that's James the Blur. KUC kids up front again! [To the right of Kendal]

Choose Your Champion. KUC was proudly represented by Cherie and Ata.

Music plays, they go round and round. Music stops, and I think this was knee-to-elbow...? The guys to the left were the winners.

Living Season.

Pastor Ed Ganigan giving the message. Last week, the kids made a stand for Christ. This is...raising your hand for the Celtics? And KUC [with Kendal] in the front! Are these kids great or what!

More message, from the crowd this time. To the left of the pic is the media crew, Kevin, Tad [Crosscurrent] and Joel [KUC].