Friday, June 13, 2008

Photo Impacting #1

Singing group, Revival

Gamemaster JamesNo camara that I've had has been able to capture James [FCF]. He's just too fast....

Getting into groups

List of relay challenges

On your mark, get set, ROLL!

In this challenge, the team had to carry one member all around the court. Sorry about the blurriness, but in this picture are KUC kids, Rachel and Oko in front.

"Sardines" meant that they had to find James wherever he was and lie down in a row, like a can of sardines, hence the name.

The score after Round 3

Kendal [KUC] keeping the leaders honest


Leap-Frog collision safely averted- *sigh of relief*

Getting ready to demo the Joust
Tad and Joel [KUC] wanting a rematch

SoftSock Fight. I need to get a better camara for these shots!

KUC's own Adam in the thinking position. Look alive, Adam! Cherie [KUC] in the orange.

Adam's got the answer...

Wait for the question first.

"I've got it! Pick me! Pick me!"

Looking to Pastor Owen, who pulled the Bible from his back pocket, for the tie-breaker question.

The winner, after 5 tie-breaking questions.

How do you foos?

UFC- Thumb-wrestling Division

Making a stand for Christ

Kendal giving the message

Kaleo on the ukeBackground singers: the leaders. David [FCF] using the cone for a megaphone.