Friday, June 27, 2008

Philippines Mission Team Update

Today’s gonna be a short entry. Impact was at KUC last night. I went early as usual, but this time especially to find out news on the mission team.

It’s confirmed that the PMT are all back in Hawai‘i safely. Apparently, they missed the typhoon twice; the typhoon hit the places they were going to visit, only it hit those places the day before they arrived. Where they were staying, they had some stormy weather and that was all.

Thank you to all who prayed for the team. Please continue to pray for the Philippines’ people as surely tough times are still ahead for them.

In honor of God’s protection and grace on our team, here are a couple of pics from church. This is the hula ministry of Olivet Baptist Church who performed for the Fathers’ Day service to “Power of Your Love.” The group included Ririko, a member of KUC’s Japanese congregation; Ririko was ready to go with the PMT, but had problems with her visa only this particular time. She’s itching to go on next year’s trip!