Friday, June 13, 2008

Making an Impact

The opening ceremonies for the Hawai‘i Youth Summer Olympics was held last night by Impact. Impact is a new youth ministry outreach that is headed by Kendal, James, and Lisa. It’s geared towards junior high and high school students. I’ve decided to be a part of the support crew.

The first night was Thursday, the 12th. It went off well, as far as I could tell.

While the guys continued setting up inside the KUC gym, Anne [FCF] and I got the students registered. It’s been awhile since I was a youth participating in YFC events, and as a youth, I wasn’t aware of many things. One thing I’d forgotten was that many times, youth leaders will bring a bunch of kids in all together. David [FCF] brought about 15 kids at once! But the leaders were very helpful and so I think Anne and I got everyone tagged.

In total, there were about 70+ kids that attended. Several churches were represented: Faith Christian, Mililani Community, a Korean church, Christ Church of Aiea, and of course, Kalihi Union! There may have been others I missed….

CCA provided the dinner. Actually, Mom’s cousin Craig of CCA provided the food: long rice, chicken, corn…mmm…! I claim full non-partial status when I say that Craig can cook!

Then everyone went inside for some entertainment. The group Revival sang a few songs in acapella, including the popular “I Can Only Imagine,” to start things off.

Next, the games!

The students were predetermined for 8 groups. [Anne and I were told to number the nametags from 1-8 and pass them out evenly, I think we did that]. A couple bunches of friends were a little reluctant to separate but overall, it went well; they got into their groups rather quickly.

Gamemaster James directed the activities. First up was the Ultimate Relay: 8 rounds [I think it was 8] of challenges for points. Each team sent a representative to the table; each representative had a die to roll. Whatever was rolled, that was the number of the challenge to be accomplished to receive points. Each team also had an adult scorekeeper.

With all the activities going on, it’s amazing that no one got hurt! I saw the same team build the pyramid twice; that’s the only pyramid team I saw. Sardines were lining up wherever James roamed. Everyone was hoping for the “Relay to Kendal” option. A lot of Leap Froggin’ was going on. Pastor Owen’s team did a lot of Froggin’! He whole-heartedly joined in on the Froggin’, going “woop, woop, woop!” as he leapt by. Two Frog trains almost collided but one leader foresaw the confrontation and alerted his team to “Go left! Go left!” It was madness! God bless the KUC gym!
Frog it up!

Next, the teams recouped by sending representatives to either the Bible Quiz Challenge, the Foosball Tournament, or to stick around for the SoftSock Fight. Then everyone gathered for announcements and the message.

The message was given by Kendal. He asked the students how many of them were Christians. Many hands went up. The main focus of the message was a challenge to examine one’s Christian life and determine how comfortable one is. Mormons and other religious people spread their gospel from door to door. Some atheists can quote the Bible better than a Christian. How comfortable are we? Or are we passionate about knowing God through His word? Are we passionate about reaching others for Christ?

Kaleo, working the ukulele, led everyone in singing “How Great Is Our God.” Kendal asked the leaders to surround the students. Everyone connected by laying hands on a shoulder and Kendal closed us in prayer.

Overall, it was a good night. No one got hurt. The kids all seemed to enjoy themselves one way or another. They were all good about participating in the activities and wanting to bring more friends to next week’s festivities.

Anyone interested in helping or know any kids looking for something to do next Friday? Bring them to Impact! All are welcome! [A prior relationship with Christ not necessary to participate]. It’s on Friday, the 20th of June at the Palama Settlement Gym. The next challenge will be… Ping-Pong! For more information, more and better videos/pictures, check out the links below.

Byron [I think] headed up the clean-up crew. They had it under control so I got caught up with a friend outside. Henry was on the security detail with Jeff [Geoff?].

I took a banana-load of photos, but had to throw away at least half of them. I really need to get a new camara! I’m looking for one [that I can afford] that can take good action shots and has a lot of ZOOM! Something good for taking photos of an event like this and for architecture shots. But I have to say that I was rather prepared; I didn’t run out the batteries and had enough memory for it all! [The pics will be on the next entry].

Here’s my extra little fun fact: both sides of my family represented at Impact on Thursday. Kendal and I are second cousins on my dad’s side. As mentioned before, Craig is my mom’s cousin. Go LO or go home!


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