Monday, June 23, 2008

Making the Grade [With Philippines Prayer Request]

First things first, a short but huge announcement:

Please Pray for Philippines
This is also a personal request as our church has a missions team over there. They’re supposed to get back to Hawai‘i on Thursday, but I didn’t get solid confirmation on their safety. If you didn’t see it on the news, a typhoon hit the islands- I saw the report on Saturday night. Please pray for the people of the Philippines.

I apologize for the delay in getting out the latest IMPACT entry for the night of June 20th. I have the pictures ready to go but haven’t started the writing part yet. I was tired by the time I got home on Friday. I was still wiped out on Saturday but did some chores and raced Mega many, many times.

I woke up on Sunday with a scratchy throat but wasn’t so bad that I stayed home from church. Still, as a precaution, and an awareness of how the sick are treated like lepers by the unsick [Clay…], I stayed mostly outside and tried not to talk too closely to anyone. So, if I didn’t talk to you at church yesterday, you’re welcome. I honestly didn't mean to be anti-social this time but it was for your own good!

One of our grade school kids, Gerriann [sp?] came by several times to let me know the what’s up of the day. I just met her on Friday night because I transported some people down to Impact. Gerri was acting a little shy in introducing herself to the drivers, but when we got there and then on Sunday, it was like non-stop news stream from her! She’s neat!

It was Graduation Sunday at church. Always glad to help, but I felt so useless. Kendal asked if I’d give out lei to the graduates during the service recognitions. Sadly, I said, ‘I think I might be getting sick; that’s why I’m outside today.’ And it was just the kinda thing I would have done or was looking forward to doing as a supporter of Kendal’s work. I don't think 'wiped out entire graduating class of 2008 single-handedly' looks good on the resume [I didn't say I NEVER exaggerate!]. Well, on to the next opportunity….

After service, we had the Graduation Celebration. Brandon was ‘valedictorian,’ as he was one for his high school [Btw, what’s up with the multiple vale’s? My class had about 20+!], so he gave a short speech for us and properly thanked his mom. Shelly Hokama gave a short speech also. I forgot to mention the food was ono and the gym looked good! Adam and his friend presented some musical entertainment- they’re pretty good!

And I should’ve gotten a picture of this, but one of the families at church that I’m slowly getting to know are the Sterenbergs [sp?]. Their son Race is in Mom’s Sunday School class, then he has two younger sisters. Some time during the celebration, the youngest girl [I don’t know her name yet] was sitting on a chair in a circle by herself where there were favors [with mini-chocolates inside] that were not yet claimed. I found her sitting there, eating the favor! Literally. I guess she didn’t mind the plastic wrapping so long as she got the chocolate! It was cute, but I did alert her mother and the girl’s plan failed.

The graduation pics will be at the end. Still getting blurry inside shots, I apologize. I have enough money saved that I can either get a D-SLR with an extra battery and zoom lens, or get just the camara and a new point-shoot camara with more zoom and a bigger screen than my current p-s. Hmmm…decisions, decisions….

I’m feeling fine today but I don’t know if I’ll get to writing Impact today. Hopefully I can get it done before the next Impact. Anyways, I’m trying to remain mostly unsick; still got a lot more Impact to go. I had mango for dinner last night, just mango, juicy sweet mango.

Enjoy the photos! Mahalo! And pray for the Philippines!!!

Adam and friend. Adam's on the left.



Kendal [left] with grads
Sharon [Farrington]; Brandon [PC]; Shelly [Wheaton, BA Science]; Michele [Moanalua- THAT'S RIGHT!]; Scott [Aiea]; Adam [HBA]; and hiding behind Adam is Pastor Peter [DMIN].

Passing out gifts