Saturday, June 14, 2008

Le’go My Lego!

I was gonna post an entry-in-waiting but thanks to Brother, I’ve got something else in mind! The other one can wait sum’more.

After taking care of some business, we went over to Circuit City. Not my fault, Brother was buying something! I checked out the camara’s just in case they had something for me. I ended up getting “Lean on Me” for a good price. [We don’t wan’ a good principal! We wan’ MR. CLARK!]. Great movie, check it out some time.

Since we were over there, we moved on to see the Lego exhibit at Pearlridge Uptown. It opened just today with 6 exhibits. The artist was present, working on the next piece to be displayed.

It was pretty neat. There was the guy with the disconnected head; the Aloha Pencil; lady swimming; the Parthenon; the hangman; and cone/ball thing. Hmm…maybe I shoulda taken down the names of the pieces. I guess I was busy not tripping over the keiki.

The cone/ball thing was alright; I didn’t take a shot of it. The Sleepy Hollow man was pretty cool. I LOVED the Parthenon- that’s my kinda building! I wish I could pass Lego for building models during studio crits. Then when a professor asks, “Is that structurally sound?” I can say, “Of course! It stands in Lego, doesn’t it?” Hangman was cool too. The tower’s out of Lego also.

I thought the swimmer was okay but it would’ve been a long shot anyway. After seeing the physique in Hangman and Sleepy Hollow, I get it. The guy’s studied the human figure. Then my overly analytical side is saying, “Man, her [swimming] technique’s all wrong!” See, a few years ago, I took a swimming class at UH to tighten up my strokes. If I remember correctly, the coach said that only 5% of our bodies should be out of the water at any time. Okay, and a little of it might be that I’m jealous she’s got a swimmer’s body and I don’t. Whatever. I bet I can beat her in a race….

I was rather impressed with the gi-normous pencil. That invisible giant’s got pretty good penmanship! Thumbs up!

Uptown’s my old haunt. I was noticing all the new stores that came in since the last time I’d been there, which has been a while now. Forever21’s expanding- what?!! Ah, good times…and some not so good….

Enjoy the photos; I wanna go back later when the other 2 exhibits are finished. Anyone interested in going with me?

If I could, I seriously would go back and make a scale model of the Retreat Project I had for Studio 301 [WU] out of Lego! The site was a generic that we developed, supposed to be anywhere in L.A. I designed my project [n.] to project [v.] off the side of a cliff. It was cool if I say so myself.

If you could, what would you make out of Lego?

Mahalo for reading in!

Sleepy Hollow Man
"Honey, put your head back on! We've got people coming over!"

"Excuse me, lemme just set this down..."

Nice profile...

The Parthenon

"Whatcha writin', Dah-ris?"
"Aloha, it's for the folks, doncha know."
[I have no idea why Doris and Gus have a French-Canadian sort of accent in my head]

Dad looking at the swimming lady

Jennifer nods, says, "I could beat her in a race."
"See, her technique's all wrong."
More than 5% of body out of water... my, she's bouyant...


Nah, jus' hangin'...

Artist Nathan Sawaya at work
He's the one looking down over the table.

Artist from up top

Working on the next exhibit