Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Okay, okay, I’m feeling much better today! I just needed to get my mind off track for a little relief.

So…I went for Greek food with Jules! We went to the Olive Tree Café near Kahala Mall. I had gone there once before, years ago with Care-bear. Then I think because I’ve been watching The Bachlorette, whom is Greek, I’ve been getting a weekly reminder that I’ve been wanting to go back there. Since I so desperately needed a relaxing night, I took the opportunity and rallied Jules to go with me- she’s such a good friend!

I had it all planned too. Usually Mom’s got bible study on Wed. Perfect. I figured I would be fuel-minded, drop Mom off at BS, pick up Jules, and I’m eating Greek. Mom found out last minute that BS was on break that night. Too bad, I was going no matter what!

Jules said that OTC is popular, so we might have trouble getting in. No problem. Even though we didn’t get to go super early, we got there right on time. People were leaving, we got parking, we found a table easy, ordered, then a huge line formed just after Jules had ordered.

I was considering the chicken souvlaki, but decided on the shaorma instead. It’s ground lamb with tomatoes and onions on a pita, with a salad on the side. I also had pomegranate juice with it. It was so absolutely and completely ONO! Here’s a photo for your drooling pleasures:


Jules had the same thing. We got caught up on stuff, had some good conversation, took our time a little. Then we checked out Kahala. I haven’t been there in so long. I finally toured the Apple store, tried not to drool. Nine West has a store there- I drooled only a little!

Then I dropped Jules off. She had work in the morning.

It was the perfect night for releasing the bad energy stirring up in my brain. Thanks also to anyone who had prayed for the well-being of my mind! It’s been known to get stuck in a gear. I feel refreshed now. Tomorrow is the 2nd night of IMPACT- I’m ready now! Bring on the IMPACT!

Olive Tree Cafe is my new favorite place to eat! Anyone else up for going?

And regarding yesterday's little tiff, I'm trusting in God and plunged right in. Let's see what happens.

Mahalo for reading in!