Monday, June 2, 2008

How Much Do I Have To Give?!!

Alright, so after watching each performance by the Davids on Tuesday night, I leant more towards Cook. Since Archuleta went second, I waited till just after he finished and put a check next to the name of the guy I thought was better. Then I put an asterisk next to which the judges’ seemed to lean towards. Usually, not always, I agree more with Simon than the other two so I was surprised that he gave each round to Archuleta. I had all three checks next to Cook, though on one of the rounds I had a difficult time deciding. I thought parts of Archuleta’s songs were either too big for him yet or maybe his nerves got him a little. I pretty much always have a notebook with me to work on the Big D, this journal, and whatever else. This doesn’t really prove that I had it ‘cuz one could posture that I did this after the fact but if one knows how much of a geek I can be…anyways, here are my notes.

I still didn’t really care about who won. I watched the first hour of the finale on Wednesday night. If AmIdol didn’t have such good guest advisors and performers on, I really wouldn’t watch the show at all. Come on, I had to watch for Andrew Lloyd Weber and Donna Summers, and who would’ve thought ZZ Top was still going on?

I then switched channels to Criminal Minds during the second hour. A bugger of a finale, by the way. I think they killed off Mantegna or they’re doing some kind of trick where it wasn’t any of the agents at all but one of the bad guys in a black SUV similar to the ones the agents drive to make it appear to be one of the agents. And you probably don’t know what I’m talking about unless you watch the show. It better not be J.J. ‘cuz it’s cruel to kill off a pregnant woman, even if just a fictional character. Plus, her character first name is actually Jennifer. And now you know for sure I didn’t watch the second hour of the AmIdol finale, nor any other AmIdol results show.

Except that I had enough time left after the other show to see the very ending of the finale. When Cook sang the winning song, then I thought for sure he was the right choice. I thought the song sounded great and didn’t even care to imagine what it might have sounded like by Archuleta. And I like the rockers.

This does get me somewhat to the title of the entry. At the start of each of the AmIdol seasons after Jasmine’s season, I usually watch at least one of the tryout shows. Those shows annoy me also, not just because of the horribly bad delusional singers, but it’s the ridiculous hyperbolizing of the hyperbole of “1000%.” Since when is 100% not good enough? Then it was the 110% to the 1000% and now everyone’s got to outdo the other until it’s “a giga-trillion percent yes!” or something like that. We’ll just make up a word. How about “a galaxy percent yes!” I kinda like that but it’s still ridiculous.

When did 100% become not enough of a person? Am I missing something here that I don’t get the concept behind 1000%? Is it some kind of guy thing that I’m just never gonna get? Does it annoy anyone else?

They Finally Got One!

And finally, briefly, CSI. Isn’t it amazing that an action/drama show like this one has been able to maintain the original cast for so long? They’ve pretty much just kept adding people while keeping the originals on. I know, technically, Sidle wasn’t on the first episode and Gribbs was but then died in the second episode of the very first season, but it didn’t seem like they intended Gribbs to be a main character anyways, so moving on….

But in a way I’m glad that Sidle’s gone ‘cuz her character has always been the least worked out from the beginning and the romance with Grissom was kinda gross. I liked Lady Heather; the dynamic between her and Grissom was much more interesting. Sidle’s no match for Grissom.

And now Warwick’s been deleted. After Gribbs, in no order: Sander’s in a lab explosion; Brass was shot; Willows was drugged and woke up in a motel room not remembering what happened; Stokes was buried alive; Sander’s got in the middle of some delinquents who were beating on a tourist for fun and got beat up himself; Sidle was kidnapped and left under a car; and other threats. They finally got to kill one off.

Um, what do you think? I gave this entry my 100%. Enough?


*Okay, so knock that down to a 75% since I'm posting this so late. When was the finales, like 2 or 3 weeks ago? I'll try to be more timely with the time-sensitive stuff.

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