Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Going ‘Sonic

We got a new phone for the house last month and so far it’s been worth it. Dad picked out an expandable digital system by Panasonic, model KX-TG1033S, on sale, to be exact.

Previously, we had two phone systems on our home landline. In the living room, we had a Panasonic answering system from the day we moved in the house. It lasted pretty good; it was about 18+ years before going wacky. After awhile, the battery was so worn down that the handset would last maybe 5 minutes before beeping and we couldn’t dial any phone number with a ‘5’ in it.

In the master bedroom, we had a Uniden. It lasted maybe 5 years.

With the 1033S, our phone is consolidated into one system. There is one base with the answering machine and three handsets throughout the house. We can set one handset with the date/time and other tools, and all other handsets will be coordinated with the information. The handsets come with intercom/transfer, call waiting, speakerphone, and phonebook features.

The feature that I like so far is the answering system. With the old phones, I would have had to walk to the living room in order to find out if anyone left a message in the first place and then to hear the message. With the 1033S, the answering system can be heard through each handset. So I can stay in bed and hear whether or not someone has left a message. I know, it’s a feature that allows me to be lazy and usually I would resist that; I don’t need extra help if I wanna be lazy.

The expandable part means that if we want a handset in every room of the house, we can buy more handsets and it will work with the original base.

Another thing is that the buttons on the base are not as easy to press. My cat loved to jump on the old phone. She had turned off the answering machine. One time, she had even recorded her own outgoing message. So far, she hasn’t proved that she can do the same with the new phone.

And if you’ve read the entry about our fridge, then reading this entry should give the sense that I come from a family that likes to render things fairly useless before replacing them. That makes us a little green, right? I'm hoping this phone lasts as long or longer than our previous Panasonic set.

Mahalo for reading in!

KX-TG1033S site

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