Tuesday, June 17, 2008

E Komo Mai!

I’m gonna take this time to welcome any new readers- WELCOME new readers! I know, I’ve been rather shy about having this journal and all but I’m finding it a good release for the things clogging up my brain.

Feel free to roam around and to leave a comment on any entry at any time, whether a compliment or criticism, I’m okay with it. Please at least drop in and say ‘hi,’ let me know that you’re reading! It would be a great encouragement to continue. For the lurkahs out there, you can even leave a comment anonymously, so no be shy!

Here are a few things one might like to know about my writing:

▪ First and foremost, I am a Christian. I pray that anything that I write is acceptable to God. I have an interest in apologetics.

▪ I use nicknames very often. I like giving people I know nicknames, especially all the Chris-es and Jennifers out there- it can get complicated without them! Plus, I do want to be respectful of my friends and so sometimes need to afford them some privacy. If I use an alias and you think it’s you but not sure, ask. If you’d like a better, cooler, sleeker nickname, suggest one and I’ll think about whether or not I can be comfortable using it, or remember to use it.

▪ Respect, it’s a big thing with me. I don't mind arguments or differences of opinions, yet please be respectful in any comments that you leave. I personally do not care for foul language.

▪ Be free to ask questions or suggest a topic for discussion. I have a WIDE range of interests, I’m open to a wide range of opinions. If I don’t know something, I will research it and get back to you. Again, I appreciate good arguments and respect differing opinions.

▪ Regarding personal questions, one can always ask! I’m rather a private person at the core, which is one of the reasons I’ve been slow to publicize this journal, but I appreciate it if people want to know more about me and go about it by asking ME personally. I will be as frank as I can afford to be. I don’t have too many readers at the moment and so I’ve been able to keep up with responding to those who have left comments [Mahalo to Jules, Kev, Clay, and Hensly for your comments!] and will try to continue to do so.

I think those are the main points. Come on in, take your shoes off, have a good time! And please remember to leave a comment!

Mahalo for reading in!