Saturday, June 7, 2008

Don’t Judge A Book…

You know the rest.

I’ve really done it this time. I’ve joined Facebook. JayLee had sent me an invite months ago, maybe even more than a year ago. Then others have asked if I’ve been on and I hadn’t checked it out at all. Last week I just plunged right in.

I have no idea what I’m doing.

But it is pretty neat. I like the networking factor, finding friends through other friends and such. On Myspace, most of my ‘friends’ are from high school. On Facebook, most of my friends are from church and old YFC contacts.

One of the more exciting ‘finds’ has been a high school classmate. I had thought of her from time to time and wondered what ever happened to her. I had written some time back [Show Me Love] and mentioned these two girls that would keep to themselves a lot. I don’t know that anyone teased them to their faces, but I’m sure they talked about them. They weren’t popular by any means. I was good to them, as I recall, but I could have been more of a friend.

This classmate through Facebook was one of those girls. I am so glad to have found her on that site and I hope that we keep in touch.

And FB gets points with me by not allowing the annoying background pics and discouraging weird profile names that MS does. And there’s no loud music blaring as soon as I click on someone’s profile.

Status: Calm

Through FB, I’m finding more of my friends are married than not. I suppose of my close friends, or the ones I keep in touch with more recently, are single as I am so I hadn’t realized.

And yet, I’m surprisingly calm about it. When friends started to pair off and get married, one of my friends began getting antsy. He REALLY wanted to be married and was constantly looking to be in a relationship towards that end. He had shown interest in me years ago… being aware of his impatience, I guess I just wasn’t ready…. When I became ready, it was too late. He’s married to another close friend and I am so happy for them. Seeing them together I’ve come to the understanding of just how wrong I would have been for him. It’s on my list of ‘God planned’ things that have happened; I hope to write about that sometime.

I’m getting up there in years where the hopes of getting married are looking quite grim. Yet, that doesn’t bother me either. I really want to be married, have a life with someone and raise a family. But I’m in no hurry. If I am ever blessed to marry, I want it to be good. At this point, I’m focused on righting my life and strengthening my relationship with God. [Though I hafta admit, I do like entertaining the idea of being married; I’m just not gonna get bothered by it].

Apply This!

Well, being new to FB and applications for it, I didn’t know what I was doing in that department but I quickly learned enough to know that I don’t hafta accept every invite to add an application.

I did add the Fluff Friends and the Green Patch applications. I like them so far. It took me a while and lessons from Clay to figure out Green. Fluff was easier for me to play with and figure out on my own. Maybe I was just more interested in figuring it out. I’m good with pets in real life. I’d like to have a green thumb in real life but all attempts have failed miserably.

I’ve killed a cactus.

So, while I’ve mentioned that Charis is my favorite of 3 cats in real life, Megamouth is my Fluff on FB. That’s because the Fluff tiger looks more like the real Mega. I’ve gotten compliments on the name. I’ll write the story of that another time.

Other than the people who have found and added me on FB, I’ve only made the MoHS rounds. I have so many other people I’d like to find on FB or MS or anywhere, but I’m trying to limit my time on those sites. I haven’t begun any other searches for people.

Among the people I’d like to reconnect with are: Dexter Ancheta, Kalvin Kealoha, Daniel Arakaki, Bryan Castro, Christopher Bryan, Brian Lee, William Wong, Raul Ripoll, Sarah (Kyung Joo) Kim, Rachel (Kyung Eui) Kim, Jessica Gramcko, and Tamar Molina. If you have any information on these people, please let me know! The list is longer, but those are the names on my mind at the moment. The full list contains a lot more guys ‘cuz I’m in touch with most of the gals already and others would be more difficult to find if they’ve married. I’ve heard that Tamar’s married but I don’t have a last name for her.

And I was flipping through the apps to see what else kine there are and there’s one that my dad created! Nah, someone with the same name as my dad did it.

If you’re on FB, make sure to be my friend. And please FEED MEGA! She’s an awfully hungry little kitty…