Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Caution: Weirdness Detour Ahead

I was writing my Impact schedule on the Family Board when I heard someone on TV say, “Holy crap!” I don’t know where or why but this is the conversation I had with myself but out loud for my mom to hear [I apologize for the multiple ‘craps’]:

Can crap really be holy? Is it that God made all things…? Is crapping like the physical way of our bodies getting rid of ‘sin’? Do you think Adam and Eve had to crap in the Garden of Eden or did having to crap come after the sin?

I can see you shaking your head and really, I have the same reaction. I have no idea…. Scary, huh? I hope there was nothing blasphemous about the questions. I guess I was thinking about such an unpleasant product being in the Garden. But then again, it does make for good fertilizer….

Ah, mom must be so proud of me. She suggested that I ask that question in front of the kids at church, then maybe they’ll feel more comfortable about asking questions they have without feeling ridiculous because really…. It’s a thought, but I don’t think it would go over too well.

Don’t worry, I’m not all that serious about pondering this thought. It was just too weird and painfully funny at the moment. Now you know I'm not always so serious, nor am I always thinking, apparently. Maybe what’s the scariest thought is that this is me completely sober. I wonder if I get sober-deep thoughts when I’m drunk, but I have no desire to find out.

Just remember when you're thinking of me, that "God uses cracked pots and I'm the visual aid!" That's from Patsy Clairmont, FotF broadcast "God Uses Cracked Pots." It's a wonderful listen! Go and get it!

Mahalo to all my friends out there that put up with stuff like this from me!