Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Cat by Any Other Name

Due to the virtual Megamouth on my Facebook, I’ve gotten a few questions about the name and so I will answer that now. First, because I have had 4 cats in all, each with an interesting connection with the name, I will begin in the beginning.

Nekko-chan: I know, not very inventive. ‘Nekko’ is Japanese for ‘cat.’ Nekko was a stray and so I was hesitant to give her a name. Mom, who is normally very creative, came up with it and that was the best she could do. I eventually gave into it.

Nekko was a cat’s cat. She loved chasing things in the air. She once brought me a gift of a dead bird.

Sweet Pea: I inherited her from a friend of a friend. Sweet Pea lives up to her name. She is the people-friendliest of all our cats. She’s the type that will come up and rub against one’s legs. She’ll demand attention, jump into my lap, sit on the book I’m reading, meow when she wants a treat. She lets people carry her. She’s a licker. Sweet is pretty laid-back and easy-going. Instead of chasing a gecko, she’ll stare at it for hours. She'll answer to her name, if she's not busy staring down a roach, or eating, or napping, or doesn't feel like it...

Charis: Charis is the only cat I adopted from the Humane Society, so far. I came up with her name from the word ‘charisma,’ so she’s short of a ‘ma.’ I pronounce it ‘kah-ris.’

I think of her as somewhat living up to her name, that is, if one considers quirkiness as being a kind or part of charisma. She was fearless as a kitten, playing with Sweet’s tail and challenging her to a fight. Now she’s the ‘fraidy cat of the house. She’ll let someone carry her, but she’ll make ‘em chase her down first. When she's scared, her tail puffs up like a Christmas tree.

Except when it comes to roaches and geckos, she’s not so ‘fraidy. She’ll go after 'um and play widdum'.

Charis likes the taste of Melaleuca.

She’ll only meow, only for food, and only if I let the food bowl stay empty for a little while. So pretty much she never meows because Mom and Dad won’t allow the bowl to be even half empty for more than half an hour. She HAS TO sit on the right side of someone and HAS TO sleep on the left side of the bed.

And finally, there’s...

Megamouth: I was reading something about the megamouth shark that was found in Hawaiian waters back in 1976, I think it was. The author had campaigned to make megamouth the state fish, but it lost to the humuhumunukunukuapua‘a. I’m trying to remember where I read that, but I can’t find it right away; I’ll probably come up with it later.

A few days later, Dad and I are working in the backyard. Lounging in the tall grass was a little kitty making like she owns the place. She was so skinny, could almost see her ribs. She came to me, rubbed against my legs, so I fed her. And then I fed her. I fed her again. She just wouldn’t stop eating!

And she’s a talker. A loud talker. So I thought Megamouth was a fitting name.

She’s a smart kitty. She found out which window was mine and would wake me up for her morning feeding.

Plus, she’s M-E-A-N like a shark! She kept our yard free of strays. The other strays were all bigger than her, some of them fat. I woke up to a cat scream in the middle of the night, went outside to check on Mega. Instead, found her cornering a cat twice her size. When the fat cat tried to runaway, Mega chased it down and attacked. Haven’t seen that cat since.

So there’s the story of the names of my cats. What are the names of your pets? If you don't have any, what would you name them if you did?

By the way, Mega is very honored to be a Fluff. Mahalo!

Megamouth and Charis
That's Mega under the pillow. They fell asleep fighting.


  1. Great picture! I wonder if they fell asleep at the same time? :)


  2. You need to get a better pic of Mega. I've never seen her.

  3. Well, they probably fell asleep at the same time. As I think back, I think this was near bedtime anyways. Seriously, I heard a cat fight, then nothing!

    Jules, I'm working on it!


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