Saturday, June 28, 2008

Photo IMPACTing #3

Cross Current Worship Team
Shayna, Tony, Eric [missing name recognized by Jules, mahalo!], and Tad.

Hardly an open spot on the floor.

James and the Champion Introductions.

KUC's representative, Oko.

The Rules.

KUC Courtyard: still too much light....

Wait, where are the snipers?

[Mission Impossible, complete with theme music, Mission Impossible, secret mission, Mission Impossible, no photography allowed, Mission Impossible]

After mission accomplished, sniper shots from Building B.

Passing the mic to Barret Awai. [I'm starting to have fun finding shots of the Blur. There he goes!]

Did I say 120 kids?

The Force of IMPACT

IMPACT was back at KUC this past Thursday. It was Mission Impossible night; I’ll try to explain later. Let’s get started….

Registration went easier this week as everyone was participating in the same activity. About 120 kids showed up ready for the game. Tony Fuller and his worship crew from Cross Current cranked up the music and got the night started with some good worship.

GM James called for the “Champions” of each church represented. Each one was to introduce themselves, the church they were representing and say what their favorite food was. Being teenagers, French fries and fried chicken were on the menu. Someone mentioned KFC as the favorite food and that must have stuck in Tuan’s mind; he said he went to KFC, as his church. Tuan goes to Faith Christian Fellowship [FCF]. This is the kind of situation when church acronyms can cause a problem, but it was a common mistake.

James went on to explain the mission of Mission Impossible. Lisa and I handled some last procedures with the registration, so I missed most of the rules. The lights were turned off and the kids were let loose!

Sort of. It was about 6:30 p.m. and it’s summer, so the sun wasn’t quite down yet; darkness adds to the fun of the game. The sun went down soon enough. I was assigned as a marker for Kaleo [KUC], the “Sniper” of Building B. Snipers were also posted elsewhere, like on top of the welcome center. The kids would redeem…um…something for ammo [water balloons]. Remember, I missed the rules here and there, but that’s okay.

With the balloons, they could try to take out the snipers and get points. The snipers were incognito mostly. They would “shoot” the players by spotlighting them with flashlights. The markers [me] were to tag the kids that either got the sniper or had been shot by the snipers.

“Death-stalkers” [is that right?] roamed the grounds with light sabers, a courtesy of Yoda himself, I heard. TonyandShayna [or Mr. & Mrs. Worship Fuller, if you prefer] had a little too much fun with stalking the kids. Just in case things got too out-of-hand, there was a First-Aid room set up.

When time was up, everyone was corralled back in the gym for a little more worship and the message. Barrett Awai [Fellowship of Christian Athletes] started by talking about how he used to go to KUC back in the day. Then he recounted how he became a believer in Christ, went from a believer to a follower, and the difference between the two. I’m sure many of us can relate to accepting Christ the Savior only to later understand that Christ is also the LORD and what that entails.

All in all, it was a good night! Who wouldn’t have fun running around under the cover of darkness? I was wiped out just watching. It wasn’t very nice when Kaleo’s victims ran away before I could tag them, but most kids complied with the rules of engagement. Aya monitored the First-Aid room though there were no major injuries to report. Arthur was a marker for Lisa [PVBC], the sniper for Building A just across the yard from us. James should have a better idea of who was positioned where to do what.

Clean up was a little more complicated. Cups of popcorn fell to the floor inside and down the stairs outside. Corpses of water balloons were all over the grounds. Luckily, we had a pretty good-sized group helping out. Mr. Kamimura [KUC/Cross Current] began with the sweeping of the gym; Henry [LCC], Geoff [New Hope] and also Kalani [KUC youth] joined him. Cross Current worship and the usual suspects in media [Kevin, Tad and Joel] packed up the equipment. Others that helped in cleaning up: Joanna [KUC]; Zach and his sisters [KUC]; Mrs. Kamimura and sons [KUC/Cross Current]; two generations of Kwongs [KUC/FCF]; the Torres; Brandon and Meeka [KUC]; Jared, Joel, Tim, Cory and Kaleo [KUC]. I am so sure I’m missing names; I apologize! But MAHALO none the less for the good work!

Next week is the big Video Game Challenge! Thursday at KUC. I’m sure there will be other activities for those not VG inclined, so come anyway! Two things will be for sure; good music [Native Roots] and a good message [John Sherrard, former Ministry Director for YFC] are in store for all!


[*No kids were harmed during the writing of this entry.]

Friday, June 27, 2008

Philippines Mission Team Update

Today’s gonna be a short entry. Impact was at KUC last night. I went early as usual, but this time especially to find out news on the mission team.

It’s confirmed that the PMT are all back in Hawai‘i safely. Apparently, they missed the typhoon twice; the typhoon hit the places they were going to visit, only it hit those places the day before they arrived. Where they were staying, they had some stormy weather and that was all.

Thank you to all who prayed for the team. Please continue to pray for the Philippines’ people as surely tough times are still ahead for them.

In honor of God’s protection and grace on our team, here are a couple of pics from church. This is the hula ministry of Olivet Baptist Church who performed for the Fathers’ Day service to “Power of Your Love.” The group included Ririko, a member of KUC’s Japanese congregation; Ririko was ready to go with the PMT, but had problems with her visa only this particular time. She’s itching to go on next year’s trip!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Photo Impacting #2


Instructions from James [FCF]. The KUC girls, in the orange shirts, always in front!

Getting ready for Ping-Pong! The tables are waiting.

The beginners' tables and the advanced tables.

The advanced tables. James getting in on the action during down times. Where's his arm?

KUC's own Cherie on the right, getting ready for the W...and she takes off! Cherie took the bronze for the beginners' division. Go Cherie!

Dodgeball. It came down to these guys against KUC's Ata. There she is, in the orange, making her move!

Pong-Master Fong [KUC] preparing them for Choose Your Champion. Yes, that's James the Blur. KUC kids up front again! [To the right of Kendal]

Choose Your Champion. KUC was proudly represented by Cherie and Ata.

Music plays, they go round and round. Music stops, and I think this was knee-to-elbow...? The guys to the left were the winners.

Living Season.

Pastor Ed Ganigan giving the message. Last week, the kids made a stand for Christ. This is...raising your hand for the Celtics? And KUC [with Kendal] in the front! Are these kids great or what!

More message, from the crowd this time. To the left of the pic is the media crew, Kevin, Tad [Crosscurrent] and Joel [KUC].

How Much IMPACT Can Ping-Pong Have?

Last Friday was the second night of the Hawai‘i Summer Olympics hosted by IMPACT. Normally on Thursdays at KUC, this one was held on Friday at the Palama Settlement Gym because it was the night for the Ping-Pong and Dodgeball Tournaments. That’s two separate events; they didn’t make the kids dodge balls while ping-pong-ing, though the PS gym is a lot bigger than the KUC gym and probably coulda held something like that.

Registration, I’m not gonna lie, it was a little messy. There were several things to sort at one time. There was the sorting of the kids who were registered from the previous week from the kids who came for the first time, then the choice of playing ping-pong or dodgeball, and also the collecting of fees. Finally, they tried to keep all that in order. I said ‘they’ because I wasn’t doing the registration this time; all I did was get the pens.

My assignment was to pray every so often: over the kids, over the leaders, over the entire night. I thought different leaders were supposed to rotate in and out to pray with me, but I guess something was lost in the communication. Aya and I prayed, then we prayed with a few other leaders, then I prayed quietly here and there. I’m sure others were praying on their own as well. I sure prayed whenever I watched the dodgeball going on!

We all gathered inside so that James could make announcements and give some instructions. Then the kids were off to their various activities. Inside the gym, ping-pong was separated by the advanced and the beginners. When they said ‘advanced,’ they meant it; the players were movin’ and groovin’ to the rhythm of the game, too fast for my camera to capture. The beginners were varied in techniques and skills, but they sure played just as hard. Some of them were as serious about winning as the advanced players.

Now, it’s been years since I’ve had any part in dodgeball, but it sure seems a lot dangerous than I remembered! The balls were bouncing of walls and tables and railings, the ceiling got a ‘love pat’ or two…I mean, it was BOOMing! At first, the dodgeball was gonna be on the court area outside, but got moved under the shelter [yet still outside] when it started to drizzle. I didn’t get good pictures if only because I was trying to stay out of the line of fire.

James gathered everyone to sit in a circle on the floor. He then directed the kids in another “Choose Your Champion” challenge. Each church sent up two representatives. One rep was to stand in an inner circle [around Kendal] and walk counterclockwise. The outer circle walked clockwise. While they walked, some music played. When the music stopped, James called out two body parts that the partners needed to connect. There were some spotters to point out which pair was the last to connect and that pair would be out for the next round.

Living Season provided us with some good rockin’ music! They turned down the lights and had the lyrics projected on the screen. I know at least the younger kids were jumpin’ around and dancin’; a few of the older kids started to get into it also!

Pastor Ed Ganigan of New Hope Kapolei gave the message. He talked to the kids about “Seizing a Divine Moment”, about making a turning-point decision for Christ that would change the direction of their lives. At the end, with everyone’s eyes closed, he invited them to ask and receive Christ. Then Pastor Ganigan closed with a prayer.

The pictures will be on the next entry. Geoff [New Hope] and Henry [LCC] made the security rounds. Anne [FCF] helped Lisa [FCF] with the registration. Kevin, Tad [Crosscurrent?] and Joel [KUC] worked the media equip. James [FCF] managed the beginners’ ping-pong tables and I believe Li was managing the advanced tables. Many other leaders provided additional support and/or cheered on their kids. Please, if you can think of anyone else and would like to acknowledge their work, go ahead and post it in a comment!

Next [this] week, we’re back on Thursday night at KUC. The challenge: the Mission Impossible IMPACT Edition! The scheduled entertainment is Mr. Tony Fuller and his crew with the message given by Barret Awai [Fellowship of Christian Athletes]. I’m going! Have you replied yet? Come anyway, no problem!

Mahalo and see you Thursday night [tomorrow]!

[Links to the IMPACT websites are to the left under ‘I Recommend,’ or find them on the first IMPACT entry!]

Caution: Weirdness Detour Ahead

I was writing my Impact schedule on the Family Board when I heard someone on TV say, “Holy crap!” I don’t know where or why but this is the conversation I had with myself but out loud for my mom to hear [I apologize for the multiple ‘craps’]:

Can crap really be holy? Is it that God made all things…? Is crapping like the physical way of our bodies getting rid of ‘sin’? Do you think Adam and Eve had to crap in the Garden of Eden or did having to crap come after the sin?

I can see you shaking your head and really, I have the same reaction. I have no idea…. Scary, huh? I hope there was nothing blasphemous about the questions. I guess I was thinking about such an unpleasant product being in the Garden. But then again, it does make for good fertilizer….

Ah, mom must be so proud of me. She suggested that I ask that question in front of the kids at church, then maybe they’ll feel more comfortable about asking questions they have without feeling ridiculous because really…. It’s a thought, but I don’t think it would go over too well.

Don’t worry, I’m not all that serious about pondering this thought. It was just too weird and painfully funny at the moment. Now you know I'm not always so serious, nor am I always thinking, apparently. Maybe what’s the scariest thought is that this is me completely sober. I wonder if I get sober-deep thoughts when I’m drunk, but I have no desire to find out.

Just remember when you're thinking of me, that "God uses cracked pots and I'm the visual aid!" That's from Patsy Clairmont, FotF broadcast "God Uses Cracked Pots." It's a wonderful listen! Go and get it!

Mahalo to all my friends out there that put up with stuff like this from me!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Making the Grade [With Philippines Prayer Request]

First things first, a short but huge announcement:

Please Pray for Philippines
This is also a personal request as our church has a missions team over there. They’re supposed to get back to Hawai‘i on Thursday, but I didn’t get solid confirmation on their safety. If you didn’t see it on the news, a typhoon hit the islands- I saw the report on Saturday night. Please pray for the people of the Philippines.

I apologize for the delay in getting out the latest IMPACT entry for the night of June 20th. I have the pictures ready to go but haven’t started the writing part yet. I was tired by the time I got home on Friday. I was still wiped out on Saturday but did some chores and raced Mega many, many times.

I woke up on Sunday with a scratchy throat but wasn’t so bad that I stayed home from church. Still, as a precaution, and an awareness of how the sick are treated like lepers by the unsick [Clay…], I stayed mostly outside and tried not to talk too closely to anyone. So, if I didn’t talk to you at church yesterday, you’re welcome. I honestly didn't mean to be anti-social this time but it was for your own good!

One of our grade school kids, Gerriann [sp?] came by several times to let me know the what’s up of the day. I just met her on Friday night because I transported some people down to Impact. Gerri was acting a little shy in introducing herself to the drivers, but when we got there and then on Sunday, it was like non-stop news stream from her! She’s neat!

It was Graduation Sunday at church. Always glad to help, but I felt so useless. Kendal asked if I’d give out lei to the graduates during the service recognitions. Sadly, I said, ‘I think I might be getting sick; that’s why I’m outside today.’ And it was just the kinda thing I would have done or was looking forward to doing as a supporter of Kendal’s work. I don't think 'wiped out entire graduating class of 2008 single-handedly' looks good on the resume [I didn't say I NEVER exaggerate!]. Well, on to the next opportunity….

After service, we had the Graduation Celebration. Brandon was ‘valedictorian,’ as he was one for his high school [Btw, what’s up with the multiple vale’s? My class had about 20+!], so he gave a short speech for us and properly thanked his mom. Shelly Hokama gave a short speech also. I forgot to mention the food was ono and the gym looked good! Adam and his friend presented some musical entertainment- they’re pretty good!

And I should’ve gotten a picture of this, but one of the families at church that I’m slowly getting to know are the Sterenbergs [sp?]. Their son Race is in Mom’s Sunday School class, then he has two younger sisters. Some time during the celebration, the youngest girl [I don’t know her name yet] was sitting on a chair in a circle by herself where there were favors [with mini-chocolates inside] that were not yet claimed. I found her sitting there, eating the favor! Literally. I guess she didn’t mind the plastic wrapping so long as she got the chocolate! It was cute, but I did alert her mother and the girl’s plan failed.

The graduation pics will be at the end. Still getting blurry inside shots, I apologize. I have enough money saved that I can either get a D-SLR with an extra battery and zoom lens, or get just the camara and a new point-shoot camara with more zoom and a bigger screen than my current p-s. Hmmm…decisions, decisions….

I’m feeling fine today but I don’t know if I’ll get to writing Impact today. Hopefully I can get it done before the next Impact. Anyways, I’m trying to remain mostly unsick; still got a lot more Impact to go. I had mango for dinner last night, just mango, juicy sweet mango.

Enjoy the photos! Mahalo! And pray for the Philippines!!!

Adam and friend. Adam's on the left.



Kendal [left] with grads
Sharon [Farrington]; Brandon [PC]; Shelly [Wheaton, BA Science]; Michele [Moanalua- THAT'S RIGHT!]; Scott [Aiea]; Adam [HBA]; and hiding behind Adam is Pastor Peter [DMIN].

Passing out gifts