Tuesday, May 20, 2008

That’s Impressive! And Not So Much…

Warning: Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelorette comments coming up next. Maybe a tiny comment on the AmIdol final tonight.

So DwtS first ‘cuz well, it aired first. It was Night One of the Finals with Miami Dolphin Jason Taylor [pro-partner Edyta], Olympic Gold Skater Kristi Yamaguchi [Mark] and Actor Cristián De La Fuente [Cheryl] contending for the MirrorBall Trophy. I’m amazed that anyone can dance like the professionals do and watching celebrities work hard at it…I like watching dancing but it’s easier to follow when I can recognize a name. I wouldn’t mind learning how to dance but you’d be surprised how little rhythm a bandgeek can have. I’m kidding, I have rhythm! It’s just mostly in my head and not in my feet…

I like the three celebrities left. Kristi is definitely a favorite to win because she’s very good and a woman won the first season but not the last four, so we’re kinda due for a female winner. Jason moves surprisingly well for such a tall guy and a football player; yes, athleticism is good for learning to dance, but football is not known for it’s gracefulness while Jason’s doing very well in the more graceful dances. Then Cristián, whom I knew the least about, is from a Chilean background so he’s got the Latin blood/look and learned through this dancing that he’s also got the Latin moves; he also damaged a tendon in his left arm while dancing but it’s enhanced his focus and has got him dancing better than when he had the full use of both arms.

For the finals, they danced a showcase Cha-Cha and then a Freestyle last night [Wed]. Tonight, they perfect one of the dances that they did earlier in the season, of their choice. Judges’ points count for half their total score; viewer votes are the other half.

The showcase is when they all dance to the same song [solo/solo/solo/end all together]. Cristián started it off; Jason filled in center; Kristi topped it off. The final touch was the guys throwing and holding Kristi high-high up. They all did very well but according to the judges’ scoring, Kristi won the round with a perfect 30/30. Cristián garnered 26; Jason a 24.

The Freestyle round went in the opposite order; Kristi first. It was very good as is Kristi’s usual; she held the top spot in the judges’ scoring for the first 6 weeks of this season and altogether for 7 of 10 [?] weeks, I think. Personally, I would’ve liked her freestyle more if there had been a little more dancing with partner-contact. Basically, it was a lot of synchronized dancing, which one has to be really good to do, but I like the mix and balance between the two. I like the many dualities of dancing; I find it more interesting. She got a 30/30 from the judges.

Jason danced to the house bands’ rendition of “Miami” by Will Smith; very appropriate. If you guys need extra motivation to learn ballroom dancing how about the fact that Emmitt Smith and Jason Taylor learned to dance [Emmitt won season 3]? Think you need motivation to watch DwtS? How about the possibility of watching Edyta dance a freestyle in a bikini? While I’d like women to be more modest in their attire, I sure am, I hafta admit that Edyta is beautiful. And the bikini goes with the song. Oh, their freestyle was great also. It was so lively and fun to watch. Jason did a fantastic job, showed personality. He got a 27. Great lifts, they said.

Cristián danced to a Latin tune. He couldn’t do great lifts like Jason and Edyta due to the injured arm but Cheryl did fit in a few good lifts to the choreography and Cristián pulled them off well. Judges said great hip action, 26 overall. I hafta admit here that I’m a little biased for Cheryl’s choreography and how she herself dances; I’m a Cheryl Burke fan when looking at the professionals on the show [she was Emmitt’s partner also]. And the Latino? ¡Sí! Judges were right about how well he moves. There’s also this movement that he does when he’s showing off Cheryl that I think enhances the dance and he does it when it’s appropriate too. I’ve noticed it in one of the male professional dancers on the show, Maxim. It’s this slightly arrogant she’s-with-me kind of look. Anyways, I liked their freestyle the most. Yeah, it coulda been better had he been able to do daring lifts but it was great.

Most likely Kristi will win. But I’d like Cristián to win. I wouldn’t be upset if Jason won.

Um, my knowledge of The Bachelor/ette is gratefully limited. Apparently this is the 11th season; I can only think of 3 of the previous 10 and of those 3 have watched…one. Before that one season, not even one episode. After that one season, no episode until last night’s premier. I’m aware of Trista and she was on an earlier season of DwtS so she must’ve been a very early Bachelorette. There was the 1st season of The Bachelor. I watched, for no reason I can think of but it turned out okay, the season with Brad from TX where he didn’t propose to anyone, the last two girls having been Jenny the dancer and Deanna the Greek. Unlike many other viewers, apparently, I liked that he didn’t propose. I’m aware that the point of the show is to end up committed to one of the contestants, but I’d rather have no proposal than a later break-up or a divorce. If she ain’t there, she ain’t there.

I watched last night’s season premier if only because it was after DwtS and a slight curiosity to how a girl does the show now that I’ve watched Brad’s season. I dunno if Trista had been on The Bachelor before doing her season, but I find it a little…I guess I would feel strange doing the show if the guys had a chance for preconceived notions and prior knowledge about me due to an earlier show or something, if I was in Deanna’s shoes basically.

Besides, I respect the man, but it’s interesting to see the different ways guys will try to impress a girl.

Last night had it all. The I’ve-got-great-abs guy. The shy guy. The intellectual. The not-so-much-intellectual. The big-city guy. Lots of southern-small-town guys, it seemed. Duck calls. Roundhousing a lemon off another guy’s head. Of course we gotta have the jumping-in-the-pool-on-a-freezing-night guy. This guy, a turn off for me; after jumping into the water to show the fun-side, he stripped to a Speedo which he had written “Deanna” on the back of it. The Speedo was too far. I would have like the pool part if it had seemed or actually been more spontaneous.

One guy gave her a pearl necklace which might be considered a foul except that the guy’s an oyster farmer. Another guy cooked for her and he’s a chef; he not only can make salsa but he can dance it too. When he had arrived from the limo, in his intro he mentioned that he can Salsa. She asked him to show her and to his credit, he didn’t dance for her but danced with her.

A science teacher and a math teacher were among the group; go geeks! If you know me, you know that wasn’t sarcastic; I watch Criminal Minds mainly for Reed, the geek, and Numbers for… the… math. One confessed divorce, one confessed cheat, and one not-yet-confessed single father but confessed family man. Oh, and the token black guy for good measure. Wouldn’t it have been okay to have a couple more black guys? How about a little more chunkier guy? Does everyone on the show have to be relatively good-looking? Or rich? Or what? And then two guys who can speak Greek. One is actually Greek and the other goes to Greece on occasion.

And the science guy gave her an unmounted Herkamer [?] Diamond which was connected to where he came from and he explained it’s not a real diamond, i.e. it wasn’t gratuitous jewels and jewelry. The Christian guy is faring better than the “Christian” girl from Brad’s season who went naked for Brad a few times and gave him a lap dance; I definitely would not have done that no matter how good-looking a guy might be to me. Although Deanna had gotten cold outside and reached for the blanket and Christian guy hogged most of it, but I think it was genuine nervousness. So he seems genuine in his faith so far.

When they had first stepped out of the limo on arrival, I noticed that a few of the guys looked like they weren’t that interested in Deanna but more interested in being on the show or getting inside or “winning.” They made very quick introductions and headed inside instead of lingering with her as much as they could. Only two guys who did that, I thought, came off as true nervousness. The worst was one guy who stepped out, kinda Trump-ish looking, and he looked off in the distance somewhere and then turned to approach Deanna. Then while he was talking with Deanna, his body was turned more towards the house than to her; seems to me like the wrong kinda body language one would wanna send her. “Trumpy” was also the guy who later did the duck call thing that instigated the show-my-abs guy.

It had been revealed that Deanna and Jenny have become good friends. Deanna brought Jenny over to help her sort. Jenny’s engaged with a humangous ring; I’m curious to know who she’s marrying ‘cuz I had liked her better in her season, I had thought she was more sincere than Deanna. Well, one of “Deanna’s Guys” asked Jenny to sit in his lap when she interviewed him. She didn’t and quickly moved on. By the end of the night his eyes were drunk red- what a way to impress! That was definite sarcasm. Jenny wouldn’t even look at the show-my-abs guy’s abs.

At the end, she had to send 10 guys packing. Drunk guy, “Trumpy,” the black guy, Oyster farmer and Coyote boy were the ones I noticed gone. Divorced, science guy, snowboarder, single dad, lemon guy, and Greek were among the keepers-for-now. Even Speedo man made it; I would’ve traded him for the Oyster farmer. But then, I woulda had to cut Oyster farmer eventually ‘cuz in confessionals, he kept saying he was “just” an oyster farmer, nothing fancy [read not as good] as the other “city” guys.

So far, I’m pulling for the science teacher.

And yes, that’s how I would’ve referred to them if it had been my season. I remember names, I remember faces. I rarely remember them together in groups numbering over 10.

And the AmIdol finals are tonight with David trying to win. David’s also going for it. I don’t keep up with AmIdol mainly because I don’t care enough and I can’t stand Seacrest on that show. From the parts I saw last week, I was disappointed and became more disinterested. From all the very talented singers they started with, in the 12, the performances were pretty much dull last week. At this point I don’t care who wins.

That’s it. Mahalo for reading in!