Friday, May 16, 2008

My Favorite Cat

I now have three cats. The third was just added late last year, Megamouth. But Mega’s not my favorite if only because I get the sense that I now have to combat the “middle cat syndrome” in my Charis. Sweet Pea's the first and oldest, then Charis, and Mega's our third and youngest.

Anyways, I think I’m sensitive to the vog that’s been hanging around lately. I would love to live in Hilo one day, but I’m glad it’s not today. I was looking after my brother’s place this past week. Normally, he’s got a view that stretches out to Diamond Head. Tuesday I could barely see it, DH was like a shadow. Yesterday, DH was completely gone. In fact, could hardly see Aiea. Well, I’m just mentioning this because I’m using it as the excuse for why I haven’t written nor posted much this week. My head hurts, blame it on the vog.

So I am generally annoyed by people’s Myspace profile and/or background pics. For guys, it’s usually a half-naked woman with big fake boobs. For girls, it’s the “cute” animal or pet picture. And don’t get me started with the profile names people put up. Have you noticed all the versions modeled after “J.Lo” but not? So between the profile pic that’s not them and the ridiculous nickname, I have no idea who some of the people on my “friends list” are and I don’t care to find out.

All of that to say that I can’t think very well and so I’m just gonna post a pic, basically. Some animal pics are just funny and really precious. Here is my contribution of a “funny animal picture” for the month and the validation that Charis truly is my favorite cat.

She's even got the Daily Bread open!