Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Circuitry Breakdown

Yes, I am still critical of Circuit City. It wasn’t just the one incident with the printer; it was several incidents before I had this journal. So, to give Circuit a little credit, they do have a great sale every so often on something worth the humbug to go down and get. For instance, a good movie going for $5 could be worth it, and there’s less of a chance for annoyance going in for a quick movie at Circuit.

Like…Brian’s Song. That is a great movie! James Caan as Brian Piccolo, Billy Dee Williams as Gale Sayers, great performances. If I had money to spend, I’d pay full price for the movie, but at $5, it’s worth going down and being annoyed by Circuit to get it. It’s good for the DVD library.

And besides, my daddy told me to go Circuit and get the movie. No believe? Ask ‘um.

I hadn’t gone to Circuit since the printer incident. Then Brian’s Song went on sale a little while ago, so I made the trek down to pick it up. I also wanted the double feature of Lean on Me/Stand and Deliver, also two great movies that were on sale at the same time, but they didn’t have it on the shelves and I wasn’t going to ask them to check the stock. I was kinda bummed about that so I picked up the Foo Fighters’ Skin and Bones album. Live, it’s good stuff. I’ve been listening to Ryan Dobson’s KorKast podcast and he had a couple FF songs on and it reminded me of how much I enjoy their music. Dave Grohl, good stuff. And in my opinion, if it’s a good band, their live stuff is gonna be better than the studio stuff. FF also reminds me of Ripple, an old WU friend who introduced me to the FF years ago. Good memories.

Does that make me a hypocrite for railing on Circuit City and then going there to get Brian’s? Or is that just sensible? Took me like 5 minutes. I’m still annoyed by them. I don’t think I have any friends still working there, otherwise I’d tell ‘em to work some place better. Or to make sure my friends give good service and make Circuit better.

Anyways, I wanted to be honest so there it is. I yielded to Circuit City for a $5 movie and a little FF. They still don’t give good service. They still don’t have service at all. Maybe I should go in wearing a fancy suit or something and see if I get treated better, not that I typically dress like a slob, I just dress casual. I shouldn’t have to dress up for Circuit City in order to get service. ‘Nough already!

Do what you want, but unless another GREAT movie comes on sale for $5, I’m still shopping somewhere else to get better service.