Tuesday, May 20, 2008

That’s Impressive! And Not So Much…

Warning: Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelorette comments coming up next. Maybe a tiny comment on the AmIdol final tonight.

So DwtS first ‘cuz well, it aired first. It was Night One of the Finals with Miami Dolphin Jason Taylor [pro-partner Edyta], Olympic Gold Skater Kristi Yamaguchi [Mark] and Actor Cristián De La Fuente [Cheryl] contending for the MirrorBall Trophy. I’m amazed that anyone can dance like the professionals do and watching celebrities work hard at it…I like watching dancing but it’s easier to follow when I can recognize a name. I wouldn’t mind learning how to dance but you’d be surprised how little rhythm a bandgeek can have. I’m kidding, I have rhythm! It’s just mostly in my head and not in my feet…

I like the three celebrities left. Kristi is definitely a favorite to win because she’s very good and a woman won the first season but not the last four, so we’re kinda due for a female winner. Jason moves surprisingly well for such a tall guy and a football player; yes, athleticism is good for learning to dance, but football is not known for it’s gracefulness while Jason’s doing very well in the more graceful dances. Then Cristián, whom I knew the least about, is from a Chilean background so he’s got the Latin blood/look and learned through this dancing that he’s also got the Latin moves; he also damaged a tendon in his left arm while dancing but it’s enhanced his focus and has got him dancing better than when he had the full use of both arms.

For the finals, they danced a showcase Cha-Cha and then a Freestyle last night [Wed]. Tonight, they perfect one of the dances that they did earlier in the season, of their choice. Judges’ points count for half their total score; viewer votes are the other half.

The showcase is when they all dance to the same song [solo/solo/solo/end all together]. Cristián started it off; Jason filled in center; Kristi topped it off. The final touch was the guys throwing and holding Kristi high-high up. They all did very well but according to the judges’ scoring, Kristi won the round with a perfect 30/30. Cristián garnered 26; Jason a 24.

The Freestyle round went in the opposite order; Kristi first. It was very good as is Kristi’s usual; she held the top spot in the judges’ scoring for the first 6 weeks of this season and altogether for 7 of 10 [?] weeks, I think. Personally, I would’ve liked her freestyle more if there had been a little more dancing with partner-contact. Basically, it was a lot of synchronized dancing, which one has to be really good to do, but I like the mix and balance between the two. I like the many dualities of dancing; I find it more interesting. She got a 30/30 from the judges.

Jason danced to the house bands’ rendition of “Miami” by Will Smith; very appropriate. If you guys need extra motivation to learn ballroom dancing how about the fact that Emmitt Smith and Jason Taylor learned to dance [Emmitt won season 3]? Think you need motivation to watch DwtS? How about the possibility of watching Edyta dance a freestyle in a bikini? While I’d like women to be more modest in their attire, I sure am, I hafta admit that Edyta is beautiful. And the bikini goes with the song. Oh, their freestyle was great also. It was so lively and fun to watch. Jason did a fantastic job, showed personality. He got a 27. Great lifts, they said.

Cristián danced to a Latin tune. He couldn’t do great lifts like Jason and Edyta due to the injured arm but Cheryl did fit in a few good lifts to the choreography and Cristián pulled them off well. Judges said great hip action, 26 overall. I hafta admit here that I’m a little biased for Cheryl’s choreography and how she herself dances; I’m a Cheryl Burke fan when looking at the professionals on the show [she was Emmitt’s partner also]. And the Latino? ¡Sí! Judges were right about how well he moves. There’s also this movement that he does when he’s showing off Cheryl that I think enhances the dance and he does it when it’s appropriate too. I’ve noticed it in one of the male professional dancers on the show, Maxim. It’s this slightly arrogant she’s-with-me kind of look. Anyways, I liked their freestyle the most. Yeah, it coulda been better had he been able to do daring lifts but it was great.

Most likely Kristi will win. But I’d like Cristián to win. I wouldn’t be upset if Jason won.

Um, my knowledge of The Bachelor/ette is gratefully limited. Apparently this is the 11th season; I can only think of 3 of the previous 10 and of those 3 have watched…one. Before that one season, not even one episode. After that one season, no episode until last night’s premier. I’m aware of Trista and she was on an earlier season of DwtS so she must’ve been a very early Bachelorette. There was the 1st season of The Bachelor. I watched, for no reason I can think of but it turned out okay, the season with Brad from TX where he didn’t propose to anyone, the last two girls having been Jenny the dancer and Deanna the Greek. Unlike many other viewers, apparently, I liked that he didn’t propose. I’m aware that the point of the show is to end up committed to one of the contestants, but I’d rather have no proposal than a later break-up or a divorce. If she ain’t there, she ain’t there.

I watched last night’s season premier if only because it was after DwtS and a slight curiosity to how a girl does the show now that I’ve watched Brad’s season. I dunno if Trista had been on The Bachelor before doing her season, but I find it a little…I guess I would feel strange doing the show if the guys had a chance for preconceived notions and prior knowledge about me due to an earlier show or something, if I was in Deanna’s shoes basically.

Besides, I respect the man, but it’s interesting to see the different ways guys will try to impress a girl.

Last night had it all. The I’ve-got-great-abs guy. The shy guy. The intellectual. The not-so-much-intellectual. The big-city guy. Lots of southern-small-town guys, it seemed. Duck calls. Roundhousing a lemon off another guy’s head. Of course we gotta have the jumping-in-the-pool-on-a-freezing-night guy. This guy, a turn off for me; after jumping into the water to show the fun-side, he stripped to a Speedo which he had written “Deanna” on the back of it. The Speedo was too far. I would have like the pool part if it had seemed or actually been more spontaneous.

One guy gave her a pearl necklace which might be considered a foul except that the guy’s an oyster farmer. Another guy cooked for her and he’s a chef; he not only can make salsa but he can dance it too. When he had arrived from the limo, in his intro he mentioned that he can Salsa. She asked him to show her and to his credit, he didn’t dance for her but danced with her.

A science teacher and a math teacher were among the group; go geeks! If you know me, you know that wasn’t sarcastic; I watch Criminal Minds mainly for Reed, the geek, and Numbers for… the… math. One confessed divorce, one confessed cheat, and one not-yet-confessed single father but confessed family man. Oh, and the token black guy for good measure. Wouldn’t it have been okay to have a couple more black guys? How about a little more chunkier guy? Does everyone on the show have to be relatively good-looking? Or rich? Or what? And then two guys who can speak Greek. One is actually Greek and the other goes to Greece on occasion.

And the science guy gave her an unmounted Herkamer [?] Diamond which was connected to where he came from and he explained it’s not a real diamond, i.e. it wasn’t gratuitous jewels and jewelry. The Christian guy is faring better than the “Christian” girl from Brad’s season who went naked for Brad a few times and gave him a lap dance; I definitely would not have done that no matter how good-looking a guy might be to me. Although Deanna had gotten cold outside and reached for the blanket and Christian guy hogged most of it, but I think it was genuine nervousness. So he seems genuine in his faith so far.

When they had first stepped out of the limo on arrival, I noticed that a few of the guys looked like they weren’t that interested in Deanna but more interested in being on the show or getting inside or “winning.” They made very quick introductions and headed inside instead of lingering with her as much as they could. Only two guys who did that, I thought, came off as true nervousness. The worst was one guy who stepped out, kinda Trump-ish looking, and he looked off in the distance somewhere and then turned to approach Deanna. Then while he was talking with Deanna, his body was turned more towards the house than to her; seems to me like the wrong kinda body language one would wanna send her. “Trumpy” was also the guy who later did the duck call thing that instigated the show-my-abs guy.

It had been revealed that Deanna and Jenny have become good friends. Deanna brought Jenny over to help her sort. Jenny’s engaged with a humangous ring; I’m curious to know who she’s marrying ‘cuz I had liked her better in her season, I had thought she was more sincere than Deanna. Well, one of “Deanna’s Guys” asked Jenny to sit in his lap when she interviewed him. She didn’t and quickly moved on. By the end of the night his eyes were drunk red- what a way to impress! That was definite sarcasm. Jenny wouldn’t even look at the show-my-abs guy’s abs.

At the end, she had to send 10 guys packing. Drunk guy, “Trumpy,” the black guy, Oyster farmer and Coyote boy were the ones I noticed gone. Divorced, science guy, snowboarder, single dad, lemon guy, and Greek were among the keepers-for-now. Even Speedo man made it; I would’ve traded him for the Oyster farmer. But then, I woulda had to cut Oyster farmer eventually ‘cuz in confessionals, he kept saying he was “just” an oyster farmer, nothing fancy [read not as good] as the other “city” guys.

So far, I’m pulling for the science teacher.

And yes, that’s how I would’ve referred to them if it had been my season. I remember names, I remember faces. I rarely remember them together in groups numbering over 10.

And the AmIdol finals are tonight with David trying to win. David’s also going for it. I don’t keep up with AmIdol mainly because I don’t care enough and I can’t stand Seacrest on that show. From the parts I saw last week, I was disappointed and became more disinterested. From all the very talented singers they started with, in the 12, the performances were pretty much dull last week. At this point I don’t care who wins.

That’s it. Mahalo for reading in!

Monday, May 19, 2008

And Sometimes We All Get Shot At [Metaphorically Speaking]

Sorry, I couldn't think of a better title, but I don't mean to disrespect anyone who has been affected by any of the senseless shootings with actual bullets.

Carrying on...

You might have seen it on the news. Hawai‘i was invaded by people from the Westboro Baptist Church.

KHNL Report on the Protest.
KITV Video Report

What these people say at their protests offend me also. They do not speak for me as a Christian. In fact, they would probably protest me if they ever met me. Maybe they just love to protest.

As I’ve said before, no one on earth has the right to condemn any other person to you-know-where. When it comes to the spiritual afterlife, every one of us will come to a rightful judgment from God. I do not possess the power to command Heaven or Hell for anyone else. I have decided that I’d like to spend the eternal life in God’s presence in Heaven. I cannot choose for anyone else; we each make our own decision in that regards.

God wants us all in a relationship with Him. Yes, even me. Yes, even you. Personally, I don’t know any other way to have that relationship than to ask Him for it, get into His word to know Him better, and to live according to His word.

Regarding the WBC, I choose to pray for them. I don’t know where they’re going after this life, but they sure are making this life unpleasant for a lot of people.

And by the way, nothing ever gets done by protesting the protesters. That's a waste of time.

I have several friends whom are homosexuals. I only know them as my beloved friends, no more or less endeared to me than my friends whom are heterosexuals. They have trusted in me and I have trusted in them. They have comforted me in times when others walked away. And oh the great amount of laughter that we’ve shared! That’s all of my friends.

I would not be rid of them for anything in this world. I would give my life for them.

To end on a good note on this, to my friends, all of my friends, thank you for the friendships and the memories. [Thanks to Apple for the email today reminding me to give thanks!]

And if you needed to know, when it comes to my homosexual friends, I especially enjoy thinking upon “Mi Hermano,” “Su Amor,” and “Mi Amiga de WU.” The aliases are in respect for their privacy but I wanted them to know that they each hold a place in my heart. Well, I might have other friends whom are homosexuals, I just probably don't know that they are.

And don’t get me started on any people that protest our military! That protesting group happens to include the WBC.

My deepest thanks to all those who are serving or have served in the military. I pray for the safety of all. I personally only know a handful that is currently active and they are exemplary men. I don’t think I personally know any females serving, I don’t think my friend is active anymore though she’s quite exemplary herself.

Mahalo for reading in.

Friday, May 16, 2008

My Favorite Cat

I now have three cats. The third was just added late last year, Megamouth. But Mega’s not my favorite if only because I get the sense that I now have to combat the “middle cat syndrome” in my Charis. Sweet Pea's the first and oldest, then Charis, and Mega's our third and youngest.

Anyways, I think I’m sensitive to the vog that’s been hanging around lately. I would love to live in Hilo one day, but I’m glad it’s not today. I was looking after my brother’s place this past week. Normally, he’s got a view that stretches out to Diamond Head. Tuesday I could barely see it, DH was like a shadow. Yesterday, DH was completely gone. In fact, could hardly see Aiea. Well, I’m just mentioning this because I’m using it as the excuse for why I haven’t written nor posted much this week. My head hurts, blame it on the vog.

So I am generally annoyed by people’s Myspace profile and/or background pics. For guys, it’s usually a half-naked woman with big fake boobs. For girls, it’s the “cute” animal or pet picture. And don’t get me started with the profile names people put up. Have you noticed all the versions modeled after “J.Lo” but not? So between the profile pic that’s not them and the ridiculous nickname, I have no idea who some of the people on my “friends list” are and I don’t care to find out.

All of that to say that I can’t think very well and so I’m just gonna post a pic, basically. Some animal pics are just funny and really precious. Here is my contribution of a “funny animal picture” for the month and the validation that Charis truly is my favorite cat.

She's even got the Daily Bread open!

Monday, May 12, 2008

What’s the FIVE-1-1?

I hope everyone had a good Mother’s Day, either as a mom or with their mom. My friend Shay gave birth to her first child, Ezekiel, just last month so this was her first Mother’s Day as the mom. And to add if I haven’t said this before, I have the best mom that I could have. I see other mothers with their children, and they can be good mothers, but for me, I am so glad that I have the mom that I have.
Our senior pastor is away for a couple of weeks; he and his family have traveled to the mainland to celebrate the college graduation of his son. So, on Mother’s Day, we enjoyed a sermon from two members of the congregation. I’m not being disrespectful; our pastor is good, but it is also good to know that when he cannot be around, we are in good hands--- God’s. As it should be, right?

I was expecting a typical Mother’s Day sermon; be good to your mother and all of that. What I got was so much more.

We first heard from one of our elders, Mr. Kawamoto. He spoke from Exodus 20:12, “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.” It started out like the sermon I was expecting; Mr. K went quickly over the beginning of the Mother’s Day observance. And then he said that we ought to pay attention to the parent-child relationship as it says in Exodus because it is the model of our relationship with God.

It is the model of our relationship with God. God the Father, we His children. It’s not the first time I came to realize this fully; the first time was earlier this year from a lesson in The Truth Project. Mr. K also spoke about how this explains why we are to honor our parents even when we don’t feel like it or even when we’ve got lousy parents. When we honor our parents, we are honoring God, the relationship that He has with us.
But I want to move on to what Mrs. Ching had to say because it touched me more personally. It’s also something that is not heard as often and that which a lot of people deal, especially in Hawai‘i I think. The title of her speech is “Feeling Hopeless? Call FIVE-1-1.”

At 72 [I can say her age because she said it herself], Mrs. Ching is the primary caregiver of her mother in her 90s. She told several short stories to illustrate the hardship of being a caregiver to her parent who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Being the caregiver is draining, exhausting, and relentless. It can also feel joyless and hopeless, but it doesn’t have to be.

Mrs. Ching says that we can “be joyful in hope.” The FIVE in FIVE-1-1 was chosen after the 5th commandment which is Exodus 20:12. FIVE stands for “For/ I have/ Vowed/ Everything to God.” [also Matt. 22:37-39].

In that, we can be “patient in affliction.” The first “1” is a [daily] reminder that we are to go “1 step at a time, and let the 1st step be Jesus.” When we feel like we don’t know what to do, where to start, we do one thing. Then we do the next thing and so on until the job is done. We are strengthened by Jesus who showed us how [Col. 1:11a].

And we are to be “faithful in prayer.” The second “1” is another reminder that “you are only 1 person, but God is always with you.” Where is the joy in caregiving? It is in the knowledge that God is with us always [Matt. 28:20b]. It is in the fellowship and prayers with His people [1 Thes. 5: 11, 16-18]. And it is also in the small moments, like when Mrs. Ching sees the joy in her mother’s face in the company of children or when her mother starts dancing the hula when she’s never taken a lesson.
It’s a good lesson to internalize.

When she mentioned her mother dancing the hula, I had flash-forwards to my mom popping into her own dance moves whenever a groovy song comes on. “Dancing in the Street” in One Crazy Summer is already a special favorite; I’m not even sure she’s watched the whole movie but she perks up when the song plays near the end. I know that is one habit she is never going to break because, well, she will never want to.

I also had flashbacks to my grandmother and how she continued to laugh after her stroke. The stroke paralyzed the left side of her body. Mom, Grandma’s sister Aunty Tats, and I went to pick up Grandma from her PT session. They wheeled Grandma out and we gathered around her. I think Mom was speaking to the therapist and so Grandma, with a rascal smile, looked up at her sister. She raises her right hand and flattens her palm, saying, “Look, Tats, I’m getting better!” Aunty Tats looks at Grandma’s hand and says, “Oh, yes, that’s good!”

Then Grandma says, “Nah!” She lifts her left hand, which was stuck in an almost fist, just a little and adds, “This the junk one!”

Oh, Grandma….

I also remember when Grandma came to live with us for a short while. She stayed in my brother’s room; he had a bed close to the floor. I heard a noise and went in to check on Grandma. She had slipped off of the bed but was okay, she was trying to get herself on her feet again. I went to lift her back on the bed and she waved me off. She said, “Nah, I’m too heavy. I don’t want you to hurt your back.” She was about 80 lbs, maybe. “Grandma, I can handle.”

Oh, the moments of joy amongst the moments of the pain of seeing someone I love age. How much more painful was it for my mom? How much more will it be for me when Mom gets to be that way?

And to that, after Mrs. Ching’s speech, Mom turned to me and, smiling that rascal smile she probably got from Grandma, apologized for how she is going to be later [in life].

You wanna know what’s gonna happen? My mom’s time of aging is gonna be a “payback” for how I treated her when she raised me--- it’s gonna be BAD!! I know this because she's already threatened a self-induced Alzheimer's!

But I’ll be calling FIVE-1-1.

Mahalo for reading in…and please, pray for me! *wink*

Friday, May 9, 2008

A Sunday Ride in White Satin

So I haven’t written a bus story in a while. Here it goes.

KUC recently recognized a few new members. Whenever there’s the completion of a new members class, the new members are introduced to the congregation. The introduction of one of the recent new members included the fact that she lives on the windward side, used to drive to a church in Mililani, and now makes the journey to Kalihi every Sunday. Talk about a commitment to God!

This reminded me of riding the bus home one Sunday earlier this year. Once a month, Mom has another class after church. It’s in Hawai‘i Kai for like 3 hours. If I was in better shape, I’d drop her off and spend a few hours at the beach. But as it is, and with a lot of studying to do, I’ve been taking the bus home after church when Mom has class.

One Sunday, Mom didn’t remind me that she had class after church until we got to church. After church, I got on the bus in my high heels. I like dressing up for church and that includes heels, but if I know I’ll be taking the bus, I usually wear slippers. I’m not into the self-inflicted pain side of wearing heels.

So I’m on the bus and it quickly fills up. When it starts to get filled up, I stand up and move to the back. I’m standing up in heels while there are guys that are sitting in the aisle seat next to an empty window seat and they neither offer the empty seat to me in heels nor to other women coming on the bus. I’m sorry, that’s just inconsiderate.

But I’m forgetting why I was writing this. Back in Kalihi, when I got on the bus, I sat in the front. Across from me sat an older lady in full satin mu‘umu‘u and a hat, beautiful. I mean the satin mu‘umu‘u was white with a gorgeous purple print that started at the side and swooped across and down to the hem. She had gotten on before me somewhere in Kalihi probably, most likely from the church service held in Farrington’s auditorium. As far as I could tell, she got off somewhere in Pearl City.

What came to my mind was that she was very well-dressed, she looked amazing! She must be coming from church and she must have a heart for God that she would dress in her best for Him. Another thought I had was that it must be a good church she goes to in order to believe it’s worth getting up every Sunday, getting dressed in a satin gown and getting on a bus from PC to Kalihi to get to that church. The service held at Farrington is a very well-known and popular one, so I think she most likely had come from there.

Final thought, I’d like to be like that woman.

I am very aware that appearances can be deceiving, but sometimes appearances are everything. I don’t mean that I need to look great all the time for showing people and getting compliments from them on the way I look. And it could very well be that the woman had dressed that way for work and was on her way to or from work. But I’m fairly sure of my assessment, that she is a Godly woman who believes in the church which she attends.

Why else would someone wear white satin on a relatively dirty city bus? And she had a warm smile on her face, looking so content. When I see someone like her, it’s just noticeable. It’s attractive in that I’d like to look and most likely feel as good as she does when I am her age.
Most churches in Hawai‘i at least don’t have much of a dress code. I suspect in the southern states, it’s still proper to dress their Sunday best. KUC doesn’t direct the clothing of the congregation as long as one is covered pretty much. Shorts are okay, t-shirts are okay, slippers are okay. That’s how I dressed for church at least during the high school years. Nobody told me to cover my knees or that girls ought to be wearing dresses and skirts in church. It wasn’t about not respecting church but, in Hawai‘i, it’s about comfort.

Even before seeing the lady on the bus, I had the conviction that I should dress better for church. Well, not that I should but that I want to dress better. I want my outsides to show how good I’m feeling on the insides and that the good feeling comes from God. Why should I not dress up for worshiping God in His house? It isn’t to say that I only worship God on Sundays in church; worshiping God should be a daily thing wherever I am. But Sundays in church is when I get to, I am allowed to dress the way I want to, not for work or school or for whatever activity. Sunday in church is specifically for God and so now I dress up to worship God.

But I used to feel uncomfortable walking into L&L after church dressed up. I don’t anymore. And after seeing that lady, I never can feel uncomfortable about that again. Who cares? I’m not dressing for the people in L&L. I’m dressing for God.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Enjoy Being a Girl

Flower Drum Song on Amazon.com
I'm strictly a female female
And my future I hope will be
In the home of a brave and free male
Who’ll enjoy being a guy having a girl

Those are lyrics from the song whose title inspired this entry. The song is from the musical Flower Drum Song. I recently watched the movie again and I still enjoy it. I especially enjoy how Nancy Kwan, in the role of Linda Low, moves so femininely while she sings this song, because in all my gracefulness I don’t know that I could ever be that feminine in my movements. I’ll hafta practice it.

I do enjoy being a girl, well, a woman now. I went through a period of growing up when I didn’t want to wear skirts and dresses, I didn’t like pink, but I enjoyed being a girl. When I was much younger, I played in the dirt, chased the boys [literally, not romantically], caught bugs and geckos, but I enjoyed being a girl. If my brother was climbing a tree, I wanted to be on the next branch.

I could go on and on about how un-girly-girl I still am but instead, I want to remain in the spirit of the title and list some of the ways in which I am still girly and enjoying it [in no particular order].

1. I hate roaches! I really hate roaches!
They may be the one thing that will make me scream like a girl. I can handle spiders, geckos, mice, etc., but I hate roaches. They are dirty, they can’t keep away from my food, they’re huge, and they’re everywhere! What’s the worst is that in Hawai‘i, da’ buggahs fly atcha! It’s like they can smell fear. I can’t go a week without stepping into the shower and having flashbacks of the “Bird on a Wire” shower scene. If I am ever to marry, I am gladly leaving all roach killing and disposal duties to hubby. I don’t even wanna touch a dead one! Maybe I shouldn’t have started with this one ‘cuz it doesn’t sound like enjoyment, but I just really don’t like roaches.

2. I’m all for chivalry.
Open the door for me, pull out my chair for me, I love all of that. A man doing that for me by no means diminishes my ability to do those things for myself. It in no way says to me that the man thinks he’s better than me. What it does say to me is that he values me, he wants to honor me. Give me the knight on his white horse [I like the ending for “Deliver Us from Eva”], give me a Ponderosa Cartwright, give me Bert from “Mary Poppins.”

I was raised on such manners. My brother never lets a female in their group walk to her car alone at night. He teaches his male friends to do the same, making sure that each female gets into her car safely, that her car starts up. When I am out with just the girls and no male is with us, I will do the same because I was raised to look after the safety of my friends; I don’t think we can ever do enough of that.

And believe me, I am mindful of guys who do and do not do such things. A guy who takes care of his mother is more attractive than a brilliant smile. I had a friend who would always pay for my meal. My friends tried to convince him not to do so since he and I were just friends, not dating, but I loved it. I would have promoted him to all my female friends, if he hadn’t already known all of my friends. He had a good chance of getting a “yes” out of me if he had asked me on a date. I had another friend who didn’t pay for my meal. Someone we were with pointed it out, scolding him for not paying. It was the same thing, we weren’t dating and so I didn’t care that he didn’t pay, but I would have thought a lot more of him if he had.

It isn’t about getting free food or whether or not I have money of my own but about how much a man values me. One last example, I got a flat while on the freeway late one night. A group of guys in a car saw me on the side of the freeway and came back around to help me. I loved it! That was the first and only time that’s happened to me where someone stopped to see if I needed help. I was so appreciative of it, because while I know how to change a flat, I don’t have the muscle to do all of it on my own. I would’ve loved it more if the guys knew how to change a flat in the first place, but it was great!

3. Crafts.
I would love a woodworking shop of my own with miter saws and circular saws and clamps and drills and the whole bit; that is a kind of craft. But I also love the more feminine crafts. I make cards, jewelry, artwork…. I’ll add stickers or a stamp to cards or letters that I write.

I have sold a few pieces of jewelry that I had made. I still need a name for my jewelry business; I wanna make it more official. Anyone got any ideas? “J.lo”’s already taken….

I would love to sew my own clothes, if I were better at sewing. I try sewing small things here and there. So far, I have sewn pillow covers, bags, and roman shades [unfinished]. I still use one of the bags I made and will get a compliment on it every so often.

I don’t know that I’ll ever get into crocheting, but I hear Vanna White crochets a lot….

4. I love getting all dressed up.
For daily wear, I am more comfortable in pants, but I love dressing up for church, special occasions, or dates. I love having an opportunity to put on makeup [even though I don’t really know how I’m supposed to do it], to make my hair look nice [although I have no idea what I’m doing], to think about an outfit to wear [even though I suck at putting one together]. I like looking good in a dress or wearing a sweater. I like adding an accessory. If I think about it and I have the time, I’ll paint my nails. I love wearing perfume.

I love wearing dresses now. I mean, they’re so easy, it’s one piece; I just slip it on and I’m done. No having to match a top and bottom!

I don’t like having to shave my legs, but I’m blessed with very unnoticeable leg hair. I do like the smoothness of my legs after shaving them; I just don’t like shaving. Stop looking at my legs!

5. Chick flicks
“Ever After,” “In Her Shoes,” “The Story of Us,” “While You Were Sleeping,” I like good chick flicks. I like a good laugh, a good cry, and if they happen at the same time, it’s absolutely wonderful! I like the goofiness yet vulnerability of Drew Barrymore in “Never Been Kissed.” I like the interplay between Chow Yun Fat and Jodie Foster in “Anna and the King.”

I’m not into all chick flicks. I’m not really into “Thelma & Louise,” no matter how many Brad Pitt scenes are in it, I don’t know why. That’s the only one that comes to mind at the moment. But most chick flicks/romantic comedies with Sandra Bullock or Reese Witherspoon are good. I say “most” because I can’t say that I’ve seen them all. Contrary to the content of this entry, I haven’t seen a lot of movies.

6. I’ve made peace with pink
Well, I’m friends with most colors now; not lavender, not periwinkle, not lime, but most any other color. And I love pink. I will unabashedly wear pink. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a “Legally Blonde” pink lover, but a lot of things just look good in pink. It does wonders for my complexion and Pink’s got an enviably fit figure. Well, my mom’s relieved because I went through jr. and high school mostly wearing white, black, blue and gray.

7. I love taking baths
I don’t mind getting dirty and sweaty, by working in the yard, hiking, or camping, etc. I’m not THAT girly. But I love the bath afterwards, getting clean and relaxing. I’m waiting for my own house with a claw foot tub or freestanding tub or something like Kohler’s Purist to try the whole bath salts and candlelight baths. For now it’s a lot more of refreshing good showers.

[Sorry, I’m laughing a little ‘cuz my computer just went from Janet’s “Rhythm Nation” to Mozart’s “Serenade in G. It was a strange switch.]

When I was in CA, I volunteered weekends with HFH in Oakland. It was about a 2-hour commute on bus, BART and on foot [imagine a small Asian girl walking into Oakland by herself early in the morning while everyone else is getting out], 7-hour workday, then a 2-hour commute back home. I’d come back trailing sawdust and sheetrock dust and cuts and bruises and who knows what else. Environmentalists out there aren’t gonna like me saying this but I took liberties with bathing after days like those. Besides, I didn’t have to pay the water bill.

8. Crying
Not many people have ever seen me cry, but I do like to cry. As I mentioned in the “Chick flick” section, I’d rather cry while laughing. In any way, I do feel better after I’ve let everything out. Sometimes I’ll cry without being cognizant of a reason to cry. It’s just good.

9. Watching all the UH Warrior Volleyball I want
So, men’s volleyball, good stuff! A part of me really does admire the athleticism and talent of the players and the quickness and precision of the game. The other part of me just likes watching guys in sports. I mean, I can watch Wahine VB and Wahine soccer, but I like watching the guys be guys in competition. I can watch football and basketball, which are still primarily men’s sports, but volleyball is my favorite. So, what’s better than Warrior Volleyball? Or should I start calling it Kane Volleyball? Besides, the beer and garlic fries don’t hurt.

I was trying to get to 10 things, but I like the number 9. After this I’d feel like I’m stretching things because I’m not very girly and some things I’m just not gonna talk about! Talking about showering is racy enough for me at the moment. Enjoy!


*By the way, I dreamt that I was in a good relationship with a guy named Guy, very tall, strong, and well-mannered. It didn’t feel like a prophetic dream, but if you know him, could you give him my number? *wink* If he’s not in Hawai‘i, I’m in no hurry; just so he knows I’m here!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Circuitry Breakdown

Yes, I am still critical of Circuit City. It wasn’t just the one incident with the printer; it was several incidents before I had this journal. So, to give Circuit a little credit, they do have a great sale every so often on something worth the humbug to go down and get. For instance, a good movie going for $5 could be worth it, and there’s less of a chance for annoyance going in for a quick movie at Circuit.

Like…Brian’s Song. That is a great movie! James Caan as Brian Piccolo, Billy Dee Williams as Gale Sayers, great performances. If I had money to spend, I’d pay full price for the movie, but at $5, it’s worth going down and being annoyed by Circuit to get it. It’s good for the DVD library.

And besides, my daddy told me to go Circuit and get the movie. No believe? Ask ‘um.

I hadn’t gone to Circuit since the printer incident. Then Brian’s Song went on sale a little while ago, so I made the trek down to pick it up. I also wanted the double feature of Lean on Me/Stand and Deliver, also two great movies that were on sale at the same time, but they didn’t have it on the shelves and I wasn’t going to ask them to check the stock. I was kinda bummed about that so I picked up the Foo Fighters’ Skin and Bones album. Live, it’s good stuff. I’ve been listening to Ryan Dobson’s KorKast podcast and he had a couple FF songs on and it reminded me of how much I enjoy their music. Dave Grohl, good stuff. And in my opinion, if it’s a good band, their live stuff is gonna be better than the studio stuff. FF also reminds me of Ripple, an old WU friend who introduced me to the FF years ago. Good memories.

Does that make me a hypocrite for railing on Circuit City and then going there to get Brian’s? Or is that just sensible? Took me like 5 minutes. I’m still annoyed by them. I don’t think I have any friends still working there, otherwise I’d tell ‘em to work some place better. Or to make sure my friends give good service and make Circuit better.

Anyways, I wanted to be honest so there it is. I yielded to Circuit City for a $5 movie and a little FF. They still don’t give good service. They still don’t have service at all. Maybe I should go in wearing a fancy suit or something and see if I get treated better, not that I typically dress like a slob, I just dress casual. I shouldn’t have to dress up for Circuit City in order to get service. ‘Nough already!

Do what you want, but unless another GREAT movie comes on sale for $5, I’m still shopping somewhere else to get better service.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Is Anybody Listening? More Info on the Podcasts

The following is a little more information regarding the podcasts that I listen to through iTunes frequently. Most of the programs can also be found through a local radio station; K-Light, KLHT 1040 in Hawai‘i carries most of these programs. Each has its own website and some also use the services of OnePlace.com. The link to OnePlace is included in the list to the left; OnePlace carries the broadcasts on stream and recent episodes for downloading. Most programs are free.

I’ve included a list of recommended episodes for each program. The lists include only episodes that I have heard myself. I sometimes miss an episode here and there and also would not be comfortable promoting something that I have not checked out for myself. This in no way means that these are the only good ones to listen to. By all means, however, be free to choose any episode from the programs that sound interesting and more relevant to you. The programs are all ones that I have listened to for at least a couple of months, some even for years, and have come to trust.

I have also tried to give an account for the audience that each program is geared towards. Some are strongly recommended for the Christian, some are the question and answer type for callers of any persuasion, some would be good for both the believer and the non-believer to hear. Besides, if I know a little about the subject or can link it to something personal in my life, I might reference these programs in an entry, I already have done so quite a few times, so it would be good if you could hear for yourself what was said.

Suggestions for other programs are always welcomed.

Bible Answer Man:
1 hour; hosted by Hank Hanegraaff, president, Christian Research Institute and author

The Bible Answer Man radio program and podcast is an extension of the Christian Research Institute of Equip.org. The Christian Research Institute was started in 1960 by the late Dr. Walter Martin. The Institute is committed to the principle found in 1 Peter 3:15: “But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence.” Hank Hanegraaff became the president in 1989. He is an author and regular contributor to the Christian Research Journal.

It’s difficult to point to a specific episode because the Bible Answer Man is a listener call-in program; most shows are labeled simply as “Questions and Answers.” Every so often a show will be dedicated to a specific topic, as the Mormon faith, guest hosts, and such, but for the most part it’s Hank answering callers’ questions.

Questions come from believers and non-believers alike. People have called in questions about the validity of the Bible, what the Bible says regarding contemporary issues, the difference between Chrsitianity and other religions, differences between Christian denominations, etc. Hanegraaff gives answers that are in keeping with the basic tenets of the Christian faith, making clear distinctions between those basic beliefs and the interpretations of traditions and rites that may divide denominations or other faiths.

To that effect, the Bible Answer Man is good for all people to listen to. One can find the Bible Answer Man on ITunes. For some of the recent past episodes, one can find them through the OnePlace.com link to the left.

Hank generally opens the program with a brief talk about a certain topic and then goes to the phones for questions from the callers that are not necessarily related to the opening topic.

Recommended Episodes:
Q&A 04/09/08- start off topic: A New Earth.
Guest Elliot Miller, 04/17/08 and 04/18/08- main topic: the Yoga Boom.
Christianity in Crisis, 04/10/08 and 04/11/08- main topic: the Faith Movement.

4 minutes; given by Chuck Colson and Mark Earley.

BreakPoint is an extension of Prison Fellowship Ministries, but that is not to say that the radio commentary is for inmates necessarily. Colson and Earley briefly yet concisely review many topics and issues that are timely and important to Christians today. Colson is the chairman and founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries, having experienced the life of the inmate himself for his part in the Watergate Scandal. Colson is also an international speaker, author, and syndicated columnist. Earley, a former state senator and Attorney General for Virginia, is president and CEO of PFM.

Colson addresses the issues from a Christian perspective. I recommend the broadcast to Christians and parents. I add specifically parents also because many issues are ones that parents should be concerned with as they deal with the family or with children. For instance, the “Not My Shower” episode talks about how the people in a certain county are trying to make public restrooms unisex, the reason behind it, and what that means for the safety of your children.

Recent episodes and articles may be found through the OnePlace.com link to the left.

Recommended Episodes:
Not My Shower
Why Be Good?
Theology at the Theater
The Passion in Music
Dismissed! To Study the Bible
Same Old Earth, New Disguise
If It Ain’t Broke…
As Others See Us

Focus on the Family:
30 minutes; hosted by Dr. James Dobson and John Fuller

Dr. Dobson is the founder and chairman of Focus on the Family. He is an author with a background in psychology and a Ph.D. in Child Development. John Fuller is the vice president of the Audio and New Media division of Focus on the Family. More about them can be found through the website.

Focus on the Family Daily Radio Broadcast does make use of the expertise of Dr. Dobson. Every so often, he will carry the program with a pressing issue. Mostly, however, Dr. Dobson’s role is to act as the mediator for a topic to be discussed by a guest or a panel of guests. Focus also relies on the expertise of others; for these shows, Dr. Dobson and John Fuller will take a few minutes to introduce the topic and guest speaker and then dedicate the bulk of the program to the message by the guest speaker. But the focus is always on the strengthening of the family.

The messages are full of humor and good sense, with the occasional hard kick in the seat to act. I recommend the program mainly to Christians since the program is set up from the Christian worldview, but there is such good sense in it that anyone can understand and follow that I think anyone can find the truths in the messages refreshing and useful. In any case, anyone not of the faith can get a good foundation on what it means to be in the faith, why we believe the way we do.

And so in the list below, when it says “by,” that means that the message was given by a guest speaker. When it says “with,” that indicates a program that was hosted by Dr. Dobson with guests. The asterisks are ones that non-believers will especially enjoy or should not miss, but by all means, pick any one of them for yourself.

This list is long and yet I have left out other episodes that I liked. It was such a difficult decision with such a variety of opinions and voices. Basically though, I trust any of the programs given by Focus on the Family. Recent episodes can be found through the Focus on the Family or the OnePlace.com links to the left. Later episodes can be found through the Focus on the Family Resource link at http://resources.family.org/.

Recommended Episodes:
A Man Called Norman 1&2; by Mike Adkins
Encounters with Jesus; by Priscilla Evans Shirer
God’s Grace is Sufficient 1-3; by Mrs. Diet Eman
*Exposing the Truth in the Evolution Debate; with Ben Stein and Walt Ruloff
Finding God in a Prison Cell 1&2; by Rev. Maury Davis
*Delighting in Your Spouse’s Differences 1&2; with Bill and Pam Farrel
*Reaching Hearts on Abortion 1&2; by Scott Klusendorf
The Timeless Truth of Christ 1&2; by Ellie Lofaro
Love in the Midst of Alzheimers; by Robertson McQuilkin
Hope for Your Marriage after Infidelity 1&2; with Gary and Mona Shriver
Reaching Emotional Wholeness 1&2; by Benji Clark Mallory
*Forgiveness in the Wake of Tragedy; by Peter Warren
Sudden Cardiac Arrest, A Survivor’s Story; by Pamela Christian
Keeping the Faith 1&2; with Chuck Colson
The Strength of a Man; by Harold Davis
Mike Singletary, Making a Difference; by Mike Singletary
*Lord, Keep Us Free; by Hansi Hirschmann

Insight for Living:
30 minutes; given by Chuck Swindoll.

After years of service in the Marines and years in the ministry of several churches, Chuck Swindoll is now an author and the founder and senior pastor of Stonebriar Community Church in Texas. Insight for Living, with “a passion for communicating biblical truth with excellence,” is mainly based on the sermons of Swindoll himself.

Some may think that sitting in a pew on Sunday listening to a sermon is boring. It might sound even more boring to listen to a sermon through the radio or a podcast because then one can’t even see the person speaking. But Swindoll’s sermons are rarely boring if any are at all; Swindoll loves a good laugh! I have found his messages to be filled with appropriate humor and topics that are relevant for living today.

Recommended Episodes:
Covering All the Final Bases 1&2
Analysis of a Courtroom Fiasco 1-3
Encountering Jesus along Life’s Road 1-3
When God’s Gift Comes Specially Wrapped 1&2
Listening to Jesus beside the Sea 1-3
Challenged by Jesus on the Mountain 1-3
We Affirm Our Uniqueness 1&2
The Woman Who Fears the Lord 1-3

Renewing Your Mind:
30 minutes; given by R.C. Sproul.

Renewing Your Mind radio program and podcast is an extension of Ligonier Ministries whose mission statement is “Equipping Christians to articulate what they believe and why they believe it.” This mission comes from Paul’s letter to the Romans 12:2, where he says, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Theologian, pastor and author R.C. Sproul is the founder and president of Ligonier Ministries.

This program is recommended for Christians who want to be able to answer the tough questions and cultivate a deeper understanding of the Bible. The other half of Romans 12:2 says that through the renewing of your mind, “you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is-- his good, pleasing and perfect will.” R.C. Sproul delivers the lessons with more of a scholarly look at the Bible, giving more information than what may be timely possible in a Sunday sermon, such as the context of the place and time, the history, the background of the speaker, the original Hebrew or Greek word for clarification, etc. [The original manuscript for the Old Testament was written in Hebrew; the New Testament in Greek].

Recent broadcasts of Renewing Your Mind may be found through the OnePlace link to the left. Older episodes may be found through the website for Ligonier Ministries.

Recommended Episodes:
Free Will and Divine Sovereighnty
The Davidic Covenant
The Goal of Christian Living
The Philippian Jailer
Guilt and Forgiveness
Spirit in Creative Expression

Truth for Life:
30 minutes; given by Pastor Alistair Begg.

The Truth for Life broadcast works in conjunction with the ministry of Parkside Church in Ohio. Originally from Scotland, Alistair Begg has been the senior pastor at Parkside since 1983. The mission of TFL is “to teach the Bible with clarity and relevance so that:

Unbelievers will be converted,
Believers will be established and
Local churches will be strengthened.”

More on the mission can be found at the TFL website.

Begg’s messages are grounded in the teachings of the Bible. With that, he is not afraid to deliver hard-hitting messages with full conviction as well as mixing in humorous insights, making for an interesting and valuable listen for anyone. And, as a side note, his accent adds a little something to those who appreciate accents.

Recent episodes may be found through the OnePlace link to the left. Older episodes may be found through the program’s website noted above.

Recommended Episodes:
Every Picture Tells a Story 1 &2
Becoming a Christian
Judas, an Enigma 1&2
A Christian Lifestyle 1&2

Friday, May 2, 2008

Talk About a Hypocrite!

I’ve been looking for a starting point to what I want to talk about and I finally got it. Obviously I have a lot on my mind. I want to talk about so many things but organizing them or keeping on track is not easy. This is a personal blog and so I have more liberty in what I say than say a news blog or a blog through a ministry, but I still want to be as clear as I can be for you, my reader. I don’t want to just be talking out of my rear end. I could, but I don’t think you’d enjoy it as much and it can get smelly, I’ll admit.

Anyways, I got my starting point from good friend Jules, from her comment on the previous entry [Our Response Should Be]. It’s a good comment about it being very offensive to us Christians that Oprah claims to be a Christian and yet confusing people, Christians included, and leading people down a dangerous path. I guess it is most offensive because Oprah has such an enormous influence over a huge amount of people. Not to say that people aren’t intelligent, but I do believe a good number of people have given up thinking for themselves in favor of Oprah’s opinions.

But enough about Oprah. I wouldn’t be credible if I didn’t get introspective about my own Christian walk. To be clear, I believe in the doctrine of Christianity which includes the deity of Jesus, the Christ, and that Jesus came to die on the cross for my sin [and everyone’s sin]. Jesus is the only way to God. He said it himself in John 14:6:

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

However, Jules’ comment reminded me of how offensive I can be to God when I do not live as a Christian, how the way that I live and the things I say and do can be confusing to others and lead them astray. And I apologize to those out there whom I have confused. I don’t have the influence that Oprah has, but I know people are looking at the way I live.

The Christian life is not easy. In certain ways, it is much more difficult than the life of the atheist. We expect the atheist to do what he wants. We expect the Christian to be perfectly good, doing what God wants. Each is in accordance with what they believe; the atheist believes he can do what he wants, the Christian believes that he is to be holy as Christ himself is holy [1 Peter 1:15, 16].

But even the Christian is not perfect; we were born into sin and we retain our sin nature even after receiving the Holy Spirit. We are caught here on earth, waiting for the promise of Heaven, yet only God knows our individually appointed time to enter into Heaven. In Heaven, we will be perfect and in His presence, but not till then, not here on earth and so we wait. While we wait, we are to be a living testimony to His goodness and grace, yet with our sin nature.

I didn’t say all of that in order to let myself off the hook for any wrong doing. I have a sin nature but in my knowledge of God’s grace and His strength, I can overcome sin. I am called to be holy, to turn away from sin.

Okay, I got my starting off point, but I’m still not sure what I want to say or how to say it. I think the main thing I wanted you, the non-believer and the believer, to know is that I recognize that I have done wrong, many wrongs. They might be too numerous to go through right here, but I have asked for and received God’s forgiveness. I hope that you might forgive me also for the times that I was un-Christian. And to say that I am on the path to building up a strong foundation to do better from here on. Some things I did not knowing that they were sins, but I do not want to claim ignorance; I do not believe one can be released of responsibility by being ignorant. I have a thirst for Truth and I hope you do also.

Please pray that I will be strengthened and bold in my faith. Be sure that you are in my prayers as well.

And yesterday was the National Day of Prayer. I thought, oh no, I didn't mention it in the entry, but then I was asking people to pray. At least it related?


Note: I wanted to add this because it gnaws on me! Oprah has said that she doesn’t believe that there’s only one way to God, that with so many billions of people on the earth, there’s many ways to God. However, by that statement, for herself, she’s taken away truth, that there’s right and wrong, good and evil, she’s taken away any reason for any faith, and she’s bought into the religion of Tolerance. It all sounds very nice to say that everyone’s going to Heaven; I wish that were true.

Understand this, either all religions are false or one religion is true; they cannot all be true. I got that from several programs, including the Bible Answer Man and Apologetics.com podcasts. It does not matter how many people are on the earth, truth is true. By reasoning, the men who flew into the World Trade Towers are in Heaven, they are with God, according to Oprah. After all, that was their way to God. And if all beliefs were equal and valid, then why believe at all? It sounds to me that by Oprah’s standard, we are allowed to live however we want and that’s enough.

Hmmm… I hope that got one thinking. Please listen to the specific podcast episodes I linked to in “Work It Out, Babe!” Actually, I’ll link them here again and include the BreakPoint's review of the book and an article by Hank Hanegraaff answering the question “Don’t all religions lead to God?”

Podcast Episodes:
Apologetics.com- “Oprah Winfrey, Eckhart Tolle and the Replacement of Christianity”
Bible Answer Man- “Questions and Answers” for 04/09/08, Wednesday
BreakPoint-- "Same Old Earth, New Disguise"
Hank Hanegraaff article: "Don't All Religions Lead To God?"

*Note: whenever one downloads from OnePlace.com [in this case, for the Bible Answer Man episode] and it says “free with registration,” the registration is not a sign up for extra emails or newsletters and such. The registration is only one single email that sends the link(s) for the particular download that one wants in case one doesn’t have time to download the file right away but wants to remember to do it later. There are no requests for money or Bible tracts or demands that one believes in any faith. One doesn’t have to download at OnePlace; one can listen to episodes for free through their site.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our Response Should Be

To pray.

Through another blog, I checked out a site called “Stuff Christians Like” and it has some pretty funny stuff on it. To be honest, some of it I don’t get and probably because I wasn’t aware that something was what Christians liked. If you know me, then you probably have noticed that I am oblivious to a lot of things and don’t think as the general public seems to think on many an occasion.

One of the things Christians apparently like, and I was aware of this one, is “Slowly Turning Against Oprah.” I was convicted. Not because of slowly turning on her because I hadn’t; I’ve known for a good while that she wasn’t a capital “C” Christian. I still watch her shows but less and less frequently; I only watch if there’s a guest on that I like, like when she had the Osmonds on. And I did watch the “pregnant man” story and a few others like that just to see how confused people can be.

For years I have watched an episode now and then and every time I do, I am just amazed by the audience. Oprah walks out on stage and people are clapping, people are woohooing, and people are CRYING. It’s not just Oprah, some people wait their whole lives to see Oprah in person, to see the Dalai Lama in person, to see… Justin Timberlake in person, all sorts of people whom they have let have a huge amount of influence on them.

So I started wondering of whom I would be so emotional in meeting that I would cry when it happened. I’d like to say Chuck Swindoll, but I don’t think I’d cry in meeting him. I’m still working on it. Maybe the problem is that I’ve grown up in Hawai‘i where we aren’t generally in awe of anyone of any stature or fame. Or maybe I’m afraid that I’ll find out it’s someone not particularly powerful or of a smaller influence or someone who’s just plain gorgeous, like Paul Walker, or the owner of Two Ladies Kitchen or Lauri Hakala [UH Volleyball].

Back to the original matter, I was convicted by one of the comments someone had made after the entry. In my previous entry [Work It Out, Babe!], I went through my thoughts on several matters, two of which being the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the book “A New Earth.” While I didn’t condemn nor boycott either, I left something out. I had said that if someone thinks the U.S.A. is going down the wrong track, one should pray for the U.S.A. It’s a good idea to pray for our country at any time, to pray for our leaders especially. I do.

But what I should have said, what the Christian response should be in the matter, is that we should pray for people we think are going down the wrong track. We should pray for Rev. Wright, Oprah, and Tolle, the author of “A.N.E.”

I constantly pray for God’s continuing grace upon myself. I pray for the health and wellbeing of my family and friends. I pray for the leaders and future leaders of this country, the country of which I am so grateful for having been born into it. I also pray for those I hate; I pray for their salvation and I pray for my heart to soften towards them. I pray for former friends and former boyfriends. I pray for a great many things.

I never thought to pray for Oprah. I never thought to pray for Tolle.

My response should always be to pray. If one is a Christian, capital “C” Christian, one’s response should always be to pray.

By the way, why do I feel sure that Oprah is not a Christian as I am a Christian? Among other things she has said and done in the past, more recently she has said that she doesn’t believe that Jesus came to earth to start Christianity. One can hear it for oneself; she said it clearly in the first “A.N.E.” lesson. She doesn’t think Jesus was about dying on the cross.

The thing is, “Jesus” is his NAME; “Christ” is who he IS, his TITLE. He is called “Jesus Christ” or sometimes “Christ Jesus,” but more clearly he is “Jesus, the Christ.” From the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:

Main Entry: Christ
Pronunciation: \ˈkrīst\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English Crist, from Old English, from Latin Christus, from Greek Christos, literally, anointed, from chriein
Date: before 12th century

Main Entry: mes•si•ah
Pronunciation: \mə-ˈsī-ə\
Function: noun
Etymology: Hebrew māshīaḥ & Aramaic mĕshīḥā, literally, anointed
Date: 1560
1capitalized a: the expected king and deliverer of the Jews b: JESUS

Now, if Jesus didn’t come to die on the cross, if he came to earth to be just a good teacher and role model for how we should live, then Jesus was not the Christ. Since Oprah does not believe that Jesus came to die on the cross, Oprah has taken away “Christ” as Jesus’ title, and without the belief in the “CHRIST,” I don’t understand how one can call oneself a “CHRIST-ian.”

The main definition of “Christian” [again by M-W Online]:

Main Entry: 1Chris•tian
1 a: one who professes belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ

The definition makes a clear differentiation between Jesus the name and Christ the title of one man. I believe that one may believe in Jesus, but if one doesn’t believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior, the Lord, one isn’t a Christian. I believe this is biblically sound, test me out on this if one believes I’m wrong. Oprah should call herself a "Jesus-ian."

That being said, there’s no human way of knowing Oprah’s heart or the heart of anyone else. There is no way that I can know for sure whether one is a Christian or not, no way of basing it on one’s good works, one’s Christian-sounding statements, one’s church attendance. I believe Oprah is a good-hearted person, but not a Christian. I can, however, and should, be discerning about one’s works and statements that deny a faith in the Christ. I mean, there’s no way of my knowing that someone won’t come to a true faith in Christ before they die. To that end, one in the faith should pray for those not in the faith.


Stuff Christians Like: Slowly Turning Against Oprah
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary