Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Work It Out, Babe!

So I’ve been bad. I took a few weeks off from working out at all. On the one hand, it’s difficult to keep myself motivated at the moment and so a gym partner might be good. On the other hand, I’d feel terrible if I had a partner and still didn’t go. I’d feel terrible twice because I’m letting the other person down and then I’m letting me down. Hmm…dilemma, dilemma. Well, I guess I’ll have time to work on it until a gym partner presents himself to me. Or herself. Someone. I have had periods before where I’ve motivated myself to get into shape and I did well, I’m working on it this time.

I went today and had a pretty good day. I didn’t see my gym bike friend though. My gym’s gotten even more cardio-machines and new flat-screen TVs; they look good. But I guess someone on the machines had the controls for one of the TVs and so he turned the station. I don’t mind watching ESPN, but then there were 2 sets on sports channels. Plus, I tend to pick a machine somewhat for the program on the TV in front of it, and if I’m following along with a show, I like to know what happens. It’s a little annoying when I’m reading the closed-captioning and then the show changes mid-sentence. Well, that’s a minor irritation ‘cuz then I switch completely to a podcast to listen to and focus on.

I think I’m just cranky ‘cuz again there was a smoker near me. I don’t like interrupting my workout to move to another machine. I’m kinda sensitive to cigarette smoke and it is worse this time ‘cuz the vog in the air recently has been affecting me too.

But I got in a good 4+ miles each of biking and elliptical.

Maybe I’m a little cranky also because I haven’t lost any weight. I mean, I’ve lost weight, but then I gained the same amount back so I haven’t lost, I haven’t gained. I gotta figure this out. All my life, my weight’s gone up and down; all of a sudden it’s up and wants to stay up. Well, at least I’m not gaining either but I don’t think this is the weight I’m supposed to be. It’s too much for my small frame. So 25 by July, a little less possible. Hmmm…

Okay, could it be chocolate? This is my last bag of chocolate just in case. I’ve cut back on the soda intake and back to drinking more water. This is about once a decade when I crave chocolate. I’m coming up on finishing a decade this year, so that’s about right. I’m not a chocolate girl. I think it especially freaks me out to eat a chocolate from one of those variety boxes that are popular during Valentine’s and not know what’s in it. I don’t appreciate that at all. Luckily, no one’s ever given me one of those boxes.

If you’ve given me a box of chocolates in the past, I obviously don’t remember it so don’t sweat it. or you can tell me about it ‘cuz I don’t remember it and I can sweat it.

And it’s been noisy around here, I don’t exactly know why. The gardeners were out yesterday so that’s good. There’s a lot of vacuuming going on in back. I hope it means that we’re getting new people behind us but we have never had good neighbors back there. Then there’s a new baby next door. That’s great, I love babies, and this one doesn’t cry much, it’s a soft cry. Some jerk that lives nearby has a chopper that is seriously noisy and annoying, especially when he rides by at odd hours of the night.

Um, I’m just one of those people that likes quiet on occasion. I might be a big typer here, but I’m generally not a big talker. I’m not a phone person. I sometimes make my music loud, but I’m okay with just silence. And I think if I can spend time with someone just being quiet, that would be an ideal partner. Not all the time, just sometimes.

That’s Not Sunburn
If one sees a bunch of red on people in Hawai‘i in the coming future, it’s probably because Hawaii’s football darling Colt Brennan is joining the Washington Redskins. I probably don’t have to recount the draft.

I was listening to a show and they asked who was the most surprising pick or something. I think 2 guys said McFadden dropping from second expected to fourth actual. I don’t understand why that’s such a big deal, maybe that shows my X-X chromosomes. So he doesn’t get as much money. What about Flacco going in the first round? Who was up watching him play for Delaware? I’m thinking he could be a good QB, he’s got the size and skills, but talk about not having had a lot of coverage compared to others like Booty and Brohm and going before them. I’m just saying, they coulda gotten Flacco in the 2nd round or something.

I’ve been a UH FB fan longer than an NFL fan so no, I don’t really know what I’m talking about. I grew up on the Cowboys and that’s about it. My Former used to ask me to pick a team, I wonder how well I did. Probably not well at all but he probably wouldn’t have told me so.

So it’s a little heart pain for Dad who’s the Cowboys fan. I guess when Dallas plays Washington, I’ll root for Brennan as soon as he sees the turf.

Which Earth? There’s Two?!!
So, the Oprah favorite “A New Earth” is finally being discussed on some of the podcasts that I listen to. I watched the show Oprah dedicated to the book. Before everything, I was intrigued by Oprah’s passionate advertisement of the book so I looked up reviews on it. Don’t get me started. I’ve downloaded the audio of the on-line classes and I’ll probably have a lot to say about it in the future. Anyways, if one wants to hear the Christian worldview regarding “A.N.E.” from learned scholars, the ones I’ve heard so far address the book and classes, I’ll have the links at the end of this entry. The main issues they address regard the questions, “Do all paths lead to God?” and “Is this book compatible with Christianity?”

Replacing Losers …With Dancing?
So, since The Biggest Loser is on hiatus now, I’m fully paying attention to another favorite of mine, Dancing with the Stars. Guess what? Jason Taylor is really good! This week, each of the remaining couples had two new dances to do, and in the judges’ scores, Taylor overtook Kristi Yamaguchi who had consistently been on top. Yamaguchi’s a phenomenal dancer also. Taylor, Yamaguchi, and I also like Cristian De La Fuente.

I also had to watch last week’s American Idol for the Andrew Lloyd Webber factor. I haven’t seen too much of this season ‘cuz in general I don’t care. I liked Asiah Epperson so I was bummed to hear she had been knocked off. So, from the little I’ve seen, after Asiah, I like Brooke White. I saw the ones where she played the piano and the guitar; anyone who can do that is a true student of music. I think she did the right thing by starting over on “You Must Love Me,” mainly because it was very early in the song, not as big a deal. I like her voice. I would think of all the people left, she probably had the most knowledge of Webber’s work or should have had.

I liked Archuleta’s rendering of “Think of Me.” I thought David Cook was okay but finished “Music of the Night” very well. And it’s just ridiculous that the other guy is still on and that he sang “Memory” and didn’t know what it was about at all. Syesha did well, but I don’t like her overall. Mostly because early on she had sung “Me and Mrs. Jones,” which isn’t a song that does well as the opposite gender. As “Me and MISTER Jones,” it loses the element of scandal inherent in the original song. Bad choice.

So I’m glad that Brooke’s moving along in the competition.

She’s Always a Woman

For that “man” who is pregnant, I’m thinking that if one looks at his DNA, one’ll find X-X chromosomes. I’m not being judgmental on this, I’m just saying, it’s not really a pregnant man. That’s the truth. It’s not like Schwarzenegger in “Junior.” And yes, I looked up the spelling of Arnold’s name and was surprised that I had it right.

The Wrong of Wright
I hope people have been paying attention to this issue. I think a lot of people are dismissing it because they have hopeful expectations of Obama. It’s important because Wright was saying things that have nothing to do with salvation and have no part in the Bible yet was teaching them at the pulpit as if they were doctrine. I’m not saying that Obama believes what Wright believes, no one but God can know what Obama believes. It’s just difficult to believe a person as intelligent as Obama and one claiming to be as spiritual as Obama has claimed to be, didn’t know over a span of 20 years and didn’t care that such things were being said. It’s not like a drunk uncle saying crazy stuff and one can’t just dump an uncle. I just question Obama’s judgment. Choosing a church, choosing a spiritual leader, as I see it, is no small thing. I just went through it myself not too long ago.

I saw more of the sermon on YouTube when Wright was talking about the “coming home to roost” thing. People are saying that those comments are being taken out of context. Look it up [video posted by TRINITYCHGO]. It’s not out of context to say that Wright believes the government created the HIV virus to kill the Black Americans nor when he said “G—D--- America.” Now, none of us has the right to tell someone else that they’re going to Hell, or to Heaven; that belongs to God. Nobody has the right to tell God who to d---; that belongs to God. I don’t care how many good things one has done if one hasn’t repented of the wrong things. But again, I don’t know Wright’s heart, only God does.

If someone believes that America is on the wrong track, one should pray for the US to be again or remain a great country, one says “Please God, bless America.” Even if one believes the US is great, it’s always a good idea to pray for the country.

I said I was cranky and no, it has nothing to do with a certain time. This is what happens when I don’t let it out. It could have been worse. Mahalo.

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