Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Way to Lose!, Part Two

Let’s get right to it.

This was the first time that Americans had the chance to vote for who should be the 3rd finalist. The choice was between Roger and Mark; America gave Roger the chance. Then they brought out all of the eliminated players to accompany Mark on the couches. Everyone’s decked in their finest outfit to show off their new bodies. During a break, they got changed into their workout clothes to be weighed in for the $100,000 prize.

This is the order of the WI and the results:

The bold names are the ones who held the lead until the next person to hold it. The weight loss needed to take the lead is based upon the person who had the lead ahead of them. In other words, Maggie needed to have lost more than 94 lbs. in order to take the lead from Curtis while Jay needed more than 134 lbs. to take the lead from Bernie. They said that Paul was ill and couldn’t make the trip to the finale.

Mark is left to weigh in; currently Bernie holds the lead. Mark needs more than 130 to take the lead from Bernie and win the prize money.

With that, Mark misses the prize by ONE pound and Bernie is $100,000 richer! I wanted Mark to win it.

Here are the results again in descending order:

*Mark reentered the game in week 11.

I’ve highlighted Curtis because he needed to be under 283 lbs. in order to qualify for health insurance, and he did it! This also shows his determination because he did most of the weight loss on his own, having been eliminated in the 3rd week, and came out 4th in this list. Jackie lost the most of the women and she’s a mother, not one of the younger women who should have an easier time. That is the same reason why Bette Sue is highlighted also, because she’s in her 50s and lost more than 5 other people, including a younger woman who had gotten much farther in the game than Bette Sue had. Also, Bette Sue entered the game only to allow her daughter Ali to have a chance, but ended up gaining her own life back as well, she looks great.

Brittany, having gotten far into the game and had a great competitive spirit for most of the game, should have lost more than those who had gone home before her and didn’t have Bob or Jillian to train them. I don’t mean that to be critical because she still lost weight and looks great, but I would have expected more from her because of her competitive spirit that I liked so much. On the other hand, Amanda, what little we saw of her, had a more mild, good-housewife type of personality, and she did a most wonderful job. Having been eliminated early yet being 7th of 16 on the chart is great, and she looks absolutely amazing and strong! And Trent started out as the heaviest player, had pain in his knee from early on in the game which eventually led to the decision to sacrifice himself in week 7. He’s done a great job losing the weight and I’m sure he would have lost much more if his knee had been 100%.

And on to the 3 finalists!

They showed video clips of Roger, Ali and Kelly returning home and being greeted by their families. Then they talked about the struggles they were having being on their own and still being in a competition to lose weight, the healthy way. Ali found herself back in the kitchen late at night. Kelly had back problems. Roger hit a plateau and started to worry.

Then they came out and they all look stunning, I mean GORGEOUS. I have to say that Kelly came out in this satiny black dress that had a wide, somewhat low v-neckline, a little more daring than I would have expected from her. I like that! Ali barely has hips anymore! And Roger looks a lot younger.

Since Ali had the best percentage of the three back at The Ranch, she got to determine the order in which they would weigh in. Here are the results:

Ali wins it! Ali wins the grand prize of $250,000! And if one looks at the numbers of all the players, Ali really is the biggest loser in the truest sense! She lost almost half a person. She’s the first FEMALE Biggest Loser! She holds the record of the most lbs. lost by a female at the Ranch, the most lbs. lost overall by a female, and the best percentage lost by a female overall. FANTASTIC!

Mahalo for reading in.