Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Way to Lose!, Part One

This has been, by far, the best season of The Biggest Loser! I didn’t think I’d get into this season like the last one. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work as couples down to the end, but the producers do not disappoint.

Last night was the finale for the couples’ season. Let me run down the season as quickly and best as I can. The season began with ten teams with a color designated to each couple: father/daughter team Lynn and Jenni [green]; young husband/wife Neill and Amanda [white]; husband/wife Curtis and Mallory [brown]; mother/ daughter Bette Sue and Ali [pink]; best friends Jenn and Maggie [purple]; former spouses Paul and Kelly [yellow]; mother/ son Jackie and Dan [orange]; former football teammates Trent and Roger [grey]; strangers Bernie and Brittany [blue]; and brothers Mark and Jay [black].

Grey started out as the heaviest team with a total of 799 lbs. Yellow Kelly started as the heaviest woman at 271 lbs. Many of them had health problems like high blood pressure, pregnancy difficulties, sleep apnea and such. I missed the first few episodes but I guess they tried to size up their competition and see if they can make any alliances, you know, it’s like orientation day at school.

The way I listed them earlier is roughly in the order of their elimination. At first, each couple had a vote at the elimination table. In the 4th week, Pink was voted off solely by Yellow [see Loving Losers]. The following week 5, they remained as couples but were split into 2 teams, Blue chosen and trained by Bob, and Black trained by Jillian. Jackie, Dan, Trent, Roger, Jay and Mark now became the Blue Team. Jenn, Maggie, Paul, Kelly, Bernie, and Brittany became the Black team [Losing Gracefully]. The team with the lower percentage weight loss at the weigh in [WI] has to vote an individual member off. Jenn was the first individual to go home; next was Jackie (week 6).

Blue loses the following WI (week 7) and Trent sacrifices himself [Is There Honor Among Losers?]. Black team loses the WI. The players go home for a week to train on their own. Brittany, Bernie, and Maggie conspire and succeed (week 8) at voting off Paul [Lose the Attitude Already!]. In week 9, Jay wins the Blue team a trip to Vegas without their trainer; the boys have a good time. Even on the trip, Mark and Jay are all business and work out hard but Mark hits a [weight loss] wall; Blue loses the WI. Blue has an argument on whom to vote off, Roger or Mark, but eventually Mark sacrifices himself [A Gut-Wrenching Loss includes a couple of pictures of Brother and I at the bottom].

Week 10 has the craziest Temptation of which everyone left participated in, and a fun-I’d-like-to-try-that Challenge [Double the Losers]. At the WI, it’s announced that they’ll be competing and weighing in as individuals from now on. The 2 under the yellow line are up for elimination and each person above the line have a vote at the e-table. Kelly and Bernie are up for elimination; Bernie’s voted off. Week 11 was a whopper; the 14 eliminated players are back for a chance to earn a spot back in the competition by weighing in and having the best percentage of total weight loss. One woman and one man were to reenter the game. White Amanda and Brown Curtis looked so amazing, but Pink Ali and Blue Mark won their way back. Right off, the two are burning to prove that they belong back in the game. At the WI, Brittany and Maggie are up for elimination; Maggie’s out. Ali won the WI, which is tough to do for a female to beat all the males in losing weight in general.

Brittany, Jay, Roger, Dan, Kelly, Ali, and Mark get makeovers in week 12 [A Four Time Loser]. They look amazing! Brittany and Jay are under the yellow line; Brittany’s gone. In week 13, Ali wins the WI for a 2nd time, Dan hits a plateau, Mark and Dan are up for elimination. Dan goes home. Roger, Jay, Mark, Ali and Kelly go to Australia, complete a triathlon like no other, and…the brothers Mark and Jay are under the yellow line together. The 5 left are really good friends while being fierce competitors, and Jay makes a plea to have himself sacrificed; they grant him his wish. Ali has won her 3rd WI.

Week 15, the 2 guys and 2 ladies left are back in the U.S. at “The Ranch” and without their trainers for the week. Roger, Mark, Kelly and Ali all pull off great numbers in this last week…and Ali wins the WI again. Mark and Roger are under the yellow line and America voted on which one would be the 3rd finalist.

Well, overall, a few milestones occurred. Curtis was the first to lose 100 lbs. at The Ranch, followed by, I think it was, Roger, then Dan. Ali lost the most weight by a woman ever, leaving The Ranch with a total of 99 lbs. gone; it would have been so great if she had been the first woman to lost 100 at The Ranch, but that’s still a great accomplishment. Roger grabbed the record of most lbs. lost at The Ranch ever in the last week, beating the previous record-holder by 1 pound. They all went home and I’ll continue with what happened at the finale by the end of the week.