Friday, April 18, 2008

A Night of Eyes and Ears

My good sister-friend Jennifer has been rehearsing a role in Lerner and Loewe’s Brigadoon; it opened last night and will run through this Sunday at the Mamiya Theater on the Chaminade campus [see the link at the end of the entry for more information].

I called Aunty Shirlynne and she called the Aunties and gathered a group to go for opening night. Aunty Pat picked me up and we had dinner at her mother’s house. Good Korean food, so good, I ate too much! Well, to be truthful, Aunty Pat encouraged us to finish all the food and so placed a second helping on my plate. Aunty Pat, her sister June, Kaya and I piled into Aunty Shirlynne’s van and we were off.

I entertained Kaya, who’s 3, on the way. When we got to Chaminade, Kaya took my hand and we walked/ran down the road to the theater. We sat in the front row. Now, Kaya who is very smart and cute can be more than a handful, she can be three handfuls at times. But, Kaya loves plays, possibly an influence of Hannah Montana, and is very behaved in the theater. As soon as we get in, she’s holding her finger to her lips and shhh-ing me.

Kaya had sat mostly in her grandma’s lap [Aunty Pat]. During intermission, she sat on Aunty Shirlynne’s lap because Aunty Shirlynne had candy. I took the red Lifesaver and Kaya took the green one. Kaya showed me and said she’s only gonna lick it. Then, while sitting with Aunty Shirlynne, Kaya would lean over and drop her head on my shoulder. She was playing with my hair and looked at my ear and I started a little game with her about ears, don’t ask me. Mothers have to be very smart and creative people to keep a 3-year-old entertained and out of trouble I think.

Kaya went back to Grandma who so nicely suggested that Kaya sit in my lap, so Kaya came back over and climbed up and intermission was over. Kaya is tall for 3 years and so her head falls right in front of my face, little neat curls in my mouth. I had to tilt my head around her, crinking my neck and I’m watching the rest of the musical at an odd angle. But Kaya is so darling, she held my hands and such. At least I got to have her when she’s behaved.

So, one of my friends has said that they consider me the “cultured one,” but I didn’t know what “Brigadoon” is about. I was a little confused in the beginning when this group of actors come out on stage in the second scene, a group which was mostly Asian including a former Farrington girl straight from Kalihi [GO KALIHI!], wearing kilts, a lot of tartan and with some kind of accent not quite Scottish but heading towards Scotland.

When my SF Jennifer came out on stage, it took me awhile before I noticed the other actors again. I hadn’t seen her perform since high school and so this was a real treat- she is wonderfully good! Back in school, she was more in the background like me, rather reserved. The first time I saw her on stage, I wasn’t sure it was her! Maybe I should try acting, but I doubt it; once in youth choir was enough for me I think. Anyways, she’s so stunning, I had to work hard to take my eyes off of her and pay attention to the play itself.

Well, in Lerner and Loewe style, “Brigadoon” is thoroughly entertaining, full of wit and good songs. It includes a wedding, a miracle, and a sword dance ending in a fight. Jennifer has one of the good secondary roles, after the stars. She also has a solo and I’m reminded of her powerful voice. I’d recommend seeing “Brigadoon;” I think even the men will be entertained enough to enjoy it.

After the play, we waited in the plaza. We told Kaya we were waiting for the other Jennifer. She said her favorite character was the “purple one,” meaning Jennifer who wore purple. In about 5 minutes, Jennifer came out and had changed clothes, so I don’t know if Kaya is at the point of recognition that Jennifer is the “purple one.”

To emphasize the significance of the night, Jennifer is the friend who lost her mother earlier this year. This was the first production after that and we tried to fill in for her mother as best as we could; her mother always came to opening night. Jennifer did very well, performing without flaw and crying with us afterwards. I know her mother is proud of her strong daughter.

It was such a good night. The pictures are on Aunty Shirlynne's camara so I hope to show them soon. Mom couldn’t make it last night so I’m going again tonight with her and Julie. I can’t wait; I was anxious to see Jennifer last night but even more tonight ‘cuz she was great! So please, if you’re on the island, check out the link below and then check out “BRIGADOON!”

Hope to see you there! Mahalo.Brigadoon