Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's April? Already?!!

I haven’t written in awhile, lots going on. Here’s some catching up:

It Really Is Good!
This was my first time singing in the choir for the Easter season which included singing in the Good Friday Night service. It was fun; we praised the Lord with song and enjoyed a moving performance by the Drama Team. One couple witnessed their daughter receiving Christ into her life.

The drama was centered around the song, “Weight of the World.” The second verse and chorus: There are times I forget/ that the blood that was shed/ was for me and the weight of my world/ God is there right by my side/ the times I dance the times I cry/He bore the weight of my world. The song, of course, speaks to the things that can bear down on us in this world, the worries, the cares, the guilt, etc, and a piece of what it meant that Jesus died on the cross. He took all of that stuff upon himself, though he had none of that in his own life, took it with him to the cross and died for them. The second part of it was the resurrection that we celebrate on Easter morning when Jesus conquered death and with it all of those cares and worries and we can take comfort in that.

One of the short videos that were shown moved me. The title of it is “God Sent.” I’ve found it on the web and will post the link at the end of the entry if you’d like to see the demo of it. I liked it enough that I’m considering the purchase of a copy of it. It’s under “Easter Themed Videos with words.” Here are some of those words, talking about whom we need and whom it is that God sent: To those who cannot speak for themselves, God sent an advocate and high priest/ to those who are alone, God sent Emmanuel, “God With Us”/ to those whose lives have been filled with torment, God sent the Prince of Peace. The video has more in it connecting the names in the Bible referring to Jesus Christ to what they mean for us.
Then Easter was on March 23rd this year, rather early. Did you miss it? Someone said it was early because of it being a leap year. I was up at 5:30, Mom and I made our way to church and yes, it was also fun!

Every year, weather permitting, KUC holds its Easter Sonrise Service outside on the lawn on the church grounds. The hand bell choir started things off; I love the sounds of the h.b.c. Chris Ikeda is usually in the group but took a break so he could take pictures of his new bride with the bells. We had the privilege of hearing Randy Hongo give his testimony, which included images of a PanAm shoulder bag and a pocket protector, and then he sang while our hula dancers performed.

The voice choir splits in two and spends the service listening from the 2nd floor lanai when not singing. Susie looked across at the other half of the choir all in white and said, “Don’t they look like angels?” Well, yes, they did! Later, Jackie said, “We only get to do this [watch from above] once a year.”
The little-er girl in red is Gracie. Finally as church news, KUC held a child dedication service couple weeks ago. I think it was 9 young children that were blessed by Pastor Peter. A family I had met just a couple months ago as I returned to my home at KUC dedicated their baby girl Gracie. The last child was a baby boy named Noah. Noah slept soundly as his mother held him in front of the congregation. As part of the dedication, Pastor Peter had looked up each child’s name. What does “Noah” mean? Rest.
Noah at rest.

I didn’t really do these events justice. It’s difficult to explain what it all means on a short entry.


The Lone Star
The Warrior Volleyball team has two more matches for the regular season at Pepperdine. Last week, they played their last home matches against BYU, a formidable team as they held the #1 spot for weeks. On Thursday night, BYU took the match in 4 games. The Warriors fought valiantly but didn’t make it by an inch.

Friday night wasn’t much different, except that BYU swept UH. It was senior night so in UH fashion, we acknowledged the 5 BYU seniors. Then came the celebration of our lone senior, Jake Schkud. I think Schkud felt strange being the only one but he took it all in. His parents and sisters were introduced and also a bunch of Beckwiths lined up to congratulate Schkud. He was literally buried in lei. The families started the pile, then his teammates lavished more lei on Schkud to where he couldn’t see. Carney tried to smash the lei down for him, then more teammates came out with more lei. Schkud couldn’t escape.

They showed the senior video starring Schkud. It was interesting because they chose classical music to accompany it. I was trying to figure out what piece it was ‘cuz I have the feeling I should know it. It was a nice touch. Usually to cap the video is a picture of the seniors together, so what I deem to be in Schkud fashion, Schkud posed with the volleyball, reclined on the floor. I say it was in his fashion ‘cuz Schkud’s the same guy that two years ago, shaved part of his hair off to imitate Al Scates, the UCLA coach, when UCLA came to play. Schkud seems like a really fun guy.

Home Not Quite Alone
Mom, Dad and Brother went to Vegas again, this time leaving 5 cats and a dog to take care of me. Dad’s still waiting for the time that I go with them but I don’t know how to tell him that I don’t really care to go to Vegas. I’ve been there 4 times with 4 different groups of people. I would only go if I could see a show ‘cuz that’s one thing I haven’t done there yet. The last time I went I wanted to see Bette Midler’s show but nobody I went with wanted to go, what bums.

Mudge getting in a good stretch. So, 2 of the cats are my brother’s. The last time they went to LV, his cats came to our house. Then I had to lock up my 2 cats in the bedroom with me and let his 2 have the house at night. He’s got 2 of the ‘fraidiest cats ever. During the day, they camped out under my bed which is why I had to let them have the house at night or else they wouldn’t venture out to eat. And they’re huge. I mean enormous. Well, to be fair, Mudgie’s just got a lot of hair but Honey Girl’s just fat. Take my word for it, I’m not exaggerating when I say that when H.G. runs, the whole house shakes.

Hanging with Charis. This time, H.G. and Mudge stayed at Brother’s place so I went over there occasionally. It’s just too much to load ‘em up these days. I stayed in my parent's room with the big bed and all the pets at night. The 3 cats all took a corner of the bed and lucky me was left with a corner of the bed myself. The dog stayed on the floor in his watermelon bed. He mostly behaved the whole time and the cats let him live. I love having the big bed; I pile all the pillows, add my pillows, and relax. Not much more to report here.

No, I Wasn’t Sold At the Fair
Since they were off island, I went to the Made in Hawai‘i Gift Fair on my own. I wasn’t impressed much this time. I could make most of the stuff myself and there weren’t many booths this time. I liked a shirt but it was about $50 bucks and nothing really fancy. I liked a bag but it was about $70 bucks and still not worth it. I watched a guy in a wheelchair painting by holding the brush in his mouth and the piece looked beautiful, better than I could do at this time probably. I think his booth was called “This Abled Person.” I didn’t see a piece of his that I really liked and really, my walls are full and so I wouldn’t be able to give his work justice. I can’t wait to have a house of my own with lots of wall space for art, maybe even a whole room of just art and books. Anyways…

The clay flower vials. I did find a few things that I liked very much and could afford. Mom has a rose plant that produces gorgeous blooms and so I got her a flower vial. The vial is wrapped in clay fashioned with color and a kanji stamp. I got one for Dad, not that he likes flowers but that he would be represented in this way. Mom’s one is red because that’s her favorite color and the kanji is for “love.” I didn’t have many choices by the time I went to the fair so I was lucky that the color and kanji came together in that way for Mom’s. Dad’s one says “long life” and is yellow which I think is still ideal for him. I haven’t given it to them yet so don’t spoil the surprise! Added to the special-ness, for me, is that they were one of the crafts at the fair that I thought were most unique, ones that I don’t generally see at other craft fairs, helping to make them worth their price.

Another rather unique craft product was at a hair station. The station had scrunchies that were fancied up with jeweled decorations added, fancied hair clips and the like. The ones I bought were these combs that could be used in multiple ways. Let me attempt to explain: two hair combs are paired up facing each other and attached by crisscrossed elastic bands. The bands and combs are all dressed up with beads of different sizes and shapes. The two combs can be used to fix a quick and easy yet fancy ponytail or be used to hold a bun in place or other ways. The lady selling them had hairpieces to demonstrate some of the uses; I should have taken a picture of them to show what I’m talking about but in anyway it’s a craft that I found quite unique and useful; if you’ve seen all the hair I have you’d agree. The lady demonstrated a ponytail on me. The combs came at a reduced price for buying three and by chance I found three that I liked or I wouldn't have bought any. I don’t know that I’ll keep all three or gift two of them but I’m at least keeping the white one for myself.

I thought I was done then. I cruised around one more time, evaluating the different things I saw. Then I had to look at one more jewelry booth. This one made use of a lot of pearl and shell material, rather beautiful. The only reason I had bought anything at all from there was that my eyes fell upon a pair of shell earrings engraved in the image of monstera. I’ve come to like the look of monstera very much and so I bought the earrings which I could afford at this time.

The best part of the fair was that I ran into the mother and sister of a high school friend. I had recognized first the designs printed on the shirts and things because the mother had gifted some to a group of us back in intermediate, a shirt and two bags of which I still have. Then I recognized the mother; it had been our graduation when I had last seen my friend and her family. The mother told me how my friend is doing up in NV and such. Then she had the sister write down the number for me. Then she had the sister call my friend and I was to leave a voicemail but my friend answered. I tried to be quick because we’d waken her up from a nap but it was so good.

To explain the feeling a little, this friend and I had a somewhat fragile friendship back in high school and there are things of which I could hold against her from that time. By this point, I’ve chosen to let go of all of that, not only with her but with other people as well. It’s just not worth my time to hold onto it and it wasn’t so terrible that I couldn’t forgive and forget.

And so it felt good to hear her voice and to hear her say that she had just been thinking of me not too long ago. She couldn’t remember who she was talking to but she had asked about me and had gotten no answer. I let her go back to napping and gave my info to her sister to relay. I hope I hear from her again. I love reconciliations and reunions.

So that’s a little of what I’ve been up to. I apologize for the fuzzy pictures. Mahalo.

To view the "God Sent" video.