Friday, April 11, 2008

A Four Time Loser

I have the last four episodes of The Biggest Loser to owe for, since I had decided to write about the show. The last I had reported was that Maggie and Brittany from the Black Team were up for elimination and for once, the show decided not to show the elimination until the following episode.

Week 13?
It’s rarely as dramatic as the episode teaser makes it out to be. With that, Maggie was taken out. I had wanted to mention that the person on the top of the leader board at the weigh in that put Maggie and Brittany under the yellow line, Pink Ali beat out everyone, including the guys by a good margin. Woohoo! Fantastic! I knew there was a reason why Pink Ali’s one of my favorites.

Black Brittany’s realizing that boohoo her buddies Maggie and Bernie are all gone and she is practically alone. She pretty much burned the narrow bridges she might have had with Kelly and any of the guys. I’ll add here that those left are Black Brittany, Blue Dan, Jay, Mark, and Roger, Black Kelly and Pink Ali, 7 left.

The challenge wasn’t really a competition format. They were gathered at Macy’s and met Tim Gunn, a stylist advisor for Project Runwayy. He walks around the store with each person and talks to them about what they usually wear and what they have always wanted to wear confidently. They’re getting makeovers. Then Tim Gunn brings them one by one to a room and reveals the outfit that he’s chosen for them to wear. Dan had a rocker kind of look, a leather jacket was part of Jay’s outfit, and Kelly got a feminine black dress with white band accents.

Pink Ali has always wanted to have great arms to show off in a sleeveless outfit. She got one, a beautiful white spaghetti strap dress and yes, her arms look good! But the most shocking outfit was the fuschia dress with a low-low-low cut v-neckline for Brittany. That’s the kind that um, people use double-sided tape to keep their boobs in.

Then they had to show off their newly structured bodies in the new outfits by walking down the runway in front of a room of people. They showed Mark first and he ate it up. He strutted down the walkway looking handsome, did a little turn and pose at the end, then walked back. The Hostess Ali asked him to take a second turn. When he turned around, he spied his wife waiting for him at the end of the walk. He cried. Since Mark’s been back, he cries a whole lot more.

For the others, they brought Brittany’s mom, Roger’s wife, Kelly’s mom, Dan’s dad, and Pink Ali’s sister. The best one was when Jay turned around for the second walk and saw his wife. Upon seeing her, he immediately let out a sound of pure joy. His wife later said that Jay had “squealed like a girl,” which was pretty accurate, and that’s how she knows he was so excited to see her.
Then they had a physical challenge: walking backwards on a treadmill so as not to fall into the pool below. Winner gets a week at a fitness spa and resort for two. They all made it the first 40 minutes, at which point the incline was raised and the speed quickened. Kelly fell into the pool, then Roger and Dan shortly after the 40-min. mark. Brittany made it about 45-min; Jay was out just short of the hour.

It was down to Ali and Mark, the two that had worked their way back into the game. They both kept a good steady pace through the incline raises and faster speeds. Ali took a few quick peeks at how Mark was doing, Mark tried a little psyching out by saying how Ali knows how he is, he competes to win. At 1 hour 5 minutes, Ali falls into the pool. Mark jumps in.

When H.Ali’s congratulating Mark and announcing his prize, Mark says a little something. He says that he thought about letting Pink Ali have the prize, but he just couldn’t turn off that competitive mode. He was sorry that they couldn’t both win.

They show the Blue guys telling Trainer Bob what happened at the challenge. Roger’s out of sorts and vents that he was irritated by Mark’s speech at the end, saying that it was like Mark was apologizing for being the competitive leader that he is. Mark said it was fine for Roger to be the nice guy in the shadows being quiet while everyone hated Mark for being the tough competitor. Now Mark’s got a second chance in the game and it’s changed him and he wants to be in the shadows, Roger’s got a problem. Well, that’s it, they’ve talked it out in guy fashion and everything’s good from there which is what I like about guys. I think that if Brittany had been the one in the end competing with Mark, Mark wouldn’t have said what he did, but he’s always gotten along with Pink Ali, they are friends, and they had both been eliminated and came back, so Mark really cared that it was Ali he had to beat to win.

The WI: Pink Ali goes first, gets 5 pounds with 3.13%. Mark pulls a 3 with 1.60%. Dan gets a good 8 with 3.86%. Brittany comes out with 2 and 1.16%. Roger scores with a 9 and 3.59%. Jay needs more than 3 to be safely above the yellow line. He gets exactly 3 with 1.44%. Kelly’s finally thinking she really could become the first biggest loser female; she needs more than 2 to be safe and pulls out an enough 3 with 1.49%. Jay and Brittany are up for elimination.

During conversations, Kelly shows some backbone and I’m really liking her now. She really likes Jay but just can’t betray her teammate; she’s gonna vote for Jay to go home. The guys had asked her where she’s at and she feels a little slighted by them ‘cuz she’s gonna vote that way. Dan and Roger say they’re gonna keep Jay there. Brit’s packing and really doesn’t think she can ask anyone to keep her there [‘cuz she didn’t make even competitive friends]. She’s talking with Ali. In a confessional, Ali sounds like she wants to keep the girls there and beat the guys, Brit is a semi-quasi-teammate, maybe she has to be loyal. Brit’s hope is that she can talk to Dan maybe because he might be the only swing vote she can…push. It’s advantageous to Dan to keep her around ‘cuz he’ll have a better chance of beating Brit than Jay for the overall prize. Dan starts to entertain the idea.

Roger votes for Brit. Dan votes for Brit. Pink Ali makes it 3/3 and Brit’s gone.

Week 14
Jay, Roger, Dan, Mark, Ali, Kelly left in the game. The challenges and stuff must not have been terribly interesting ‘cuz I can’t remember anything about them so I’ll cut to the chase. I took notes on the WI so I’d get it right.

During the temptation or challenge, something, somehow Roger had a chance to effect the outcome and he chose to let Jay win $10,000. At the WI, Jay had the chance to buy a 1-lb. pass for #10,000. As a competitor, Roger told Jay to keep the money. As a friend, he told Jay to take the pass. He chose to take the pass ‘cuz this season especially, one pound has been the difference between going home and staying in the game.

Jay got 5+1 pounds with 2.91%. Roger came out with 6, 2.48%. Dan puts up a meager 1 at 0.50%. He’s very disappointed, his stall week comes up at a terrible time so close to the end. Mark gets 4 and 2.16%. Ali needs more than 3 and gets 6 with 3.87%. At a total of 85 pounds lost since the beginning, Ali’s officially lost the most by a woman ever. Kelly needs more than 4 and pulls out a whopping 7 with 3.52%. Ali’s won the WI for the second time and Kelly comes in second- they’ve just beat all the boys!

So Mark and Dan are up for elimination. Jay says he’s not voting his brother out twice, just no way. Ali of course didn’t know about what happened with the Blue elimination where they were deciding between Roger and Mark. That’s the time that Mark sacrificed himself and told Jay to vote him off. Jay tells Ali about that and he’s not doing it again after Mark fought his way back. Everyone likes Dan, Dan wants to stay, but he’s feeling really bad about the 1 and probably had the notion that he’s going home. Jay won’t vote for Mark, Blue team had a system of voting between two Blue members and sending the one with the least pounds loss home. He has no idea how Ali and Kelly are gonna vote.

Ali votes for Dan, Kelly votes for Dan. Roger serves up Dan. Dan’s gone. Roger had said some good words about how he’s watched the young Dan grow into a man after his mom had been voted off and he’s so proud of him.

Week 15
Roger, Kelly, Mark, Jay, Ali left. They’re going to Australia! They really have a great time taking in the sights, participating in an aboriginal cleansing ceremony, and enjoying each other’s company.

Their told to meet H.Ali at the top of the bridge, I mean on top, the very top of the structure. At first Mark looks at the bridge and says no way; he’s got a phobia of bridges, avoids walking, driving, going near a bridge at all possible times. They talk him into it, what better time and with whom to help get over a fear. At the top, H.Ali explains the challenge. It’s a marathon: swim, bike, run, with a stair climb to the top of a 40-something storied building. The winner gets to go up in a seaplane to tour Australia by air, taking another player with them.

Pink Ali gets a good lead in the water; apparently she’s a fine swimmer. Mark catches up to her on the bike. Roger is still way last, to Kelly’s amazement but she takes it. Mark takes off in the run but Ali keeps him in her sights. Roger gains a little ground on the bike and the run but Kelly’s still ahead of him on the stairs. Not for long, Roger passes her on the stairs. Mark reaches the top but stops feet away from the finish line to wait for Ali. This time, they are going to tie. Ali sees him and says he’s crazy, what is he doing there. He hops on her back and she carries Mark over the finish line on her back! Not struggling, she just carries him like a backpack walking strongly, like nothing! He weighed at that point, I think 30 pounds more than her.

Jay gets there shortly, then Roger. They go back to cheer Kelly on to the finish and she only had a couple stairs to go by then. A great accomplishment by Kelly who probably wouldn’t have thought a few weeks ago that she’d be keeping up pretty well by these younger people and athletes and stuff. By now she’s really enjoying her success.

Ali and Mark tied and went up on the seaplane. They also won a meal out on a private lawn somewhere looking over the bay and a phone call home. Mark calls his wife and cries some more.

The WI: Jay goes first with a pound GAIN and -0.50%. He’s disappointed; Mark’s devastated and starts to tear up. Ali gets 3 pound loss with 2.01%. She wants to celebrate but can’t ‘cuz no matter what, she likes everyone that’s left and a friend will be going home. Roger gets 2 and 0.85%. Kelly loses a pound with 0.52%. Mark needs just one pound to push Kelly under the line; he had a 1 pound GAIN also with 0.55%. Ali wins her third WI- simply amazing!

And the brothers are up for elimination together. How can they choose? Jay takes it upon himself to sacrifice; no way he’s letting Mark go home a second time. He tells everyone to send him home. They obey his wish. Ali had said at the e-table how at first, she connected with Jay ‘cuz he was like a teddy bear and would make room on the couch for her, he was just sweet. At the second chance, she bonded with Mark, being the two to come back to the game and being great competitors. Mark’s the guy she wants to measure up to in the game. Kelly said how can you choose between two brothers who are both hard workers and fierce competitors. Roger said he watched the younger grow up out of the shadows of the older and he’s such a sweet guy but this was his wish [to be voted off]. He said Mark is sometimes sweet too. Mark even asked him if they were doing the right thing and Roger said he had to let Jay stand on his decision. Jay’s gone.

Week 16
Kelly, Mark, Ali, Roger left. 2 women, 2 men. 4 equally strong competitors.

It’s the most crucial week as the 3 finalists will be known. They go through the week without their trainers. They get to meet Rocco DiSpiritu again and he shows them how to cook healthier versions of their favorite meals without losing the taste.

The trainers come back on the last day of the week. Roger wants the overall record of the most pounds lost at the ranch, 143 I think set by Neal of the previous season. Roger needs to lose at least 15 more to do it. He tells Bob, he’s gonna be 219 at the WI. Bob says okay.

Bob talks with Mark privately. Mark’s having a tough time not having Jay there.

The WI: Roger goes first. He comes out with exactly a 15 pound loss, taking the record by 1; it put him at 6.41% for the week. Mark gets a good 12 with 6.63%. Ali needs >9, possible but maybe tough at this point, she doesn’t have much more to lose. No problem, she gets 11 with 7.53%. She’s lost a total of 99 pounds, an astounding record. Kelly needs >12 to be a finalist. She comes away with a good 13 and 6.81%. Ali’s just won 4 WIs! Pink’s never been under the yellow line! She can’t wait to tell her mom.

And amazingly, 27 pounds, not enough to save the boys. The girls have blown them away. Everyone’s thinking Roger’s out. Then H.Ali announces that America’s gonna decide who the third and last finalist is going to be! So vote this week for Roger or Mark. This means you if you’re reading this before…Monday the 14th I think?

So that’s it. Everyone looks amazing, I have no idea who’s gonna win or who I’d want to win. I’m leaning just slightly towards Ali only ‘cuz she’s always been a favorite of mine this season and she’s done phenomenal since she’s been back. If any female can win it, she can!

Really really long. I'm fascinated with bridges. Mahalo!

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