Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In Love with Two Ladies

Sorry to disappoint, not a lesbian nor a threesome story.

When I began this journal, I wasn't sure how I wanted to organize it or how often I was gonna write. I had started lists of things I liked labeled 'The Goods.' Now I'm gonna do these as new things come to me that I really enjoy or as I feel like writing about old things I still really enjoy. This way I can keep up with it more and hopefully I can give each thing their due attention.

Here for the first single entry 'Good' is Two Ladies Kitchen:

On girls’ day, the news featured a store on the Big Island known for their various quality mochi, especially on such a day. Two Ladies Kitchen in Hilo showed the many different mochi that they make, highlighting their strawberry mochi. Oh, yum! I am not a chocolate kind of girl but I love strawberries! Dad and I asked Mom ‘cause we knew about CafĂ© 100 and Big Island Candies, but we’ve never heard of Two Ladies. Mom confirmed, yes, they are good.

Well, my mostly perfect dad didn’t bring anything home for me for girls’ day. I hassled him about it a little, probably the kind of thing that led to my not getting anything for girls’ day. Nah, Dad and I have a good relationship, we joke like that a lot.

So girls’ day was on Monday,... that Wednesday, Dad came home from work and surprised Mom and me with…a DOZEN strawberry mochi from Two Ladies! His coworker went to Hilo for work and so Dad gave him some money to bring back the mochi. I have the best father in the world!

And the buggahs be huge! And oh-so-very-ono! I think I’ve found my new favorite dessert. They're about 2.5 inches around and 1.5 inches thick. Seriously, huge! The box was HEA-VY! I love it!

You’re allowed to drool now. Enjoy!
Just look at dat shtawberray buggah tryna bust out!