Monday, March 3, 2008

How Would I Look In A Fur Coat?

My brother came home from San Diego last week; he had gone over for work. We all went to pick him up from the airport, Mom, Dad and I. We find the baggage claim but there were two carousels. At first, only one carousel was unloading bags. When the second started moving, Brother said he had a green bag. I went over to the second carousel, looking for a green bag, while Dad and Brother watched the first one.

A lady came and stood next to me. She was wearing a fur coat. Apparently her bag had come down the chute about 5 feet away; it lands sideways. The lady immediately starts into this, ‘Ohmygod, there’s my bag. I can’t believe they did that to my bag! How could they do that to my bag? Ohmygod.’ Umm…it’s a Louis Vuitton duffle bag or travel bag, whatever. Umm…I’m thinking if it’s really an LV bag…one doesn’t put a real LV bag through checked luggage.

She doesn’t wait for the LV bag to come to us, she walks towards it to pick it up as soon as possible. Then I notice that she’s got a tear in the sleeve of her fur coat. Now I’m thinking, it’s probably not real fur nor a real LV. Her purse, by the way, was supposedly LV also.

She still waited for another bag; I’m wondering if it’s gonna be another LV duffle, this lady’s interesting. It turns out to be a regular looking suitcase which had landed above another suitcase. It came by, it was right in front of her when she recognizes it, I’m to her right so it starts passing me, and she says, ‘Ohmygod, that’s my bag!’ She starts to chase after it and almost lands on the carousel herself. I tried to get it but the guy got it instead. In the meantime, while the guy takes the bag off for her, the lady is going, ‘Oh, my knee, I can’t believe it, ow!’ She forgets her suitcase and stands there examining her knee.

The area’s pretty much cleared up of passengers except for the big group of tourists gathered into their tourist huddle on the side, my brother hasn’t found his bag yet. I walk around and check if someone unloaded it but left it on the side ‘cuz it wasn’t theirs. Dad and Brother walk around. Brother spots it; um, it was on the carousel I’d been watching. I didn’t see it because it was on it’s face, which is green, but the sides and the back were all black. Mighta helped if he’d mentioned that…

So…gotta love people watching in baggage claim. I thought bus people were interesting; I forgot about the airport. The LV lady has got to be the most interesting person I’ve ever seen at an airport.