Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Heavy Lifting…Babies?

Last week was a bad week on the workout front. I went that Monday. That’s it. Then with Easter and Thursday practice, Good Friday service…. I know, not an excuse.

So I went this morning, Tuesday. Today was interesting because I met someone at the gym, a first. The gym’s got some new cardio machines. It used to be a row of treadmills, a row of ellipticals, a row of mixed stuff [treadmills, recline bikes, steps], and a row of stationary bikes. Now there’s a row of 4 bikes along the wall just outside of the locker rooms and like 6 rows of stuff. It was pretty empty today and a guy on one of the 4 bikes right there, he’s on the second one. I was going to use the fourth bike but there was an “out of order” sign. So I went to the third one.

I had passed him in order to get to the other bikes; he had looked at me and so I had glanced at him and smiled a little. Now I’m next to the guy. Before I can get my music in my ears, he starts talking to me. I will cause Darling to laugh because I’m gonna say here that I am socially awkward and I still maintain that it’s true. I didn’t know what to do then ‘cause I wanna start cycling and listen to my music but I don’t wanna be a snob. I’ve never had a stranger start a full conversation with me at the gym. I’m not even good with conversation with someone I know. He was nice so we talked. He showed no signs that I’d said something weird or that I’d scared him off.

I guess I’m over-aware of the weird things I say ‘cuz I think I scared off my former before. We went to lunch as friends and he’d seen a friend or something. After he talked to his friend, I said, “Can’t take you anywhere.” Um, that’s a common saying for a situation like that among my Apple-dumpling Gang, of whom my former had never met, and so he was sorta like, huh? Then I realized he had no idea what I was talking about and I have no idea what he thought I meant by it which was nothing. It's just something we say out of habit.

Anyways, the guy went to lift; I went to the elliptical. Then I did a little weights. I’m not a trainer and the most training I’ve had was from Shay. What I remember from Shay is that she would tell me to look at that guy and don’t do what he’s doing ‘cause it’s bad form, he’s hurting his back rather than working the muscles, etc. I see a ton of that at the gym every time. Where do these guys learn such bad form? And even though I’m still doing the same form that Shay told me was good form, I still kinda feel like a dork like I'm doing things the girly way…but I still do what Shay said was proper.

So I did triceps and I feel so WEAK! I’m only doing 30 lbs. which is okay, but I did 8, then 5, and finished with barely 3 reps. I dunno how much of it is that I’ve only been doing triceps stuff with easy free-weights at home and not consistently at that, or that it does make a huge difference when I have a partner to help me. Actually, when Shay was training me, 40 felt so much easier. And yes, Shay’s the one who would make me laugh while bench pressing- just plain cruel. Face it, Jenn, you’re just out of shape.

Speaking Of…
Shay, we just had a baby shower for her and Tony the other weekend. I still have a tough time getting over the idea that Shay and Tony’s gonna be parents! That kid is gonna have too much fun for its own good, if that’s at all possible.

So here’s the picture of me with the proudly expecting parents. Um…yes, she’s got a big basketball of a stomach just below the cut of the picture; I didn’t take the picture!

Courtesy of L.Uehara


Now it’s actually Wednesday. As you can tell, I started writing this yesterday. I try to set time aside to write whatever but I don’t always post it so there.

Since last week I had only gone to the gym on Monday, I’m trying to make up for it. I went again today. I biked then ran (4) 12-min miles and 4.75 miles total. It’s getting a little easier each time so I’m feeling good. I didn’t do any weights today.

Then I saw that guy again when I was walking out. He was on the bike and asked if I’d bike next to him awhile, but I was done for the day. Apparently he knows several people at the gym and talks to them which makes him more look like a good guy. It’s nice to have a friendly face though. I saw Kris at the gym a couple times last year, but he had said he was thinking of moving to NY or something, I wonder if he did, so I’m not expecting to run into him at the gym anymore. Then I used to see my former, which is okay but that was when I was working out at night so I’m not expecting to see him either unless I go at night. I only went once at night last month. I like going in the morning though; it’s usually not crowded and then I get it out of the way instead of trying to guilt myself into going later which I tend to talk or eat myself out of doing.

Anyways, I told the guy I had to get home to study and so now that I’m done with this, I’m posting this time and to the studying I go.