Friday, March 14, 2008

Double the Losers!

Loser airs on Tuesday nights. I gave up the March 4th episode in favor of the Bethel College Choir (see previous entry). I had the episode taped and watched it later so I could write the commentary and then I didn’t write it so to make up for it, I’m gonna try to not go overlong.

March 4th episode, week 10 I think, last known move was Blue Mark’s sacrifice. Black acted like they were sad at his leaving ‘cuz Roger’s the biggest guy = biggest threat, not always true, as if they expected Blue to do what Black wanted, what a waste of time brooding about it.

It was the craziest Temptation I’ve ever seen! Usually players abstain from the temptation, but they all took part in this one. In a secluded room was a vending machine. One player at a time would go into the room and make an entry on the keypad, but the machine’s gonna drop something at random. If a snack dropped, one has to eat it = lots of calories to burn off later. If a pack of gum dropped, one wins the $ amount on the back. Also with the gum, one can make more entries and chew on a stick of gum instead of eating any snack that drops. One can make as many entries as one chooses except if a 1-lb. pass drops, then the turn is over. The 1-lb pass will be applied at the weigh in.

Roger’s ready to go first. He enters ‘B’ for Blue and ‘3’ for 3 members of Blue left. Gum dropped with $1000. 2nd entry dropped a pass. He’s done.

The rest of the results in order: Dan ate 1100 cal, won $9500 (the gum). Jay won 1-lb pass. Kelly ate 870 cal. Bernie won $2500 and pass. Brittany ate 440 cal and won pass. Maggie won a pass. Nobody told anyone else what they got.

Bernie had been Biggest Loser of the Week, he chose the game play envelope. He won immunity for anyone he chooses but himself.

Challenge: zipping across a deep canyon, reaching and releasing flags along the line, 14 flags per line. Blue won, they get to be fighter pilots for a day. All I wanna add is that I don’t think I’m acrophobic, as they say, I’m not afraid of heights, just the plummeting down to earth part. But I have a feeling I may have a fear of jumping off a cliff when there is no ocean down below [I’ve jumped off heights into the ocean many times] but I so would’ve gone for that challenge; I wanna go S. America just so I can take one of those canopy tours. I think it’d be fun to zip across canyons and stuff.

WI: starts with Ali announcing from this WI on, no more teams, weighing as individuals and up for elimination as individuals, no BL of the Week. Given that, Bernie gives immunity to Brittany. Black Brittany, 5 lbs, 3.35 %, doesn’t count ‘cuz of the immunity.

Kelly, 6 lbs, 2.83%. Jay, 7 +1-lb pass, 3.62%. Roger, 9 +1, 3.73%. Maggie, 6+1, 3.68%. Dan, needs more than 7 to stay above yellow line, 8, 3.65%. Bernie needed more than 7-1 (pass), weighed in 6+1, 3.48%. The two lowest are up for elimination, meaning Kelly and Bernie, both from Black. Black is devastated.

At the E-table: Maggie and Brittany vote for Kelly, no surprise. Jay and Dan vote for Bernie, no surprise. It’s up to Roger’s vote. He says that his vote reflects a promise made early on in the game, video clip of Roger and Trent talking to Kelly and Paul, and so Roger votes for Bernie. Bernie’s out. If Bernie hadn’t given immunity to Brittany, he’d have been safe from elimination. I like Bernie for protecting his partner. And it’s good to know that Roger’s a man of his word.

March 11th episode: It’s a firecracker! The eliminated 14 are back, weighing in for the chance to rejoin the game, 1 male and 1 female to rejoin. Host Ali asks Pink Bette Sue what it would mean to her to rejoin the game. Bette Sue says it’s more important that her daughter, Pink Ali get the chance to rejoin ‘cuz she [Bette Sue] is okay without all the pain. I LIKE Bette Sue!

They weigh in order of their elimination, from week 1. The women go first. Green Jenni, 38 lbs (since the initial WI), 14.23%. Brown Mallory, 42, 19.35%. White Amanda, who looks really good, 46, 22.55%. Pink Ali, who I also like and also looks great, getting a lot of WOWs from all, 67, 28.63%. Pink Bette Sue, 49, 18.77%. Purple Jenn, 48, 18.90%. Last is Orange Jackie, who did A LOT of game play and others know it, needed more than 70 to beat Pink Ali in the lead, 64, 26.02%. Pink Ali is back!

The guys next, Green Lynn (Jenni’s father) is first, 64 lbs, 15.65%. Brown Curtis sets the bar high with 100 lbs, 26.25%! White Neill, 55, 17.35%. Grey Trent, a great 105 lbs, but not enough to take the lead from Curtis with 24.08%, but Trent had started as the heaviest guy on campus, over 400 lbs when he started. Yellow Paul, 70, 23.10%. Now we’re getting to the last two guys who had been eliminated in the last two weeks, Black Mark (initial team color) pulls out a good enough to take the lead 90 lbs and 31.58%. Blue Bernie (initial team color) needs more than 89 to rejoin the game, pulls an 88, 31.10%, very close. Black Mark is back!

Okay, I am happy with that!

Since Mark had the better %, he got to choose which trainer, of course he goes with Bob, Pink Ali gets Jillian. Pink Ali gets to choose between wearing pink or wearing black, the color of Jillian’s group. Ali wears pink as tribute to her couple teammate, her mom Bette Sue. I’m okay with that.

Bob’s eyes popped out when he found out Mark was back. Right away, Blue’s happy for many reasons, but mainly because Mark’s the chef of the group; the other guys said after Mark had left, they had salad that was just lettuce, that’s how bad they are with cooking. Mark doesn’t mind, he cooks for them.

Black girls are boo-hooing ‘cuz it’s like they lost Bernie twice and now they have Pink Ali who’s been gone for about 6 weeks, they like her but not as much as Bernie. Jillian’s happy to have Ali back. Next workout, she concentrates on Ali to see what she can do, the other 3 girls feel ignored, the ‘new toy/old toy’ syndrome.

Thing is, before she left, she didn’t do game play and stuff, Pink Ali just got along better with Mark, Jay and Roger. Dan’s okay with her so Pink Ali ate her first meal back with Blue and she says ‘hi’ to Blue when she sees them. This grinds on Black and Jillian absolutely. Plus, Ali is a major competitor now, major threat.

Challenge: stationary bikes hooked up to a row of 10 light bulbs each, 10 calories burned lights one bulb. Playing for a crucial extra vote at elimination, they bike to light up their row of bulbs, eliminating the last two from each round. Round 1, in order of 10 bulb-lighting: Mark, Dan, Jay, Roger, Maggie, Brittany; Ali and Kelly out. Round 2: Mark, Dan, Jay, Roger; Maggie and Brittany out, though Brittany tried to make an effort. Round 3: Mark, Dan; Jay and Roger out. Final Round, Dan wins it. Mark tired himself out with the first rounds, wanting to show there’s a reason he’s back and he can do it.

Brittany said she prefers competing with the boys ‘cuz she does well against the girls every time, the boys are more of a challenge. I like Brittany only in that respect ‘cuz I tend to have that kind of mindset for certain things. I like hanging with the guys, I can say more on that another time. And I like TRYING to keep up with my friend Shay ‘cuz she’s the strongest woman I know but I never win.

Workouts, Pink Ali’s still not fitting with the girls. During a break, Jillian goes to talk to Maggie and Brittany in a room. Maggie confesses she’s been non-stop eating. Brittany cries. So much pressure, no control of the game, when it was 6 she felt like she had a chance to win it all and wanted it more than before. With 8, with Mark and Ali back especially, Brittany feels like it’s hopeless. Kelly comes in, she’s mostly fine with everything ‘cuz every week she feels like the weakest link and under the fire, she doesn’t say that, I’m superimposing that on her. I would really like Kelly if she would sound more confident in her capabilities and new strength, but she tends to sound wimpy still.

Jillian tries to build up their esteem, sort of the ‘you’re already winners ‘cuz you’ve come so far and lost the weight’ talk. Forget about winning the entire game, concentrate on what one can control which is this week, handle next week when next week comes. They go to workout.

WI: very tense. Host Ali, making small talk as is her job, asks Brittany if she thinks there’s a clear-cut winner in this group, does anyone stand out. Brittany gives a lame answer, not really in the mood to say anything. Ali tries to take the conversation a little further when Jillian starts saying stuff like, ‘leave the girl the f--- alone, she’s had a tough week.’ Ali says she didn’t know Brittany had a tough week, what’s…? Jillian continues the ranting, saying it’s like Ali was asking the girl is she gonna win it when she knows it’s impossible and blah. Ali turns to talk to Bob instead.

Pink Ali is first, 7 lbs, 4.19%. Mark, 7, 3.59%. Dan, 4, 1.90%. Roger, 8, 3.09%. Jay, 5, 2.34%. Brittany needs >3 to be safe, gets 2, 1.15%. Kelly needs >3, gets 4, 1.94%. Maggie pulls a goose egg.

Maggie and Brittany of Black are up for elimination. Then BL cuts out; they’re gonna wait till next week to show the elimination.

Maggie’s a poor loser, I haven’t found anything I like about Maggie so far, maybe only that she has lost weight and is healthier. Maggie’s been the poorest loser and the smuggest person when things go well. Case in point, when Dan pulled a low 4 lbs, Maggie had a smirk on her face, like Dan’s going down and she’s gonna be the one to do it. Then she pulls the zero, not so smug anymore. A poorest loser example came when she was overeating earlier in the week.

I’d rather see Maggie go ‘cuz I’m tired of watching her, but it’s okay if Brittany goes ‘cuz I don’t like her that much more than Maggie, I don’t really care either way. Brittany’s probably going ‘cuz she’s more of a competitor.

As for Jillian’s rant, she spent all week trying to build her team’s confidence again. She’s been riding Brittany and trying to get Brittany to believe in her strength for weeks. Jillian pretty much said at the WI that she doesn’t believe Brittany can win it. That is absolutely not the thing to say to her trainee. And Jillian should know how intense and pressured the game is, maybe Jillian needs a timeout. Frustration happens but it’s just the fact that she imparted that she doesn’t believe in her group, implied ‘cuz Brittany’s arguably the strongest of their team, before Pink Ali, and Jillian basically said that Brittany can’t win it.

I kinda think Kelly’s turning out to be the strongest competitor of Black before Pink Ali ‘cuz Kelly’s really been doing well the last few weeks. She was only under the line last week ‘cuz she didn’t have a 1-lb pass; I think if no one had a pass, Kelly would’ve been safe. I mean, 6 lbs for a woman is good.

Okay, I went overlong but hey, I said it was a firecracker and it was… for Loser fans anyway. Mahalo for reading all the way for those who did!