Friday, February 8, 2008

Loving Losers

This isn’t a gripe about my former boyfriend, he's not a loser. This is about the Biggest Loser Couples season [BLC]. I tend to pay attention only at the end of the season, when it gets close to the finalists, that’s for any contest show like this one. I don’t have a real concept of TV show seasons, but I remember the end of the one with Dr. Gary, I watched the whole season with Matt and Suzy, and then I saw some episodes from midway of the last season when there were 3 teams instead of the usual 2. I didn’t think the couples would be that interesting…but it is. It’s become one of the shows that I’ll use my break from studying to watch.

I missed most of the first few episodes. They began as couples teams designated by different colors; white [young married couple], pink [mother/daughter], purple [best friends, female], blue [strangers; I didn’t see how they picked the two], grey [former football teammates], yellow [ex-married couple], black [brothers], orange [mother/son], green [father/daughter], and brown [married couple]. I think that’s all, so that’s 10 couples? I started paying attention when they were going from 8 to 7 teams left. Already tensions had grown between certain teams, mainly between the black and the orange team. I guess there were loose alliances or just compatibilities between the pink and black teams on one side and the yellow, purple, and orange teams on the other.

WEEK 4: So, at elimination, from 8 to 7, between the Purple and the White teams, the White team was voted out. 7 teams left, a wrench was thrown into the rules; still at the e-table, they were asked, if they were able, to choose another team that they would vote out. They were not able to talk to other teams.

The teams rationalized their choices by either which team they thought was the most threatening or which team had been under or near the yellow line. The teams that had been near the yellow line were Grey, Purple and Yellow. Yellow had won the weigh-in earlier that night. The 2 weigh-ins before that night had been won by Orange. Black is also a threat because they put up good numbers every week, Grey is a possible threat because it’s two guys, former athletes, who had a lot to lose and could, adding that it’s easier for guys to lose weight than it is for women. Orange would definitely want Black out if it were up to them.

My assessment would have been Orange. If you’re going by who is the biggest threat, Orange is the biggest threat. Even when I don’t watch the whole episode, I try to catch the weigh-ins if I can because the numbers that people put up are so incredible. As I reported earlier, Orange won 2 weigh-ins. Apparently they had good numbers the first week, though not the biggest. They had come in third earlier in the night, just before the White elimination, barely being beat out by Yellow, who had won, and I think it was Blue. The reason they were in third was only because Yellow and Blue or whomever it was had disappointing numbers the week prior. Usually when they have low numbers, or the lowest, they’re in more of a deficit than the other teams and put up good numbers the next week. Also, the Orange mom was losing just about as much as the Orange son. I reiterate that it’s easier for guys to lose weight, and then the younger to lose weight, and this is an older female who’s keeping up with a younger male.

No one chooses Orange. 2 teams chose I-forget-who, 2 teams chose another I-f-w, the other 3 chose Yellow. Alison, the hostess [I think she’s a great hostess for this show] then says that the remainder of the week will be 6 against 1, Pink/Blue/Purple/Black/Orange/Grey against Yellow in the challenge and in the weigh-in [WI]. If Yellow loses the next WI, they will automatically be eliminated. If they win, they get sole possession of elimination power; they choose whom of the other 6 teams is out-of-commission. And they get to choose which trainer they want for the week; they take Jillian.

Yellow wins the challenge. They win letters from home. Since they feel targeted, and Jillian told them not to alienate themselves from the 6 because if they win the WI they’ll hafta work with what would be the remaining 5 of the 6, Orange commits to complete focus and gives the challenge prize to the 6. A-mazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that, but then, I haven’t watched every episode.

Yellow, Orange, Blue Bernie and one of the girls from Purple Maggie make an alliance. Orange, Bernie and Maggie are going to throw the WI; they’re going to do some water retention just before the WI to hopefully get the 6 to lose the WI and give the power of elimination to Yellow. Yellow in turn is to eliminate Black.

And Yellow, for winning the WI the previous week had a choice of 1 of 3 prizes, they chose ‘game play’ and won an extra 2 pound loss at the WI of their choice, which they’re gonna use that week since they hafta win or go home.

WI: Alison announces that the couple with the best overall percentage of weight loss automatically win immunity from elimination that night.

Black, Grey, Pink and Purple Jenn [who didn’t make the alliance] put up good numbers if I remember correctly.

Purple Maggie, 3 pound loss. Maggie, who threw the WI, which at the WI is referred to as ‘game play’ [GP], in confession says that she was really upset about the 3. She tanked it, and she upset herself because she wanted to see a better number. I forget what Blue had, but not good numbers like they usually pull.

Orange Dan the Son puts up a 1. Orange Jackie the Mother puts up 2. Jackie shrugging sheepishly, trying to look disappointed, said that she was hoping for 5. Bold-faced lie! She GP’d, had put up an averageof 10 per the previous 3 weeks, absolute obvious GP.

Yellow wins the WI. Here’s the best part; since they won, Yellow was supposed to eliminate Black. However, Black had the best number overall and won immunity; Black cannot be eliminated.

Yellow goes to their room, trying to figure out who they eliminate. Orange comes down to ‘help’ them decide, i.e. make sure Yellow’s not going to eliminate them. Yellow says that Orange is the only team they trust.

What’s wrong with that? Orange GP’d. Any team that GPs is looking out for themselves, is willing to do whatever it takes to stay in the game at the expense of any of the other teams, even backstab any ally. Orange, and any team that GPs, is inherently untrustworthy during the game.

Yellow narrows it down to the 3 teams who had chosen them in the vote that had put them alone against the rest, Purple, Pink and Black, only Black has immunity. Yellow talks to Pink. Pink mom says she’s not ready to go, she doesn’t know if she can do the weight loss at home. Pink daughter says, and I love this, that she is in no way going to make a deal in which she promises to not vote for Yellow’s elimination in the future if they would not eliminate Pink now. Oh, YES! I love it ‘cause it showed backbone and that she was going to shoot straight in the game.

Yellow goes to Purple. Purple makes the promise that Pink daughter would not.

I would have eliminated Purple, even if they hadn’t voted for Yellow earlier, who cares? Everyone had to pick someone and Yellow had won that night’s WI. Purple because they have been up for elimination several times, Yellow had a good week but prior to that, had been near or under the yellow line. Theoretically, Yellow and Purple are going to be under the yellow line together again in the near future, and since Yellow is more of a threat to the other teams than Purple, Yellow would get the axe. That’s the pattern that generally happens at the E-table. So Yellow would have a better chance of surviving elimination if they were up against a stronger team. Follow?

At the E-table, Yellow ex-wife makes a big weepy speech in which she lets it be known that Purple is safe without naming them specifically. She gets to Pink, saying how she knows they’ll do well at home and blah blah blah. Pink mom interrupts and shows her backbone. This was great. She says just get on with it. Yellow reveals Pink’s name and eliminates Pink. Pink daughter cries because she’s not sure she can continue with the program at home. She still stays strong by saying that Pink is the first team to be eliminated unjustly, because they didn’t GP at all. I apologize, this is the great moment.

Pink mom says very purposefully that maybe now everyone will stop kissing each others’ a***s and play the game straight [as she and her daughter had from the start] because alliances don’t mean junk.

I suppose some might be critical of the fact that a contestant can GP and get far into the game of Biggest Loser. They’re supposed to want to be there and change their lives. I don’t have a problem with it in that way because those who GP do it because they want to stay there and possibly win the whole thing. I really don’t like the contestants that do GP, but I’m not going to fault the show for it. It’s the contestants’ choice to GP or not. And every so often there is a good moment where a contestant would be rewarded, in a sense, for hard work and no GP, by not being eliminated even though they should have been because they could be a big threat later on. Also because it’s not like the producers don’t know what’s going on during the game. They see everything and think everything through, which had been proven to me by this episode. The Show knew that Black was a target AND that Black could put up the numbers to win the overall WI, and the immunity prize leveled out the GP.

I’ll talk about Weeks 5 and 6 tomorrow ‘cuz… I want to.

Mahalo for reading in!