Friday, February 8, 2008

Losing Gracefully and Not So Much, With a Dose of the 5th

Recap of Week 4 Biggest Loser: 7 teams left; Yellow was chosen by the majority of the teams, the competition turning to Yellow against the rest [Grey, Blue, Pink, Orange, Purple, Black]; Yellow won the challenge but gave the prize to the 6; Yellow made alliances with Orange, Purple Maggie, and Blue Bernie; Black wins the weigh-in [WI] and immunity; Yellow eliminates Pink.

Okay, 6 teams left. Getting to the interesting parts, not usually at the challenges, the trainers Bob and Jillian show up at this challenge. Everyone’s at the bottom of two escalators, both of which are coming down towards them. Then the hostess Alison announces that the challenge would be for the trainers. The trainer who went up and down their escalator 10 times wins. Bob mostly used his legs and went up two by two. From the beginning, Jillian used the handrail to help lift her up. She fell behind. Bob kept a good pace.

Bob won the power to choose which 3 teams he would train as his new Blue team. Jillian would train the rest as her Black team. Bob chose Black, Grey, and Orange. That left Yellow, Blue, and Purple with Jillian. Some felt jilted by Bob and all that drama stuff. The new Black team feels like the underdogs; Jillian feels like Bob stacked his team to get back at her for having trained the past Biggest Loser winners. I suppose she did; I know she trained last season’s winner and Matt who won in a previous season. Moving on.

The challenge isn’t over. In their new teams, Black and Blue, the challenge is for all members to get on their escalator and continually climb the steps which are still moving downwards. The team to have the last member still on the escalator wins. They get on, the clock starts. Trent from the Blue team and Paul from Black have bad knees or something and are told by their trainers to get on first and get off right away. That leaves 5 players on each side climbing the escalators.

Kelly, Maggie and Jenn from Black, and Roger from Blue get off their escalators. They cheer on their teammates. Black Bernie and Blue Jackie hang on pretty good, but eventually get off. Jackie’s surprised and proud that son Dan is hanging up at the top with Mark and Jay. It comes down to Black Brittany against Dan, Jay and Mark from Blue. Brittany kicks major butt, she was amazing! Kept a steady pace for most of it, her team is cheering her on, encouraging her. She starts to descend in order to rest but they tell her she’s getting close to the cut off line and she bursts back to the top. She does that several times, but then she inevitably tires and gets off. Blue has won with the 3 guys still on. And everyone, Black and Blue, is congratulating Brittany for her great effort and competition.

Nobody caves at the Temptation.

Blue team, there’s a rivalry between the brothers [Mark and Jay] and the mother/son [Jackie and Dan]. Now they are on the same team so they smile and work together.

At the WI: Blue weighs first and put up huge numbers. Black bombs big time, except for Maggie and Jenn who put up good numbers but not enough to win. Blue wins; Black goes to elimination. Maggie, who had lost 7 pounds, the best number for Black, has immunity from elimination.

Kelly put up a zero. Paul gained 3. Brittany and Bernie’s numbers were not much better. What was revealed was that the Black team, except for Maggie and Jenn, cut their calories by more than half, thinking that they would lose more weight faster and be competitive with the Blue team. Big mistake. Cutting their calories drastically while working out like mad put their bodies into starvation mode and hence, the low disappointing numbers. Maggie and Jenn ate regularly and lost the weight.

Black team eliminates Maggie’s partner Jenn.

Week 6: 11 players left. Blue with all 6 and feeling strong and confident; Black with 5 left and feeling as down as ever, but they get up and get to work.

The Temptation: the contestants walk up to individual booths, alternating between Black and Blue players. In front of them is a table of 100 chocolate caramels, like Rolos I suppose. I used to love Rolos when I was younger; then I swallowed it and it took awhile to melt down my throat and I stopped having Rolos. Same thing happened with butterscotch, but I’ve since gotten over my fear of butterscotches; those Werther’s Originals are so smooth! Okay, that’s getting off topic. Back to Losers, and I say that gently.

If someone participates in this Temptation and wins, he/she gets to choose one player from each team to switch teams, including him-/herself. Three people go for the temptation. Blue Mark wins it, spreading fear into the rest of the players, wondering who Mark will trade for whom. Mark dashes Black members’ hopes of being rescued and taken by the strong Blue team when he said that he won the Temptation in order to keep the teams intact.

The Challenge was a cooking one that was judged by Rocco Dispiritu [sp?]. The teams were to choose from Rocco’s recipes, shop for the ingredients, cook a three course meal substituting certain ingredients to make a healthier meal. Appetizer, main course, dessert. I was surprised with the amount of attention given to the presentation of the food. One of the recipes was a filet mignon with bleu cheese, I’ve been thinking about making something like that ever since I had it at Stuart Anderson’s, it is so ONO!

Black won the Challenge. The prize was a meal cooked by Rocco and videos from home.

WI: Blue Mark had been limited in the type of workout he did during the week due to a stress fracture. Still, Mark pulled out a 9 and had the best number for Blue. Blue puts up good numbers as usual except for Jackie who pulls a 2. Black weighs in. Maggie, Paul and Kelly put up solid numbers. Brittany and Bernie were left with needing, I think, 8 pounds to win it for Black. Brittany steps on the scale…and it’s a 10! Not only a fantastic number for a female, but a winning number for Black! So Bernie’s number was just icing.

It wasn’t that surprising that Black won. They were in more of a deficit than Blue from not losing very much the week before. Or in other words, Blue was more at risk of having a plateau week than Black because their bodies had been working consistently and might have decided they needed a break.

Blue has to decide on elimination.

Jackie, showing her old orange color again, went to Trent and Roger, without her son Dan. She says things to Trent like, ‘if we send you home, will you lose the weight at home?’ and, ‘will you go home and win the challenge between those sent home?’ I’m paraphrasing. Trent says he’s good.

Jackie goes to brothers Mark and Jay, the ones she tried to eliminate two weeks ago through game play and manipulation. She comes in, right away saying that Trent’s set to go, eliminate Trent. They say okay. She asks them to swear on their childrens’ heads that they would not eliminate her or her son without telling her first. They say okay. She leaves.

At the E-table, Jackie and Dan vote to eliminate Trent. Trent votes for Jackie. No way Roger votes for his partner, so he votes for Jackie. Jay…says little…and votes for Jackie. Mark votes for Jackie.

Blue eliminates Jackie.

She looks unbelieving but not quite surprised. She smiles. Mark says it goes back to an earlier week, and they show the clip of the moment that Mark’s referring to, when they were still in their couples teams, when Orange Jackie openly said that she would eliminate Mark and Jay if given the chance. Jackie, sounding very holier-than-thou, reminds Mark and Jay that they had sworn on the heads of their children not to eliminate her. Dan’s tearing up, not really understanding what was going on.

Anyways, such drama. I usually cannot stand such drama. I cannot watch shows like Survivor or Big Brother, I’ve never seen an episode of those at all and can’t fathom how they're still around. Oh, but it was so satisfying for this BL episode!

And Mark and Jay didn’t say the words swearing an oath to Jackie. Their children are not cursed because they sent Jackie home. Jackie wanted it both ways; when she and Dan showed their strength, it was ‘Marvel at us!’ When they were threatened, it was ‘Who? Us? We’re no threat.’

I am so glad she’s gone! I’ve been waiting for Mark and Jay to take her out. And I’m sure most of the conniving was done by Jackie and Dan just followed his mother, so the rest of the guys on Blue will probably take him willingly under their wing and have no ill will towards him.

*sigh* Now that I have that off of my mind, what will I write about next? I have no idea right now. So many issues of the day weigh on my heart and on my mind. I know what I want to write about but most of it is tough to write. We’ll see.

Oh, and I caught the last two questions of last night’s 5th Grader. I watch mostly ‘cuz I usually miss Jeopardy a lot these days and I miss it. I like exercising my mind and learn new things. But the young lady last night cleared the board with 2 ‘cheats’ left over! That was really good! AND she went for the million dollar question. I wanted her to win it, but she made a mistake.

Other pieces of 5th Grader episodes that I saw were painful to watch. Questions missed and nearly missed were things like ‘What is the title of the United States’ National Anthem?’ and ‘Spell the word (vowel).’ I know I misspelled ‘excruciating’ a couple entries ago, but I hadn’t used that word in awhile. I think the wires got crossed and a little Spanish spelling convention crept in. But come on, who gets through high school not knowing how to spell ‘vowel?’ One guy guessed that neon was a gas only because his friend had installed neon lights under his car, and the light was not a metal. If I didn’t know that neon is a gas, I would’ve thought of Vegas and neon lights. I do miss a few questions here and there, some of the questions I think that the 5th graders who would get those questions right must have gone to some kind of advanced of the best private schools, ‘cuz no way is that something one learns by 5th grade.

Okay, I’m going, I’m out. I am smarter than a 5th grader and I'm still a very good speller.

Mahalo for reading in!