Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lose the Attitude Already!

It’s another Biggest Loser summary. Black lost the first WI, then Blue lost the next two WIs, and now we’re down to 5 Black versus 4 Blue.

The contestants went home this week, a sort of test to see how well they learned and internalized the lessons from the ranch. It’s a challenge in itself because there’s no place like home; it’s comfortable, it’s easy, it’s comfortably easy to go back to old habits and pack on the pounds. The difference between the ways the Black members handled the trip home compared to the Blue members was interesting.

On the Black side, each person went home to their families on their own; Bernie and Brittany had come into the competition as strangers went to Chicago and California respectively; Paul and Kelly are the divorced pair, both of whom have significant others at home in different Florida towns. Maggie went home to meet up with her eliminated best friend Jenn, so at least there was someone at home Maggie could lean on. Bernie, Brittany, and Maggie are all on the younger side compared to Paul and Kelly, and as such are more prone to going out and partying with friends. None of them were shown to have partied; the closest thing was Brittany going to a restaurant for drinks with her friends, but she had a water and steamed fish, healthy choices.

Bernie went with his gf and friends to his favorite bakery. The owners had named Bernie’s favorite Boston Crème Pie Cupcake after him. His friends had one but Bernie only inhaled the aroma. Kelly, they didn’t show too much of what she did at home. Maggie worked out with Jenn and her trainer at the gym. Paul, um, ate chicken wings, drank soda, and laid around in a hot tub.

The Blue members, I would say, in contrast are all family men. Brothers Mark and Jay in Massachusetts with their wives and children. Roger went home to Alabama to his family. Dan, a single guy, yet he went home to his eliminated mother Jackie and family. Mark, right off, had to chase down his young son and take away a pastry ‘cuz his son has a sweet tooth like himself. Mark threw out all the goodies and cooked for his family.

Jay went to a restaurant with his family, he and his wife ordered healthy but let the kids order what they want, which of course came with fries. Jay said just touching the fries felt so good! But he did not have any. Roger also went to a restaurant and he and his wife ordered healthy. He was tempted by someone’s fries, but did not have any. Dan said in a way it was good that his mom had been eliminated; by the time he came home, she had filled the kitchen with only healthy stuff and so that was all set up for him already. Their family runs a non-profit working with kids and so Jackie and Dan played dodgeball with the kids and worked out at the gym together. Mark and Jay worked out together also.

When they all came back to the ranch, they had another Challenge. An apparatus was hooked up like a huge swing set only with two fixed arms going around, I’m not going to describe this adequately. Three members from each team had to jump over one bar and duck under the next, continually, without breaking a bar. Mark sat out from Blue ‘cuz of his injured leg; Paul and Kelly sat out ‘cuz the younger ones would probably do better. Blue Roger got out first, then Black Bernie, Blue Dan broke the bar, Maggie broke her bar, and it’s down to Blue Jay versus Black Brittany.

Black Brittany prevailed. She won for her team the choice of two Blue members to weigh in 24 hours earlier than everyone else. They chose Roger and Dan, good choices considering Mark’s injury and the fact that Jay has lost 5 and under pounds the last three WIs.

Roger and Dan weighed in front of Trainer Bob and Hostess Alison only. I’ll show their numbers later. They do not tell the Black team what the numbers are. They all had last chance workouts with their trainers.

The WI: They reveal that Dan pulled an 11 and Roger pulled a 16! Who knows how much bigger those numbers would be with the regular 24 hours more that everyone else had? Mark pulls out a 13 and Jay gets a 16! Altogether, 56 pounds and 5.67% weight loss for Blue, great numbers for having been on their own at home for most of the week. Blue are calling themselves the ‘Business Squad.’

Black needs more than 60 pounds to win. Maggie has a good 6, Bernie an okay 5, Brittany a not so okay 3, Kelly a good 7, and Paul with 5. 26 pounds, 1.96%. They lose the WI enormously. Kelly has immunity ‘cuz she’s the biggest loser for their team.

The elimination is boring for me so I’ll go through it quickly. Kelly and Paul feel like outsiders compared to the young B, B and M of Black, but Kelly wants to try to work with them. Meanwhile, B, B and M are in a room and with a wink and a nod, they say they all know who’s getting eliminated. At the E-table, Paul’s wearing his old yellow team shirt instead of the black the rest of team is wearing. Bernie and Brittany both vote for Paul. Paul and Kelly both vote for Bernie. It’s down to Maggie, and with an award-winning performance, says how hard this decision was for her and she didn’t want to make it, she’s eliminating someone she adores, blah blah, she votes for Paul, Kelly’s already started crying. Big surprise [sarc]. BOLD-FACED LIE is what it was, regarding Maggie, which is why it all annoyed me and that’s all I wanna say about that.

I am so wanting Blue to kick butt. Black is full of whiny bold-faced liars who act self-righteous towards Mark and Jay of Blue so, Blue, win it all!