Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Is There Honor Among Losers?

Well, I don’t know the answer to that, considering game play. Okay, it was Biggest Loser last night and they began, of course, with the fallout of the elimination of Jackie. I thought Jackie had gone to the brothers’ room alone, but in the flashback clip they showed, her son Dan had been in the room also.

I didn’t mean to sound like I advocate lying. I do not. When Jackie asked the brothers to swear on their children’s heads, I took their ‘yeah’ to mean, ‘just get out of our room.’ Jackie’s a strong-minded woman and I don’t know what she would’ve done if the brothers had been absolutely honest and say, ‘we’re voting for you, you’re out.’ Maybe Jackie did make them repeat the oath, I don’t know, they don’t show every single minute of tape. Mark’s answer to her question was, ‘yeah, I would.’ Semantics. He didn’t say he will promise, he said he would, which to me sounds like an unfinished sentence. ‘I would if I could trust you in return.’ ‘I would if I cared about you staying here.’ They should have said that instead. The Black team would not like anything the brothers say whether it’s the truth or not.

But what I thought last week was that the brothers could not make any pact in good faith with Jackie, because there was none to be made. Jackie had made it known that she was on a mission to take them out, didn’t matter that they’re on the same team now. She wanted to hear them promise in order to protect her son and herself.

This week’s show, Black team finds out they eliminated Jackie and Black team doesn’t like that. Why? Because Jackie had been their leader. They had all at one time made a pact with Jackie. Were Mark and Jay deceitful? Yes. Jackie was not innocent either, as Black would like to believe her to have been, but they know she wasn’t. The self-righteous indignation that Black team showed towards the brothers disgusted me because they had schemed and planned, including Jackie and Dan, to take out Mark and Jay. Black had all been deceitful towards the brothers and the pot called the kettle Black. And who cares what Black thinks? They’re on the opposite team! Why should Black care who Blue eliminated?

Where I’m disappointed with Blue is that none of them, not one, went to Dan and explained themselves. The redeeming thing about Dan was that he went to them and wanted to talk, tell them it’s okay that they eliminated his partner even if it wasn’t really okay with him, that they’re still a team and there’s still a mission: take out Black. One of the older members, especially Mark or Jay since they said they felt bad about lying to him, should have gone to Dan first.

Drama, drama, let’s move on.

Black won the Challenge. I don’t think there was a Temptation this week. At the Challenge, Black won two immunities; one for a member of their team and one for a member of the other team. At the weigh-in, they announced that they picked out of a hat that their member Maggie would have immunity and that they chose Jay to have immunity on the Blue team.

Black weighed in first. Paul, Kelly, and Bernie had good numbers. Brittany and Maggie pulled 3 pounds together. Kelly’s crying, who cares.

Blue weighs in. Dan, Trent, Roger pulls good numbers. Mark pulls an okay number. Jay only needed to have lost at least 5 for Blue to win. Jay had 5s at both of the last two WIs, so he’s due for a big number and he’s able to bring big numbers. The scale reads…4. 4 pounds. Black barely won the WI.

This time, all 5 Blue members for the first time coming together to decide what to do. Jay has the immunity that Black gave him. Roger has immunity for having the biggest number for the Blue WI. That leaves Dan, Trent and Mark. Trent offers up himself. He’s had a knee injury since the early weeks and it’s getting harder and harder for him to keep up. His numbers have been slowly dropping. Mark’s not sure if it’s in the best interest of the team, because he got injured last week and so he might not be able to keep up either but Trent’s adamant. They all agree to it.

Dan’s unsure. He doesn’t know if he can trust the guys yet. They didn’t like his mother and took her out; it only seems logical that they get rid of him too. He thought they were going to eliminate Trent last elimination.

Thing is, they didn’t eliminate Trent last week because Jackie thought she would be the leader and make the decision on her own. I don’t know that they have a true leader, but Jackie sure wasn’t it. If they had all come together and decided, maybe Trent would have been gone. No way were they going to let Jackie run the team; they couldn’t trust her and justifiably so, even for Roger and Trent. That is why they took Jackie out instead.

At the E-table, Mark and Jay vote for Trent. I guess there’s a rule that they can’t vote for themselves, so Trent voted for Mark. Then Roger, with wonderful words for his good friend, eliminated Trent. We don’t know how Dan voted. It might have been the best elimination that I’ve seen.

Yes, there is honor among ‘Losers.’ Trent is honorable.

Next week will be interesting because Trent had been the heart of the Blue team.

Mahalo for reading in.

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