Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Year Day!

Oh, it's not a national holiday? A 5th Grader question a few months ago was ‘how many days are in a leap year?’ To his credit, the guy knew that it was a one day difference, umm…but he didn’t know if that made it 364 or 366. Hmm.

It’s gonna be a bunch of things today. First, I wanna say that I am happy at the moment. Blank Slate’s gonna laugh ‘cause we just had a long conversation recently about happiness but that would take a whole ‘nother entry to go into. I will say that I am so grateful and glad for two recent emails I received.

The first was from Ripple, a good friend from the WU days. I have thought of and missed Ripple every so often. Aren’t memories just wonderful at times? It amazes me that after all these years of separation thinking of Ripple still puts a smile on my face. Good friends are hard to come by and Ripple was there for me through many sleepless nights [in studio], 3 a.m. air guitar, KIX wars, music lessons for me about the good bands like Foo Fighters, the L.A. ‘Doy-ers,’ and even the 6-foot bridge models. We had our rough patches and getting through mini-crises together, as all good friendships do; those may be the most precious moments when a relationship is tested and strengthened. I have replied to Ripple and hope to hear from him again. I am anxious to hear how he is.

The second was from a friend that goes way back to the hanabata days of kindergarten, First Friend [nn]. I remember First Friend as the first person at school to befriend me. Most everyone else came into kindergarten having known each other from preschool; I didn’t go to preschool. Hence, the nickname First Friend. It very well could have been Higs, we were all friends back then, but I have the feeling that it was indeed First Friend. After my family had moved and I changed schools, First and Higs kept in touch with me through many letters and to my complete surprise, First showed up at my graduation with a lei; it was handmade and I tried to preserve it as long as I could. First has given me news that Higs has married and so Higs may also be referred to as J.Craig; it’s the same person. It sounds like First is doing very well and I am glad for her. I haven’t gotten back to First yet, but I will be sending you a personal email soon. I am so glad that you received my letter!

While on the topic of old friends, they’ve just been popping up lately. Kris and I had our annual catch-up session couple weeks ago, hoping I will make it at least a quarterly catch-up, Kris has been good about wanting to see me and I have been bad though I care for her well, I need to start showing it much better. It’s always good fun talking with Kris. Before that, I had dinner with MirrorMan. I had cooked for him years ago and so he has finally repaid the turn with a meal cooked by him, it was good! And we watched ‘Miracle,’ it was good! MirrorMan is off to the Air National Guard soon and I am so proud of him, it is good! Then this past Sunday at church, after all the activities were done, I saw my dear friend Villa! I had had no idea where she has been the past maybe…8 years? She still looks good and young with that great big smile! I didn’t get much time to talk to her and she’s off to a trip, I think it’s a missions trip with YWAM, so I hope to see her again when she returns. Also at church was Clay and Jays, I hadn’t seen them in a long time either and didn’t have time with them.
The American Non-Idol

It is official, I am back in the choir! Practice is on Thursday nights usually. Last semester, I was completely traveling by bus and so I would be so tired by the time Thursday had come, I forgot about it most times. I love being in choir, I wish I had a better voice but that’s okay ‘cause I can hide somewhat in Mrs. T’s powerful voice. I’d rather do that than continue being scolded by Mrs. T for missing practice and I’m sure she’d rather have it this way too. But I do love being in choir. I went to my first practice this season the Thursday before yesterday, learned that we were singing in service that Sunday, and I had two days to learn two songs. It went okay, but I’m very rusty and I’ve been laboring under sinus irritations lately which doesn’t help my breathing.

And Mom loves it. She doesn’t get to hear me sing in regular Sunday service ‘cause she’s teaching a Sunday School class at that time, but she loves all the people coming up to her saying they saw me sing in service. I’ll let Mom have that as much as possible. It’s kinda like my singing in choir lets Mom shine and that’s a good thing.

Anyways, we’re gearing up for the Easter Service. March 23rd, save the date if you’re in town. I’ll give more details later.
Typing Stamina

It’s the close of February, opening of March. February logged a record 15 entries. That’s astonishing to me. I knew I blab a lot within my mind, but seeing it out on screen now and it is only about 10% of what actually goes through my mind. I think this shows why I tend to be very private in person ‘cause once you get me talking about something that I’m passionate about or dealing with or something like that, I might not be able to stop. I can talk for hours without saying anything substantive as well, you probably know that.

I wonder if I can keep up the frequency for March.
Wishes Come True, In A Way

See Just For Fun. I had posted a Christmas list for fun, not expecting any of it ‘cause the list doesn’t matter. I put up the $ for the U-Pass, I already knew I was going to. Dad gets a case of AZ Green Tea when I go with them to Sam’s. Dad always buys custard pie for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. I saved and got the BarlowGirl CD just recently, it’s good! I didn’t get chocolate-dipped shortbread but Uncle and Aunty T sent brownies from Big Island Candies, I haven’t tried one yet, maybe tonight, can’t wait!

The best thing yet is that MegaMouth is mine! We took her to the vet and had her checked out, she's healthy with no microchip, yet. We haven't seen any posters for her in months. Too bad! She's MINE! Umm…she’s not getting along completely with SweetPea and Charis yet or I’m thinking it’s not gonna happen at all, but they’re not killing each other so I’ll take it. I could go on and on about Mega so I’ll leave that for another time maybe. And Mega doesn’t take any playing around from Chico the Dog, she whoops him good sometimes!

Speaking of dogs, the neighborhood pets seem to gravitate towards our house. The recent episode was last week when a Tibetan Spaniel wandered onto our driveway and tried to make house under Mom's car. We put up posters, no one called, no one seemed to be looking for her and she definitely did not travel far. We finally found help from a neighbor who has a friend that can take her in 'cause they researched but found she's probably an abandoned. Poor thing, but she was definitely not staying with us! She was obviously a spoiled little thing. Too bad, dogs love me, she did.
The Found Lost Tibetan

I missed hearing the UH Volleyball matches at Pacific last week and this weeks at Stanford on radio. I know, what kind of fan am I? I don't know how I missed 4 matches in row! We swept Pac but Stanford swept us. Ugh! Stanford had been struggling the past few seasons, but now they've loaded up with good ILH players from Hawaii, not fair! Nah, but I can't believe they swept us so soon. Next week is LUC, I'm definitely catching those games! Maybe I'll go to both matches 'cause I budgeted for but missed going to a UCLA match. Hmmm...who should I call?

Finally, a big mahalo to Kev who has definitely been reading every so often and left the first comment on a post! MAHALO! I know it's a lot of bore, but I do say something amusing now and then, huh?

I think that’s enough randomness for now. Mahalo for reading in!