Saturday, February 23, 2008

Get A Move On!

Alright, an update on the fitness 2008 non-resolution commitment: I have been to the gym! I have seen it! That’s a joke, I’ve been to the gym before, but this is the first of ’08 in the gym. It took a little while ‘cuz I’ve been working out by pulling weeds and chopping trees lately. That’s in another entry if I have or haven’t posted it yet.

I went on the 12th, that’s the Tuesday before last. I wasn’t feeling completely well, so all I did was 30 minutes of elliptical, very uneventful. I was sluggish.

Thursday was better. It was a good day! Yes, that was Valentine’s Day. I thought the gym would be the usual busy or more crowded with people wanting to look extra buff for their valentines. It was the opposite. It was emptier than usual. The second row of parking was almost empty; the usual thunder of the machines being used was just a soft buzz.

I got on the elliptical. I used to run on the track, then along the streets of my neighborhood, but my knee started to hurt a couple years ago. The elliptical is good for me. The treadmill’s not so good ‘cuz I have the tendency to not walk straight all the time and my knee’ll hurt more.

I always set the machine for 60 minutes manual run. I don’t always make an hour if I don’t feel well enough to finish or if the gym is packed; I don’t wanna hog. I glance every so often to see what’s on the TVs in front me but have a hard time running and watching or running and reading the captions; I can’t do both. I can’t read the captions and watch the show and know what’s going on.

Instead, I listened to the Nano. For Thursday, I started with Herb Lusk’s sermon One More Round. It was featured on the Focus on the Family radio broadcast a couple years ago. It’s a great motivator and encourager for life, but also for a workout. He crescendos near the end and the crowd chants ‘One More Round!’ which corresponds to the middle of a full 60 minute cardio. I feel like going the whole way!

Then I switched to music so that I can let the rhythm carry me on to the end. This is the first time I’m trying my listening options in this way, sermon first, music second. It worked out well. Groove Armada kept an energetic tempo with ‘I See You Baby,’ followed right away by ‘Right Here, Right Now’ by Fatboy Slim and ‘Whoomp! There It Is’ from Tag Team. Next came Celine Dion, that’s right, I said Tag Team to Celine Dion. It wasn’t too bad. I didn’t preprogram a workout tune list. Well, I don’t like too many Dion songs but ‘To Love You More’ has a lot of swells and moving violins so it kept me going good.

From there to the end, Amy Hanaiali‘i and Willy K were in my ears. Their live album, a must have if you love Hawaiian music or for when you’re missing the islands, the pidgin talk, melodic old soul Hawaiian voices. The songs fit perfectly into this part of the run, energetic and lively with smooth recovery music at the right times. Here’s the list I had on Thursday: ‘I Ali‘i Noe ‘Oe,’ ‘Moloka‘i Woman,’ ‘Palehua,’ ‘Hanaiali‘i Nui La Ea,’ and ‘Autumn Leaves.’ I said perfect.

I finished all 60 minutes. As I wiped down the machine of my sweat, the elliptical informed me that I ran 4.75 miles and burned about 517 calories. Is that good? Is it? I don’t know. I have a sense that I had to run a mile in so many minutes for P.E. at some time, but I have no clue what my time was. I don’t think it was even close to a 12-minute mile. My old elliptical runs have been at a slow pace, I didn’t push myself very often and had taken a lot of rests before, running a 15-min mile. So Thursday was about a 12:35-minute mile. Is that good? Let me know. I kept a good pace, didn’t slow down too much to take in water or take a lot of breaks, I wasn’t winded. I felt great!

And I was spurred on by the thought that if the people on Loser can go full-out, so can I. Specifically I was encouraged by Pink Betty Sue who’s already been eliminated.

I went to the gym yesterday [Friday] also. Same thing, 60 minutes on the elliptical. I almost didn’t make it ‘cuz about the 40-minute mark, someone near me had come and I could just smell the lingering cigarette smoke. I’m rather sensitive to that scent. I don’t get it, a smoker working out at the gym. The playlist for Friday’s run was Luci Swindoll’s ‘A Positive Look at Life,’ another Focus on the Family broadcast. It is just rolling with laughter! Somewhere in the middle she mentions having a dinner at Tommy’s and that made me want Tommy’s…while I’m working out, thinking of Tommy’s. Good memories.

Swindoll got me through the entire 60. I did the same 4.75 miles and 520 calories. After that, since I still had time that day and felt good, I jumped on the bike. 20 minutes for 3.15 miles and 90 calories, I took it real easy. The bikes at my gym have a little fan at the top, I like that. Having the fan on makes me think I’m riding on the streets instead of in a gym, makes me feel like I’m actually going somewhere. I still haven’t fixed my bike at home yet. The playlist for that ride was DMX, BarlowGirl’s ‘Porcelain Heart,’ ‘Psalm 73,’ and Aaron Shust’s ‘Matchless’ and ‘Stillness.’

And if you see me at the gym, or anywhere and anytime I'm walking around on my own really, if I don't say 'hi,' [and if I know you] chances are that I didn't see you. When I'm on my own, I just go around and I'm thinking about what I hafta do or what I'm doing right then or...I'm just not paying that much attention to details. If I'm on the elliptical, I'm probably concentrating on what I'm doing or listening to, and I'm not someone who goes to the gym to check guys out, although there are some good-looking guys at my gym! What I'm saying is that I'm not being a snob on purpose, I just don't realize sometimes. I was at the gym once when a classmate came in, stood right in front of the elliptical I was on, and had to wave before I realized who it was. Basically, if I know you and I see you, I will acknowledge you and come and talk a little. Even if it's someone I'm not crazy about or maybe we're on estranged terms, I will talk to them; I'm not an avoider. Just wanted to say that 'cuz I've snobbed people by accident, like they told me later that they saw me and I had no idea what they were talking about. I was walking to class once and a friend had to step right in my face before I blinked and realized what was going on.

So that’s it, I’m going, I’m moving, I’m on the way, 25 by 7. I’m beginning to get into a routine of waking up at 5:30, morning routine, then it’s breakfast ‘cuz I need an hour between eating and working out [that’s why I might not feel well at the gym], prayer, devotionals, and Bible read. Then it’s off to the gym!

Mahalo for reading in!