Thursday, January 17, 2008

On Tap for 2008: Deflation

I know, it’s girly to talk about weight and for those of you who don’t know me, girly is not a word that friends would use to describe me. In fact, I once got very giggly over a guy and I didn’t realize it until the Mad Scientist said that I was creeping him out; he wasn’t used to seeing me act that way. I love being a woman, but I could go on about how I’m not the flowery, frilly pink, shopping crazy, looking-for-the-next-great-diet kind of girly-girl. Maybe some other time.

I have never been on a fad diet. My friend had decided to try that diet where you cut out carbs completely for the first week or something like that. She didn’t last the FIRST DAY. She was like, ‘Gimme some fries!’ When I was younger, my doctor was concerned that I was headed towards being overweight and he just told me to cut back on juice or soda or something and exercise more. So that’s kinda my mentality on ‘dieting,’ I just think about what I can cut back on. I’ll eat healthier and treat myself to the fats here and there.

The more I write about this, the more you’re likely to think I’m lying through my fingers when I say that I don’t care about my weight. Basically, I will never ask a question remotely along the lines of, ‘Do these jeans make me look fat?’ I was IM-ing with a roommate and I think the subject was about certain differences between men and women and that question came up. His answer was, ‘No, babe. The cellulite on your thighs make you look fat.’ That got me laughing so hard! But then, that may be one of the reasons why he’s single, I don’t know.

I am, however, about 25 lbs. from where I have felt most comfortable. I would like to fit into my clothes better; I really miss being able to do that. Realistically, I should be able to lose the 25 by July 1st. That’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna cut back on certain foods. I’ve already begun to cut back on my soda intake, that’s easy. I’ve gone between periods of no soda at all and tons of soda. The last two years, I’ve been at the soda but I can go back to little to no soda at all. I’ll be in soda detox. Not even diet soda- I do not like diet soda. It all tastes like a certain artificial sweetener. I won’t even have any fat-free stuff that has that sweetener. I tried this other yogurt brand [I eat Yoplait] ‘cuz it was on sale and I forgot to check, it had that sweetener; five different flavors and it all tasted the same to me. I’m that sensitive to fake sugars. Just give me less of the real thing, please.

And I wanna say that I actually worry if I lose weight and I know that I haven’t been exercising more than usual. When I had my tooth extracted recently and I was on a liquid diet for the first two days, doctor’s orders, I was slightly miserable. I lost a couple pounds, but man, did I feel weak.

So exercise is a must. It shouldn’t be a problem. I will be walking a lot ‘cuz I’ll be on the bus pass this semester again. I have access to the gym. Here’s what, I could use a gym partner, but one that has some knowledge in training. My good friend Shay has great athletic ability and is now a P.E. teacher. She was my trainer for some time. She’ll tell you that I did whatever she told me to; well, I trusted her. She seriously pushed me, AND made me laugh so that made it harder. Like I'll be on the benchpress and she'll say something while I'm in the down position, make me laugh, and she'll say, 'Okay, bring it back up!' Male or female, I’ll do my best to keep up. Let me know if you’re in my area and you’re interested, or on the island and know of an activity going on that I might enjoy. I like hikes, swimming, biking…I’d like to go to the batting cages and learn to do that. I’ll try, anything but golf ‘cuz golf’s just not for me at all.

Speaking of the gym, I took the kickboxing class once last semester ‘cuz I just happened to be there when it started. I’ve gotta fix that into my schedule. I had so much fun. I mean, it was my first ever class and I had to laugh afterwards ‘cuz the grandmas and grandpas were doing better than I was!

And I gotta fix my bike. It’s been over a year now. Gotta get that done.

And that’s what’s on tap for 2008: 25 by 7 [July].

Please feel free to leave a comment on any or all of the entries; I will read them. I might even answer back, I don’t like leaving people hanging. Some encouragement might be good for this one.

Mahalo for reading in!