Thursday, January 10, 2008

Candlelight With Elves, What Could Be Better?

I had meant to begin the journaling this year early, but I was forced onto a detour that I will talk about another time.

So, Happy New Year! Welcome 2008!

Let’s see, backtrack a little to Christmas Eve. Exhausted from doing a little running around during the day, visiting with Popo and Papa and present shopping for the four-leggers in the house, I had forgotten about the Christmas Eve service at church. Mom came home, tired also but Mom LOVES Christmas!!! She found some extra fuel for the night.

I was in the choir a few years back and felt a little embarrassed to be in the crowd and not on the stage like I should’ve been this year. It’s the annual Kalihi Union Church Candlelight Service and Show; well, I added the ‘Show’ part in there. The sort of KUC actor’s guild puts on a play every year. It’s mostly the usual suspects, even though a couple have changed churches, but they love the KUC Candlelight tradition so they come back every time. The choir plays a role in the show too.

Actually, being in the crowd and being on the stage both have their good and bad. On stage I’m nervous, trying to remember the lyrics and changes, trying to pay attention to the show, looking to see where Mom’s sitting or if my friends are in the audience, all the while very conscious that anyone could be looking at me at any moment because the choir is on stage the entire time with only dimmed lights during the acting parts as cover. Oh, and trying to remember to SMILE while I’m SINGING which I think looks strange on my face but Mom loves it.

So I can say I was more relaxed being in the audience. But we sat on the outside of the row, so I wasn’t in a good place to get good pictures of it all. I always try. I messed up the picture showing the candlelight part; it's a beautiful sight, come and experience it for yourself one of these years.
Here’s the back of the choir director’s head. See his lei? It's neat, it changes between green and red when he moves. I was trying to take a picture of former-representative-turned-Elvis-impersonator Mr. A but he turned as soon as I snapped the picture. Maybe he’s a little camara-shy. Nah, but the Elvis thing was a part of the play. Mr. A left the representing job to focus more attention to the Philippines’ mission trips that he organizes every so often for KUC, I think it’s an annual trip now, and other projects. Can you find the humangous sideburns?

The scene was set in an airport waiting area in Vegas. No, we did not rent the elves from the Ala Moana Christmas commercials. The elves shown here are true Kalihi elves! What do you think of the shoes? I couldn’t pull off that look. Maybe if they came in grey?

The crowd partying it up after hours KUC style! Mrs. Akamine, my third grade Sunday school teacher and fellow choir member, found me and properly scolded me for missing choir; she’s a good lady! Uncle Mike and Aunty Shirlynne were there, Uncle Don said hi, caught up a second with Andrew who is back home now and in the choir, and more. It was a good night all around!

Afterwards, Mom and I did a little drive-by Christmas tour. I did this few years ago with my cousin's girl T-J when they lived with us one time. I miss spending so much time with T-J. She's the little girl in the picture with Santa a few entries earlier. Anyways, as I said, Mom LOVES Christmas but we were short on time 'cuz Dad was home making RIBS, MMMM! But still, the drive-by was worth it. I gotta do this every year 'cuz some M-houses really go all out, Halloween too!

Here's some looks:
That last one was a bugger! It was one of those lighted balloon thing displays with a light show. I kept catching it when none of the things were lighted, it took about 7 tries to get this shot, one of the tries had only frosty lighted up... But it was fun trying, kinda like some wierd game, yes, I can be easily amused... Who knew, more camera-shyness?

Anyways, all these pictures should satisfy Kevin for some time, but I have more to share, coming up!

Buenas Noches!

P.S. I had hoped to get the video working of the KUC Choir singing 'Sing Noel', but ah well... Better luck next time!