Thursday, January 10, 2008

And The Tooth Has Set Me Free! Part II

I go downstairs and outside. NTS isn’t TOO far, I could walk it…, or I could take the bus, but I don’t know exactly when it’ll come and I had told Dad to pick me up at Dr. T’s. It’s 2:15. I call Dad and he’s already on his way so I wait there. Dad comes and we go to NTS, find the office. It’s closer to 3 now and I’m there to see an oral surgeon. Well, Dr. T did say that they’ll have better tools or he was gonna hafta drill it.

It was quick. I filled out the forms, they took me to the back, looked at the x-rays, asked the questions they’re supposed to ask, and we’re on our way. As Dr. H here put it, ‘Taking Out Your Tooth, Part II.’

They numb it up, I can still feel a little bit but less than before and then nothing. Dr. H takes maybe 15 seconds and pauses. I feel nothing. I’m thinking, please God, take out the tooth. They do a little more, they’re talking very softly. Then he says okay, that should be it, tells me the final things and his d.a. starts taking off the stuff. I’m thinking, huh? They got it out?! ‘Would you like to see it?’ *shrug*, sure. He shows it to me, it’s all bloody and stuff but I’m one of those that’s like, cool, that was the bugger that was trying to kill me? That little thing? Well, I didn’t get to take it home with me, or at least Dr. H didn’t ask if I wanted it and I didn’t ask if I could have it.

It was not even a minute and I pay for it and Dad and I are back in the car.

Dr. H had given me a prescription for a painkiller and antibiotics so we go to get that filled out. The tooth is gone, it’s outta here, but I’m not clear of the woods yet. Wow, that numb-er thing they’ve got is fantastic! I felt nothing! I walk around the store while they fill out the pill stuff, the lady said it would be about 20 minutes. I pick up some stuff and a basket. Then I hear my name called over the loudspeaker which scares me a little ‘cuz I can’t remember the last time I heard my name over the loudspeaker. Maybe that was the first time. I dunno, I kinda like a small helping of anonymity, but now everyone in the store knows I’m in the store getting drugs.

Anyways, all she wanted was to confirm my insurance stuff of which I have none currently. I’m starting to feel that other trouble coming over me and glad to have been called back to the pharmacy section where they have chairs, I sat down. I’m now extremely exhausted and slipping out of my mind as I hold down the gauze in the gap with my teeth, thinking, thank God Dad is with me and what am I supposed to eat, can I eat, oh yeah, that’s right, I’ve got the milkshake in the car that we picked up before going to the store ‘cuz the instructions they gave me said I could have milk or something, gee, when I can have the milkshake I sure am hungry by now Ican’tstandnothavingbreakfastanymoreohihaven’tbeenlookingformynumberdidtheycallityet?

Dad’s walking around the store more, staying in the area to check up on me.

My number comes up, I go the counter, Dad takes care of the things I’d put in the basket ‘cuz I could barely lift it when I stood up. It had tofu and a bottle of sauce, that’s all. I take care of the drug things which came out to less than I was expecting. They even have a program for non-insurance goofs like me. The guy hands me ‘my card’ and starts going through the procedure while I take the card and then my brain turns on a smidge to say, my card? Check the name on the bottles. It’s my name so I just sign where the guy tells me and he explains what the card is and stuff, the non-insurance thing.

Finally I’m home with my milkshake and drugs! I get comfortable in front of the TV, use a spoon with the milkshake ‘cuz the d.a. told me not to use a straw, I read all the information I got that day, especially for the prescription stuff. Mom comes home and Dad and I tell her what happened, how it’s Dr. T’s fault ‘cuz he broke my tooth, joking, and in the middle of that, Dad was doing most of the talking while I spoon up the shake so I can hurry and take the painkiller ‘cuz I feel it coming on and on top of that I’m starved which is my own fault I admit. I look down to my hand and the shake and I have lost the spoon. I look and look and realize I’ve lost it in the shake. Mom gets me another spoon and I continue with the shake.

So I was in and out of it for a few more days. Today I am on my last round of antibiotics; I didn’t have pain after the first day so I didn’t take the painkiller. I’m sleeping better now, though I have never been an easy sleeper.

But the best part is that the TOOTH IS NO MORE!

I know people don’t think about seeing the dentist because they’re not in pain, I’m one of those clearly. But I’m gonna pay more attention to when I went last. And others don’t go ‘cuz they’re afraid of the dentist- don’t be. The more regular you go for cleanings and check ups and that dentist, if he’s a good one, will save you some drilling, which I’m guessing is a good part of the fear of going. Call 1-800-dentist, ask friends if they’re dentists are good, whatever. Just get to the dentist.

Mahalo for reading in.

P.S. I do take care of my teeth, brushing and mouthwash and all that. The tooth they took out was difficult to take care of and I knew it was gonna be trouble. So even if you think you take great care of your smile and don't need the dentist, go anyway.