Thursday, January 17, 2008

On Tap for 2008: Deflation

I know, it’s girly to talk about weight and for those of you who don’t know me, girly is not a word that friends would use to describe me. In fact, I once got very giggly over a guy and I didn’t realize it until the Mad Scientist said that I was creeping him out; he wasn’t used to seeing me act that way. I love being a woman, but I could go on about how I’m not the flowery, frilly pink, shopping crazy, looking-for-the-next-great-diet kind of girly-girl. Maybe some other time.

I have never been on a fad diet. My friend had decided to try that diet where you cut out carbs completely for the first week or something like that. She didn’t last the FIRST DAY. She was like, ‘Gimme some fries!’ When I was younger, my doctor was concerned that I was headed towards being overweight and he just told me to cut back on juice or soda or something and exercise more. So that’s kinda my mentality on ‘dieting,’ I just think about what I can cut back on. I’ll eat healthier and treat myself to the fats here and there.

The more I write about this, the more you’re likely to think I’m lying through my fingers when I say that I don’t care about my weight. Basically, I will never ask a question remotely along the lines of, ‘Do these jeans make me look fat?’ I was IM-ing with a roommate and I think the subject was about certain differences between men and women and that question came up. His answer was, ‘No, babe. The cellulite on your thighs make you look fat.’ That got me laughing so hard! But then, that may be one of the reasons why he’s single, I don’t know.

I am, however, about 25 lbs. from where I have felt most comfortable. I would like to fit into my clothes better; I really miss being able to do that. Realistically, I should be able to lose the 25 by July 1st. That’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna cut back on certain foods. I’ve already begun to cut back on my soda intake, that’s easy. I’ve gone between periods of no soda at all and tons of soda. The last two years, I’ve been at the soda but I can go back to little to no soda at all. I’ll be in soda detox. Not even diet soda- I do not like diet soda. It all tastes like a certain artificial sweetener. I won’t even have any fat-free stuff that has that sweetener. I tried this other yogurt brand [I eat Yoplait] ‘cuz it was on sale and I forgot to check, it had that sweetener; five different flavors and it all tasted the same to me. I’m that sensitive to fake sugars. Just give me less of the real thing, please.

And I wanna say that I actually worry if I lose weight and I know that I haven’t been exercising more than usual. When I had my tooth extracted recently and I was on a liquid diet for the first two days, doctor’s orders, I was slightly miserable. I lost a couple pounds, but man, did I feel weak.

So exercise is a must. It shouldn’t be a problem. I will be walking a lot ‘cuz I’ll be on the bus pass this semester again. I have access to the gym. Here’s what, I could use a gym partner, but one that has some knowledge in training. My good friend Shay has great athletic ability and is now a P.E. teacher. She was my trainer for some time. She’ll tell you that I did whatever she told me to; well, I trusted her. She seriously pushed me, AND made me laugh so that made it harder. Like I'll be on the benchpress and she'll say something while I'm in the down position, make me laugh, and she'll say, 'Okay, bring it back up!' Male or female, I’ll do my best to keep up. Let me know if you’re in my area and you’re interested, or on the island and know of an activity going on that I might enjoy. I like hikes, swimming, biking…I’d like to go to the batting cages and learn to do that. I’ll try, anything but golf ‘cuz golf’s just not for me at all.

Speaking of the gym, I took the kickboxing class once last semester ‘cuz I just happened to be there when it started. I’ve gotta fix that into my schedule. I had so much fun. I mean, it was my first ever class and I had to laugh afterwards ‘cuz the grandmas and grandpas were doing better than I was!

And I gotta fix my bike. It’s been over a year now. Gotta get that done.

And that’s what’s on tap for 2008: 25 by 7 [July].

Please feel free to leave a comment on any or all of the entries; I will read them. I might even answer back, I don’t like leaving people hanging. Some encouragement might be good for this one.

Mahalo for reading in!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

On Tap For 2008: Weight of the World and Finances

What I had wanted to write in the first week of 2008, before the whole tooth ordeal, was that the first song to play on my I-tunes in 2008 was ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen. I don’t know if that will mean anything to how the year’s gonna go for me. Hopefully I’m the one who rocks the year and not that I’m gonna get rocked ‘cuz it’s been a rough few years already. I’m looking forward to making the good times roll once again.

The first song to play on my I-Pod was ‘Weight of the World’ by Chantal Kreviazuk. It’s from the soundtrack for ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,’ quite a good soundtrack in my opinion. The soundtrack also has Keith Urban’s ‘Somebody Like You’ and Luce’s ‘Good Day.’ Anyways, ‘Weight’ is a better song about how I hope the year will go for me.

Alright, there’s a caution about the word ‘resolution,’ especially at this time of year. People seem to have the opinion that resolutions can never be kept past the 7th day. I do have goals. The past few years have been mainly about money.

One day back in 2006, I started to keep a record of the money that I spend. I don’t know why or how it came to me to do so, but I set out to do it.

To give a little context, if shopping is a female gene, then mine must be recessive. I tend to think that I shop more like the typical man: I go in, I see what I came for, I pay for it and I’m out. Or, I don’t see what I came for and I’m out. I haven’t been to a mall between Thanksgiving Day and January, you know, the big sales for Christmas time and after, since about 2000? In fact, I rarely go to the mall at all. I don’t like crowds, I don’t like parents who let their children run wild, I don’t like waiting in line.

I was driving past Best Buy this past season when they had that huge sale. The store wasn’t open yet and there were the people with their cars, camped outside, huge line. I saw the coverage of it on the news later that night and this lady said she was waiting there since the day before, she had so much fun last year she decided she’d do it again. Unbelievable waste of one’s time! I think she got some I-pods and a TV and a computer, I dunno. Waste of time. If it was for something I really really really needed and could only afford it with the sale, I’d still think twice about going to that sale. Those people need to have their heads checked. [I apologize if you were one of those people, I just, anyways…]

So, I’m not a spendaholic, basically. From an early age, Dad let us know that we would have to work for the things that we want and that sometimes, we just couldn’t afford it. Mom and Dad started our savings accounts early, showing us how to use it and things like that. When I started college, they left the decision to work during school up to me. They prefer that I not work so that I can focus on studies so I am very aware of their support and that many others are not so fortunate of circumstance. I have worked while in school, but not last year at least.

Perhaps I began on this finance journey in order to be a good steward of my parents’ hard-earned money. Dad gives me a small allowance each week. From that I tithe to my church, an accomplishment of ’07. I’ve tithed before, just not so consistently nor have I kept a record of it before. If I’m going out, Dad always asks if I have enough money and I say yes but he’ll give me more just in case ‘cuz, well, Dad worries about me and I love that he does. I’ve learned to just say, ‘I’m leaving!’ from the front door and go so he won’t give me more.

In 2006, when I began to track my spending, I decided to save a quarter a day. Last year, it was a dollar a day. Goals reached both years. This year’s goal is $1.50 a day. Doable. Since I’m not working right now, I’m using it to build up my savings; it remains saved and UNTOUCHED. What I hope to do eventually, when I work again, is to use a portion of the saved money for going crazy on Christmas presents and donations.

Anyways, this is turning out to be longer than I thought it would be. I’ve kept the record for about 21 months and now that I have a full regular year (Jan-Dec), I put all the numbers into a table for analysis. If you have questions about what I’m doing or want advice on how to start a budget or whatever, I’ll do my best for you. Well, if I keep to the adjustments I made from the 2007 numbers for 2008, I will have saved my parents [or myself when I get the job] about $800.

That’s the goal: better last year’s expenses.

That’s not all, there’s more on tap for 2008 coming up later. In no particular order, it’s just that I finished the adjustments yesterday so finances were on my heart readily.

Mahalo for reading in! Let me know what you think, especially if you think I’m wonderful, leave a comment for any of the journals past or to come. Mahalo!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

And The Tooth Has Set Me Free! Part II

I go downstairs and outside. NTS isn’t TOO far, I could walk it…, or I could take the bus, but I don’t know exactly when it’ll come and I had told Dad to pick me up at Dr. T’s. It’s 2:15. I call Dad and he’s already on his way so I wait there. Dad comes and we go to NTS, find the office. It’s closer to 3 now and I’m there to see an oral surgeon. Well, Dr. T did say that they’ll have better tools or he was gonna hafta drill it.

It was quick. I filled out the forms, they took me to the back, looked at the x-rays, asked the questions they’re supposed to ask, and we’re on our way. As Dr. H here put it, ‘Taking Out Your Tooth, Part II.’

They numb it up, I can still feel a little bit but less than before and then nothing. Dr. H takes maybe 15 seconds and pauses. I feel nothing. I’m thinking, please God, take out the tooth. They do a little more, they’re talking very softly. Then he says okay, that should be it, tells me the final things and his d.a. starts taking off the stuff. I’m thinking, huh? They got it out?! ‘Would you like to see it?’ *shrug*, sure. He shows it to me, it’s all bloody and stuff but I’m one of those that’s like, cool, that was the bugger that was trying to kill me? That little thing? Well, I didn’t get to take it home with me, or at least Dr. H didn’t ask if I wanted it and I didn’t ask if I could have it.

It was not even a minute and I pay for it and Dad and I are back in the car.

Dr. H had given me a prescription for a painkiller and antibiotics so we go to get that filled out. The tooth is gone, it’s outta here, but I’m not clear of the woods yet. Wow, that numb-er thing they’ve got is fantastic! I felt nothing! I walk around the store while they fill out the pill stuff, the lady said it would be about 20 minutes. I pick up some stuff and a basket. Then I hear my name called over the loudspeaker which scares me a little ‘cuz I can’t remember the last time I heard my name over the loudspeaker. Maybe that was the first time. I dunno, I kinda like a small helping of anonymity, but now everyone in the store knows I’m in the store getting drugs.

Anyways, all she wanted was to confirm my insurance stuff of which I have none currently. I’m starting to feel that other trouble coming over me and glad to have been called back to the pharmacy section where they have chairs, I sat down. I’m now extremely exhausted and slipping out of my mind as I hold down the gauze in the gap with my teeth, thinking, thank God Dad is with me and what am I supposed to eat, can I eat, oh yeah, that’s right, I’ve got the milkshake in the car that we picked up before going to the store ‘cuz the instructions they gave me said I could have milk or something, gee, when I can have the milkshake I sure am hungry by now Ican’tstandnothavingbreakfastanymoreohihaven’tbeenlookingformynumberdidtheycallityet?

Dad’s walking around the store more, staying in the area to check up on me.

My number comes up, I go the counter, Dad takes care of the things I’d put in the basket ‘cuz I could barely lift it when I stood up. It had tofu and a bottle of sauce, that’s all. I take care of the drug things which came out to less than I was expecting. They even have a program for non-insurance goofs like me. The guy hands me ‘my card’ and starts going through the procedure while I take the card and then my brain turns on a smidge to say, my card? Check the name on the bottles. It’s my name so I just sign where the guy tells me and he explains what the card is and stuff, the non-insurance thing.

Finally I’m home with my milkshake and drugs! I get comfortable in front of the TV, use a spoon with the milkshake ‘cuz the d.a. told me not to use a straw, I read all the information I got that day, especially for the prescription stuff. Mom comes home and Dad and I tell her what happened, how it’s Dr. T’s fault ‘cuz he broke my tooth, joking, and in the middle of that, Dad was doing most of the talking while I spoon up the shake so I can hurry and take the painkiller ‘cuz I feel it coming on and on top of that I’m starved which is my own fault I admit. I look down to my hand and the shake and I have lost the spoon. I look and look and realize I’ve lost it in the shake. Mom gets me another spoon and I continue with the shake.

So I was in and out of it for a few more days. Today I am on my last round of antibiotics; I didn’t have pain after the first day so I didn’t take the painkiller. I’m sleeping better now, though I have never been an easy sleeper.

But the best part is that the TOOTH IS NO MORE!

I know people don’t think about seeing the dentist because they’re not in pain, I’m one of those clearly. But I’m gonna pay more attention to when I went last. And others don’t go ‘cuz they’re afraid of the dentist- don’t be. The more regular you go for cleanings and check ups and that dentist, if he’s a good one, will save you some drilling, which I’m guessing is a good part of the fear of going. Call 1-800-dentist, ask friends if they’re dentists are good, whatever. Just get to the dentist.

Mahalo for reading in.

P.S. I do take care of my teeth, brushing and mouthwash and all that. The tooth they took out was difficult to take care of and I knew it was gonna be trouble. So even if you think you take great care of your smile and don't need the dentist, go anyway.

And The Tooth Has Set Me Free!

No, that’s not a typo. It’s true that the truth has set me free, years ago, but for the past few weeks it has been the tooth.

Go back to the KUC Candlelight Service after party. I don’t go for sweets as much as I used to at one time, but you see, officer, there was this sugar cookie. It was lying on the table, looking so innocent and good, dressed up in perfect white frosting with red and green sprinkles on top. I’m kidding, seriously I don’t really care about cookies, it’s not some kind of addiction for me. But it did look good. I had a sugar cookie because I hardly ever eat sugar cookies. And it was Christmas.

The next day I was fine. I barely thought of the sugar cookie. As I mentioned in the previous entry, Dad was home with the oh-so-tender-and-tasty ribs.

By the next Friday night though, I was hurting! I mean, my tooth was throbbing, the pain was shooting back and forth between my mouth and my brain, I was CRYING… I pray a lot, but I had never prayed all-night like that time. And for me, it seems that things like toothaches come precisely at the time that I’m getting ready for bed.

I took as many painkiller/ sleep-aid things as the label said I was allowed to have. Then I moved onto the Advil; I took as many as that label said I was allowed. I started taking this other pain pill. And I’ve told Jules many times regarding a different subject, I HATE TAKING PILLS!

And my poor cats, I have three of them in the house now, and they’re looking at me go between the bed and the medication drawer, outside to the kitchen to refill my cup so that I could take more medication… I kept going to the bathroom to brush my teeth for the fifth time that night ‘cuz maybe then it’ll take the pain away, mouthwash, anything. I couldn’t think anymore, I couldn’t lay still. PAIN. CRYING. PRAYING. EXHAUSTED.

Finally, something kicks in and I fall asleep. Exactly half an hour later, PAIN. CRYING. PRAYING. EXHAUSTED.

That goes on for the rest of the night until about 5 or 6 am, I get more than 30 consecutive minutes of rest. All I know is my dad waking me up ‘cuz I wanted to go visit Aunty and Uncle that Saturday, it’s Saturday now.

My brother comes over, I groggily get ready, we all go over to Sizzler’s for breakfast. The pain hasn’t lessened in intensity but thank God, it’s coming less frequently. My stomach was out of sorts, I’m starting to worry that it’s internally bleeding due to all the stuff I took during the night, but the food helped. We go on to see Aunty and Uncle.

By the time we got back, I knew the dentist’s office was closed for the weekend. Monday morning I call the office and Trudie answers and hers was the most beautiful voice I’d heard, well, that second. Then that beautiful voice says that they’re finishing up their morning appointments. *sigh*

Now I’m thinking, okay, it’s New Year’s Eve, tomorrow’s New Year’s Day, they’ll be open again on Wednesday.

And that voice said that they’ll be back on Friday. I don’t know if I’ll still be alive on Friday, but I say okay, put my name in that book. Trudie says the earliest appointment is 4:00 pm. *sniffle* Okay, put my name down, I’ll be there. At least Dad should be home by then and can drive me there. She says that she’s gonna start confirming appointments and will let me know if there’s an earlier cancellation. God bless her.

The pain lessens little by little each day, but I still can’t think at my best. I slept in every day ‘cuz that’s my natural response to headaches which is what came with the toothache.

Friday arrives, that bless-ed day. I get up around 11 and slowly start getting ready. Trudie calls and says there’s a cancellation for 3:30. Good. She calls about ten minutes later saying the 1:30 opened up. It’s now close to noon and I’ll be taking the bus, but I should make it. I’ll be there at 1:30. Thank you God!

I have about 10 minutes to change clothes and get out the door. The walk to the bus stop is 15 minutes by Google’s estimates, but Google doesn’t know me, I’m short. It takes me 20 minutes. I get to the stop where a girl is already waiting, just in time ‘cuz the bus is coming down the hill. I thought I had enough cushion for at least 10 minutes. The girl asks me if this bus goes to Pearlridge and Waikele. Immediately I’m thinking, shopping, that’s why most people ask for those places. I let her know that it goes to PR but she’d hafta transfer for Wai. She asks where she needs to transfer and I say at Lumi‘āina for the 433, I think. I like knowing where I’m going and how to get there, but when people ask me for directions, I hope I’m not getting them lost ‘cuz I know what that’s like and it sucks.

She gets off at Lumi‘āina, but then she starts walking away from the bus stop. Hmm. Well, I hope she gets to where she’s going safely.

I get off at my stop and cross the street to get to the dentist’s. I have about a half hour to wait in the waiting room. There’s an older couple sitting on the bench, reading magazines. No one’s at the reception desk. A mother with her two sons come in.

Trudie comes out from the back, and the dental assistant comes out for one of the boys. A minute later, another d.a. comes for me. It’s 1:30. I tell her where it hurt and she sticks this yellow contraption thing in my mouth to take the x-ray. That’s how long it’s been, 2 years, where the last time, they just stuck the cardboard thing in and placed the x-ray thing right at my cheek. The yellow thing holds the cardboard thing as well as shows the d.a. where to place the x-ray thing about 4 inches from my cheek.

Meanwhile, Dr. T’s walking by every so often, saying, ‘Miss Jenn, you only come to me when you have pain’ in that sort of I-told-you-so-tsk-tsk way, but gently. He asks if I want the tooth taken out that day. OH yes.

He looks at the x-ray. ‘Is this tooth gonna break on me?’ Dr. T asks.

??? I don’t know, I just want it out. I don’t answer, I just sit in that chair impatiently patient.

Dr. T and the d.a. gets in there, there’s the numb-er thing, I can still feel a little of it, the pushing and pulling stuff. Dr. T asks for the smaller tool, whatever he uses, then the angle one, the aspirator thing’s sucking up a lot of saliva, and blood I guess, give him the big tool again. He’s trying to be gentle, I like Dr. T. I don’t mind going to the dentist.

But it’s about 15 minutes of this, and the anesthesia’s starting to wear off. I’m feeling more of it now. Then the tooth does break on him. ‘This is what I was worried about, Miss Jenn. This is why I didn’t wanna take the tooth out.’ ??? I’m thinking, he didn’t say that earlier. What he did was ask if I wanted the tooth out and of course I wanted the tooth out thinking if he’s asking it means he thinks it’s a good idea to take the tooth out and that he can take the tooth out.

I start panicking a little. I had been praying a little, just, God, please take the tooth out. Mostly I was trying to control my breath. I had left the house without breakfast, so I knew I was gonna be in a different kind of trouble as soon as the tooth comes out.

Dr. T takes a very small break and starts at it again. Now I’m praying more fervently and more trying to control my breath. My hands laying on my stomach, fingers interlaced, are sweating hard now. I take my hands apart but still try to lay there motionless so not to hamper the operation. I’m trying to stay as relaxed as possible and open wider or close a little, whatever they ask of me, but it’s annoying to try to relax while Dr. T’s saying, ‘Relax.’ I wanted to shout, ‘I AM RELAXED!’ but that spit-suckers taking up half my mouth, or it feels like it is. At some point I choked a little, I just needed to catch a breath quickly. ‘Are you okay?’ ‘nnnn-hhhh,’ which he understands to be ‘uh-huh’ and it was ‘uh-huh.’

That was about five or ten more minutes of Dr. T trying. They call other dentists or something and finally find the one in NTS is in the office that day. They stick a gauze in the area, pack extra gauze, the x-rays, and directions for me, tell me how to get to that other office.

To be continued...

Candlelight With Elves, What Could Be Better?

I had meant to begin the journaling this year early, but I was forced onto a detour that I will talk about another time.

So, Happy New Year! Welcome 2008!

Let’s see, backtrack a little to Christmas Eve. Exhausted from doing a little running around during the day, visiting with Popo and Papa and present shopping for the four-leggers in the house, I had forgotten about the Christmas Eve service at church. Mom came home, tired also but Mom LOVES Christmas!!! She found some extra fuel for the night.

I was in the choir a few years back and felt a little embarrassed to be in the crowd and not on the stage like I should’ve been this year. It’s the annual Kalihi Union Church Candlelight Service and Show; well, I added the ‘Show’ part in there. The sort of KUC actor’s guild puts on a play every year. It’s mostly the usual suspects, even though a couple have changed churches, but they love the KUC Candlelight tradition so they come back every time. The choir plays a role in the show too.

Actually, being in the crowd and being on the stage both have their good and bad. On stage I’m nervous, trying to remember the lyrics and changes, trying to pay attention to the show, looking to see where Mom’s sitting or if my friends are in the audience, all the while very conscious that anyone could be looking at me at any moment because the choir is on stage the entire time with only dimmed lights during the acting parts as cover. Oh, and trying to remember to SMILE while I’m SINGING which I think looks strange on my face but Mom loves it.

So I can say I was more relaxed being in the audience. But we sat on the outside of the row, so I wasn’t in a good place to get good pictures of it all. I always try. I messed up the picture showing the candlelight part; it's a beautiful sight, come and experience it for yourself one of these years.
Here’s the back of the choir director’s head. See his lei? It's neat, it changes between green and red when he moves. I was trying to take a picture of former-representative-turned-Elvis-impersonator Mr. A but he turned as soon as I snapped the picture. Maybe he’s a little camara-shy. Nah, but the Elvis thing was a part of the play. Mr. A left the representing job to focus more attention to the Philippines’ mission trips that he organizes every so often for KUC, I think it’s an annual trip now, and other projects. Can you find the humangous sideburns?

The scene was set in an airport waiting area in Vegas. No, we did not rent the elves from the Ala Moana Christmas commercials. The elves shown here are true Kalihi elves! What do you think of the shoes? I couldn’t pull off that look. Maybe if they came in grey?

The crowd partying it up after hours KUC style! Mrs. Akamine, my third grade Sunday school teacher and fellow choir member, found me and properly scolded me for missing choir; she’s a good lady! Uncle Mike and Aunty Shirlynne were there, Uncle Don said hi, caught up a second with Andrew who is back home now and in the choir, and more. It was a good night all around!

Afterwards, Mom and I did a little drive-by Christmas tour. I did this few years ago with my cousin's girl T-J when they lived with us one time. I miss spending so much time with T-J. She's the little girl in the picture with Santa a few entries earlier. Anyways, as I said, Mom LOVES Christmas but we were short on time 'cuz Dad was home making RIBS, MMMM! But still, the drive-by was worth it. I gotta do this every year 'cuz some M-houses really go all out, Halloween too!

Here's some looks:
That last one was a bugger! It was one of those lighted balloon thing displays with a light show. I kept catching it when none of the things were lighted, it took about 7 tries to get this shot, one of the tries had only frosty lighted up... But it was fun trying, kinda like some wierd game, yes, I can be easily amused... Who knew, more camera-shyness?

Anyways, all these pictures should satisfy Kevin for some time, but I have more to share, coming up!

Buenas Noches!

P.S. I had hoped to get the video working of the KUC Choir singing 'Sing Noel', but ah well... Better luck next time!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Not So Plus Moment

I would love to have an art room someday, a place to both create and display art. With this idea in mind, I often visit Pictures Plus in order to envision such a room. Every once in a long while, I’ll buy an art print from them. They carry a few artists whose works I enjoy.

During a recent walk in Waikīkī, I discovered an art gallery owned by one of those artists, and as I am very cautious about money, I’ll probably be spending less time roaming around Pictures Plus.

That being the case, I do want to say something about a recent event hosted by Pictures Plus. I have no desire to draw customers to or from their store; I was just a little disappointed or unsatisfied with the way they handled the event and hope that they would do a better job if they have the event again.

A former UH Football player, Na Koa member, and owner of Pictures Plus, Kent Untermann had good intentions, I presume, behind holding a weekend of autograph sessions with current senior UH Football Warriors. Four sessions were held from last Thursday to Sunday. It was the first time that UH fans were asked to pay for the autographs. Pictures Plus also sold a lot of memorabilia things for the fans to have signed by the players.

I watched the news coverage of the sessions. On Thursday, it was reported that the signings would be at the Kahala Mall Pictures Plus. The fees would be $2.50 and $5.00 (some players’ autograph would be for $2.50 while others would be the five) per autograph and $20 for Brennan’s autograph, should he make an appearance.

Friday and Saturday’s sessions were in Waikīkī with Sunday’s session back at Kahala. Friday reported that prices were $5 each and that Brennan would be at the Sunday session. The $5 broke down to $2.50 to the player, $0.50 to Na Koa, and the remaining went to organizing the event. Brennan’s Hancock would be $20-$30, of which he would receive $15 himself.

Friday’s report also had Untermann explaining the reason behind the event. He said that, having been an athlete himself, he wanted to help out the players that have just graduated or used up their eligibility. Those players would be trying to find jobs and starving; that’s not a direct quote but sums up the thought. So that’s good, looking out for our players.

Untermann also mentioned how such memorabilia previously signed by the Warriors for free are currently being sold on EBay for a huge profit with the Warriors seeing nothing from those sales.

And Sunday, Brennan did indeed wear out his hand in autographs.

The part that did not sound right is assigning different prices for different players’ signatures. I would not feel very appreciated being one of the $2.50 players. It’s not about greed or jealousy, but this UH FB team has always maintained that they were all ohana, every person important, every person doing his part. I understand Brennan commanding a higher price, but other than that I don’t see the justification for having two different prices for the rest of the team. Whether the full price went directly to charity, to supporting the UH program, or went full or partially to the player would not matter.

In any way, the $2.50 player is showing up just like the others and raising less money for whatever reason. No explanation was given, that I know of, for why a certain player would garner the $2.50 price or the $5.

And events like this should directly, from the start, clearly say to where or whom the money goes.

As for Untermann’s explanation for the event in the first place, there’s a flaw in it. I’m going to say that the football players have the intelligence and the skills and anything else they would need to succeed inside and outside of football. Most of all, they would have the support of their family and friends. This 2007 team especially would have the support from the community of fans here if they ever need any help.

And I am sure Brennan wouldn’t mind giving all the profit from these sessions to Na Koa or the program and such. With prospects of a good draft position, I’m pretty confident that he would not be strapped for cash anytime soon, nor would any other of the players who make it in the NFL.

While I’m on the subject of Brennan, these autograph sessions did not take proper care of his fans here. To not guarantee that Brennan would show up was not the right thing to do. Yes, they gave some kind of voucher to those who came on Thursday hoping to see Brennan there, but with how greatly the fans appreciate and enjoy Brennan, one should have a schedule worked out with him to guarantee his fans the moment with him. At least they confirmed on Friday that Brennan would be there Sunday, but the Thursday and perhaps the Friday expectation of Brennan was not right.

All of this criticism is not on the players one bit. They were not the ones who coordinated or asked for this event to take place. I’m sure they do not care about the money so much as to be there for their fans.

I applaud the Warriors who came out to the sessions and spent time with the Hawai‘i fans. Mahalo for an amazing season and may more be on the way!