Saturday, December 8, 2007

Run By Me

I know, I am inconsistent with how often I write an entry. With working on a thesis, I have an irregular schedule and thesis will always trump this blog. So here are a few things that's been on my mind:

Good Friends:
I got word back in September that my two good friends Shay and Tony are gonna be parents! Wow, I am so happy for them. They're gonna be amazing parents and this kid will be so lucky to be born to these two fine people. It's crazy to me because I have known both of them mostly separately for...more than a decade each, then they got married, and now they're having a baby. It's wonderful!

Good news! After some tough years and rough starts, the Big D [for Doctorate of Architecture, D. Arch.] has been resuscitated! I just had a committee meeting Thursday night and amazingly I was able to keep everyone on board. It was a good meeting, a lot of good comments and discussion, and so I've still got a lot of work to do. Overall, I feel less stressed and concerned, I'm excited about this project, that has never changed, so we'll see. I know a lot of you keep wondering when I'm gonna finish. Hopefully it'll be Spring. Don't worry, when it's done, EVERYONE WILL KNOW!!!

UH Wahine Volleyball:
Um, well, they beat Tennessee in the first round of the NCAA. Then they lost to Middle Tennessee in the second round, so... I don't know. I definitely thought they were going to the semis. I know, they don't have Kamana'o, but they were playing like a team by the second half of the season. They were really playing well and on fire. *sigh*

I can't wait for next season!

UH Warrior Volleyball:
Preseason has them at 8th. They usually start in the top 5, but last season, they graduated Beckwith at setter, Dante at middle, Hakala at right, and Kalima at libero/outside, key positions and star players. This season, Schkud is the only true senior leading a few juniors, a few freshmen, and a bunch of sophomores. Schkud has not been a starter, but the papers say he's settled in the right-side position nicely. I'm excited to see what he can do.

I tend to write about the Warrior VB a lot because I'm more familiar with it and their competition. Anyone up for going to a game with me?

UH Football:

Okay, now that that's done...

The Heisman will be announced Saturday 3:00 p.m. Hawaii time, so, hours from now. I know it sounds like Tebow's the favorite, but I do believe that it should be Colt. I watch shows like Around the Horn and stuff and they've mentioned things like leadership, how many games did the team lose, what conference they play in, etc.

The three other finalists have all lost a few games. UH is undefeated. Mariotti [ATH] thinks that Hawaii couldn't win in the SEC, but how does he know? He doesn't, there's no way of proving this team couldn't beat the SEC. Colt's got crazy numbers. The other finalists have good numbers too, but Colt's also got records, NCAA records! Not just Hawaii records, WAC records, NCAA records. I'm missing the reason I should be impressed with Tebow's rushing TDs, I don't know. Well, Colt got injured and missed a couple games. Actually, Colt got injured and missed one full game and a couple quarters in a couple games or so; Hawaii still won.

So they could say, well, Colt missed some play time and the team still won so they don't need Colt that much. I say, who does the team play for? Sure, Hawaii's got great players and they can win without Colt, but they play for Colt. I like Graunke, I look forward to seeing how he leads next year, but if Colt had gone NFL last year, this season would've been different, whether HI went undefeated or not. They play heart 'cause Colt came back.

And leadership, Colt's got that in spades. I've written in earlier entries about how respectful and humble he is, everyone in HI knows that, it's evident just by watching his interviews. He came back for this team. And when he did get injured, yes he played hard, but most importantly, when he had the concussion, I'm sure he said he could play, but he listened to doctors and coaches and did what was best for the team. He wasn't being the hero, he had confidence that his team could go on and they beat Nevada. He was a leader from the sidelines.

Obviously, I could go on. My last thoughts on the Heisman, I hope Colt gets it, but if he comes in fourth, it'll be an injustice. He should win it or be second. Let's see what happens.