Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007

Mele Kalikimaka Everyone!

I hope you are safe and well wherever you may be! It has been a rough year, a good year, a year for which I am thankful.

For those of you who might be thinking about getting me a present this year and aren't sure what to get, because it has been a while since I've seen most of you, I am simply glad to be alive. I do not need much besides family and friends.

And those who were not going to get me a present, that's okay also, but please read on anyway.

I would only ask that people make a charitable contribution to a non-profit organization. It is the end of the year when most non-profits struggle to meet their needs for the upcoming months because many are busy thinking about what to get for their loved ones, which is great, but please remember also the non-profits. Any donation of any size would be appreciated, I am sure.

I am continuing with my graduate school, am looking for a job but do not have one as of today. With that, I am not able to contribute as much to my favorite non-profits as I normally do. If you feel so moved and are thinking of me, please donate to the following organizations:

Focus on the Family []
East Bay Habitat for Humanity []
Hawaiian Humane Society []
Hawaii Foodbank []
Lokahi Giving Project []
or []
Focus on the Family is an organization that has helped me through many tough times in the past several years. There is probably a Habitat for Humanity where you live, but I am personally attached to the East Bay affiliate because I volunteered with them back in 2004; they are a good and well-organized group. My family loves each and every pet that we've met through the Humane Society.

I chose Hawaii Foodbank because, as I am sure many of us have, I've been asked by homeless people for money and would like to help them but do have concerns for how they will use the money; I figure the Foodbank would be a safer and surer way to get food to the people who need it. Those in Hawaii are probably familiar with the Lokahi Giving Project; they get people the things that they need like toys for children who otherwise would not have presents to open on Christmas Day. Lokahi also takes donations of common goods such as soap, toothbrushes, toilet paper, etc.

Donations can also be made to my church, Kalihi Union Church, or to a school that I have attended would be good also. I wish I could say that I could match any donations made, but if you let me know of your donation, I will see what I can do.

Or, like I said, you might not think of me at all, or might not even know me personally, but please donate something this season, even if it's a dollar to the Salvation Army bucket (though I'm sure we all can do more than a dollar). There are many deserving organizations out there, so get creative!

Mahalo to those who have already given to their communities!