Friday, December 7, 2007

Just for Fun

I love Christmas time!

Here's a little story: when I was younger, I hated taking pictures with Santa. I can remember wanting to go to see Santa, but I didn't want to sit on his knee and take a picture. My mom would sit me on one knee, my brother on the other knee. I'd start to cry as soon as my mom walked away. Everyone would try anything to get me to smile, which would make me cry even more. They gave me a lollipop before the picture to try to get me to stop crying. Finally they just tried to cover up my crying with the lollipop and took the picture anyway. I wish I had the picture right now, I'll hafta find it to show another time, but it's Santa smiling in the middle with big red cheeks, my brother to one side with a big dimpled smile, and me with sad eyes and a lollipop in front of my face. Of all the years that we went to take pictures with Santa, not one picture has me smiling.

Well, in the previous entry, I asked that everyone give donations to non-profit organizations this Christmas. So the following is a list of things that I would want but not NEED. It's just for fun. You'll see why I'm asking people to donate instead.

My wishlist: (in no particular order)

Sugarbowl trip
Adopt Megamouth [our current stray cat]
A Fossil watch
Trip to Hilo with my family
Season tickets to UH Volleyball
7th Heaven DVD [I have the third season]
A good bra
Time with a swim coach or a swim partner
Olympus Stylus 820 digital camera
Original painting by Roy G. Tabora
A globe
Whiter teeth
Elfquest graphic novels 6-8
A job that I love
A Russian tutor
Gift card/certificate to:
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Bella Beads
Showers of Blessings
Carlos Santana Pounce shoes in Anthracite
Newsies DVD and soundtrack CD
Walking shoes
$100 for a U-Pass for next semester
Clarinet lessons
A trip to see Chulo and Jenelle
Have my bike fixed and with a new comfy seat
A green thumb
A good memory
A UH Volleyball signed by Hakala, Beckwith, Mason, Kaufman, Lee, L. Duggins, Kamana'o, Sanders, Hittle, Zimet, Tony Ching, Carere, or Bender
A new refrigerator, energy star (actually this is a little need and want)
Chocolate-dipped shortbread cookies and krispies from Big Island Candies
Custard pie from Liliha
BarlowGirl CD
A headlamp
Wet Okole seat covers
A Local Motion totebag
A princess-cut sapphire pendant
A year supply of Arizona Green Tea

I told you, just donate to a non-profit, a church, a school, or a library. It's easier. [For other ideas on how to give back to your community]

Merii Kurisumasu!